Direct Deposit date from where's my refund?

I know a lot have had their refunds processed already.. Mine was yesterday and my other half had hers' accepted today.. has anyone actually got a DDD from WMR? 

  • Has anyone got their refund with the direct deposit date of 2/6?
  • not yet
  • me either
  • me neither
  • Nope sure didnt An today was my dd date
  • Yes, your bank has to manuel input the deposit. So call your bank to verfiy the deposit....
  • If you have the fees set up to come out of your refund instead of paying them upfront them you want be getting them today I called th.
  • me neither called the bank they said that it directly put in they don't hold
  • Did they say when?
  • no
  • no DD yet and ours was today as well...tomorrow maybe ? Hopefully ? Better Be ?!
  • my date was today also .... our bank don't hold either but still haven't gotten our money!  someone is saying the ones who do the free one got it today
  • Date was also today and nothing. I also don't see anything on Santa Barbara Bank & Trust. Meh
  • me too and its not in my account
  • Mine says it should have been dd today; however, it is not showing it was sent! Ugh!
  • I just talked to IRS and they are not sure when they will be deposited.
  • they said they are still in review and that the wmr is incorrect
  • My dd date was the 6th and I got my money this morning. the turbo tax or the  irs wmr site have not updated as of yet. But the money is in my card.
  • Soooo are you saying that the IRS hasn't sent the $ to the banks yet or ?
  • So if you got that NetSpend card your money may already be on that, but for traditional banks, there is some kind of hold. At least that's what seems to be the theme today.
  • I don't think the IRS has sent the money yet, or else it would at least be showing up on Santa Barbara Bank & Trust.
  • I don't know that's just what the lady said. mine said the deposit was today an still nothing
  • Still waiting dd date was 2/6 and still nothing! Also called bank and was told they did not get money from IRS yet!
  • Yea cause I have the card and it's still empty, i've also checked the Santa Barbara bank site and it says $0.00 too
  • We were supposed to get our today and so far nothing!
  • This is crazy so many different stories. Im on hold with ssbt now to see whats going on
  • I tried to call irs and not able to speak with a person they only transfer me to the refund automated line tyat still says dd 02/06
  • @ valentinemichael- good luck with ssbt I was on hold for almost 45 minutes and when they did answer they turned around and hung up...
  • I just talked to Julie at IRS she said that information on there web site in incorrect due to a tech error . And to recheck in 3 to 5 days!
  • I did live chat from  IRS
  • whats the number for irs
  • So we aren't getting refunds on 2/6...wonderful. Can I have the # you called?
  • If You go on IRS website go on live chat with IRS Rep. i had to wait about 3 min
  • Just checked SBBT and the money has been sent! I just checked it 10 minutes ago and nothing. Checked right now and there it is. Check your status now folks as it looks like things are finally moving. :)
  • where is live chat link
  • No I have NOT gotten mine and my DD Date was 02/06
  • Didn't get mines either ddd 2/6 nothing on SBBT
  • on IRS web site
  • what is SSBT?
  • How do you even check on sbbt?
  • So itf it said to go out nxt business day and it was disbursed on 2/6 we will see if on 2/7?Am I reading it correctly. never used SSBT before.
  • I got mine!!! Woohooo
  • mine either where is the live chat on
  • Ok mines was in SBBT so should I see it in my bank tomorrow?
  • Jacolby1, could you explain how to check status on sbbt?
  • SSBT said the IRS made a deposit today 2/6 and it will be direct deposited to my account in one business day...we shall see tomorrow morning.
  • I can't even check SBBT.
    It keeps telling me there was an internal error? Wtf is going on?
  • Mine is showing up in SBBT now
  • I just checked sbbt an its there now all of a sudden
  • Mine is there now too thank you Jesus
  • So I wonder how long before it reaches your bank
  • I don't have the sbbt what is it how do I find out
  • Google SBTPG and on the left you have to like put in your social and then your filing type and your amount to be refunded and its only for the people who elected to have there fees taking out from there refund
  • Here is the website to check
  • It says tomorrow it will be there to your bank
  • That site says there is no record for me
  • Just went on sbbt and has a message saying been a delay on IRS refunds. If your dd was on the 6th taxpayers should be expected to receive it on the 7th due to irs releasing funds 1 day later.
  • i have capital one bank and my ddd was today and nothing...and i try checking the IRS refund status and seems to be down..i called the 1800 number also got a message that the system is down
  • i just checked and said no record for me neither what does that mean never heard of that site
  • the sbbt site says there is no record for me either? So what does that mean?
  • when did you guys apply and got accept that you guys getting it tom
  • This is ridiculous....why say the DD will be the 6th and we won't get the money till tomo
  • i was told the irs only deposit on fridays idk how true that
  • when you go to get disbersment details do you all see where it says it was sent to your routing and checking number?? I do. so i was wondering why it wasnt going thru if the irs doesnt have it anymore
  • From the threads I have viewed, it seems that those who sent their returns through and got an early acceptance before the IRS actually opened are those who have gotten a dd of 2/6. I pushed my return through on 1/28 - it was then accepted on 1/30. I checked "where's my refund" this am and I received a dd of 2/10.
  • Ok, everyone, because of the overwhelming amount of inquiries on the 800 # and the WMR site the system will need to reset itself at some point so do not panic ( I know that's easier said than done when you need your money) but if you have been approved and have a dd date of 2/6/14 you will have your money either sometime today or early in the am.  There is no rhyme or reason to the irs system. I was panicking as well but when I checked sbtg it showed that they had received the deposit. but when I call the Irs it says that  it is still pending deposit.  Hang in there its coming.
  • Got mine today- it was deposited into my bank account this morning!
  • I was accepted on the 26 no dd no approval and can not order trasncripts
  • If you did not elect to have the state tax charge taken out of your refund you money should have been sent directly to your bank account. You will not be in the system on the Santa Barbara  banking website.
  • stacy did you have the fees taken out from your return??
  • do u have DD or the Card
  • i got the info thanks
  • ok the sbtpg web site says my moneys there but its still not on my netspend card. Does that mean it wont be on my card till tomorrow or later today...
  • Check your card around 5PM or set up alerts and it will let you know when it is available.
  • This is what I got when I logged into SBTG.. My DD Date was today 02/06/14

    Taxpayers please be aware that there has been a slight delay in IRS funding, impacting clients of Tax Products Group and banks industry-wide!
    If the IRS website indicates that your refund will be available February 6th, funds will not be available until February 7th due to the IRS releasing funds one day later than expected. Taxpayers expecting their refund on the 6th by direct deposit will now likely receive their refund on the 7th. Please be assured that Tax Products Group will disburse funds immediately as they are received from the IRS.
  • I'm sorry to everyone who hasn't received their refund.  While the stories of a processing delay may or may not be true, it did not effect me at all.

    Mine was credited to my bank account this morning at about 4am.
  • Mine is pending now in my bank
  • i went to sbbt  and it said the money was disbursed into my account but my bank (netspend) says they dont have anything yet is anyone else having or have had this problem?
  • I MEAN SBTPG any way my ddd is today 2/6/14 and it says funds were disbursed but my bank says they have not received anything i know theres somthing about irs not having enough funds to complete but if its already disbursed then y would that matter?
  • Same thing for me cayela
  • Yes after calling sbbt I called citibank who doesn't see any pending deposits.. In the same boat as you
  • well at least im not the only one lol this stinks!!! all i keep seeing in all the forums is that it should be in my bank by tomorrow!! which is fine i was just hoping it wasnt a glitch cu thats just my luck!!
  • It may haven't posted to your bank yet I was told it normally posts at 12am or 12:01 it's Ben sent it just haven't posted yet check in the am and it should have Been posted by then
  • i will post any changes
  • They should have said the 7th from the jump instead of getting us excited about our refund money
  • Ours was suppose to come today and didn't. The sbbt site says my money is there, my bank told me they can deposit multiple times a day. Hoping for tomorrow
  • IRS shows 6th for deposit date, but it hasn't been deposited, and IRS site shows it as not yet sent....
  • So my bank can see the money?
  • My dd was 2/6 I checked it this morning and now say delay what in the world
  • Check the SBBT website if your money is in that account it should post to your regular bank account the next day or if you have netspend somewhere that evening usually around 5 or 6 PM.  I still don't even have a DDD date yet and I was accepted on 01/24/14.
  • I filed on 1/31/14, was recieved by the irs on that date and was just approved with the second bar on wmr this morning with a ddd of 2/12/14.
  • I filed on 2/4 and got accepted the same day it says my ddd is 2/24 I hope I don't have any of these problems that I see here. but I also looked at the dd schedule that is posted and it says I should get my refund 2/12 so I guess I will just have to wait and see
  • I filed on 1/29/14, mine also was approved with the second bar on WWR yesterday with a direct deposit date of 2/12/14
  • If we didn't use fees, will it not show in sbbt?  I filed the 25th, accepted the 28th and DD the 12th.  Did free file.
  • I have a question, I was just didn't ask me if I want my state refund dd this is my first time using turbo tax or do I do my state seperatly. also do I have to send any paperwork in anywhere after doing them online?
  • Have anyone go theirs dd on the 10th
  • The IRS site said the 10th for a friend of mibne and he got his on the 8th. Mine says the 12th has anyone who filed on the 4th got theirs yet?
  • mine was the 12 also and i got mine today
  • no my dd was suppose to be the 10thth
  • DD of 13th pending in rushcard can't get it till 13th. RUSHCARD said irs will not let them deposit till exact day
  • i had a dd of 2/12  mine hit my netspend card @ 430 today
  • I  think I'm switching to meltdowns second year having trouble with rushcard
  • my dd was suppose to be today my bank has seen nothing I did the free return and nothing what gives ????
IMO the people that got accepted early as part of the Controlled Tests for MeF, should see the refunds based on the IRS's typical refund schedule. I know thier isnt a refund schedule persay, however if your accepted on or before friday they usually refund the following week. this is how its always been. People say that they are not going to PROCESS the returns, however they are, they are testing the new system, from start to finish. that means from eflie to refund. to make sure there are no hiccups with the new system. They did this last year, but thier was alot of hiccups. Generally they process refunds every day of the week in large ACH batchs ( bank transfers ). However, they typically give you a DD date on a wednsday. if they are not going to release any refunds until the official opening date of 1/31, then you can bet that the early ( controlled test returns ) will be or should be deposited around that time.
IMO the 2nd bar is b/s. As ive only seen it in the past go from processing to a DD date. With this new system, its supposed to make it alot faster. If I had to bet on it, I would say that many people that got accepted on the 24th will see a DD date of either 1/29 or 2/5, but its usually sent out before then. As they send out ACH everyday of the week, they want to ensure the banks have time to credit the account so they dont get 600000 phone calls asking them where the money is.

This is only my opinion, as I have used TT for 6 years in a row now. And have always kept track of dates and times etc. Also, WMR sometimes will update on the day they actually send the DD, which has happened to me in the past.
Anywho, hope this clears up for some people.
  • Oh, MeF =
    and if anyone wants to see or post thier experience i made a new post.
  • Thanks David for the information  im just gonna be patient and wait until the opening date of the 31st to see whats gonna happen wth the updated infor  some people may get theirs before then  because it so many diff post and blogs and even on fb people are rattled by all the information from diff post and blogs .we have waited this long all year just a few more weeks we can do it
  • Two years ago I got the deposit before I even knew it was approved, shocked but happy! WMR didn't keep up with how fast the process was going, and like you said, the 2nd bar is nearly useless as it moves very quickly to the 3rd bar.
  • i was accpeted on the 24 of jan. i have my 2nd bar . dd is the 6 of feb.
  • I was accepted 1/29 and today I have a DD of 02/06
  • Yay so then I should be next :) Got accepted 1/30 filed 1/29..........
  • I was accepted 1/28 filed 1/24 and no change on wmr or tt smh definitely no ddd I'm getting depressed lol
  • it could just be that they took half of the people accepted on 1/28 :)
  • I was also acepted the 28th and no DD yet on WMR. I also can't order a transcript yet.
  • Was accepted 1/23 and just got a DD date of 2/6
  • I was accepted on 1/23 and don't have a DD yet. What's strange, is on the TT website the main screen shows the IRS accepted my refund on 1/23 and when I click the link to track it, there is shows the IRS accepted my refund on 1/28. I am SO confused. Which date is the right one? I filed my taxes on 1/21.
  • Check the IRS website. Mine just updated this morning.
  • Its not accurate on turbo tax when you click 'track refund'. The date that tt originally has, is your acceptance date.
  • Do y'all think the wmr updates more than once a day?
  • I checked around 7
  • Im sorry, im not correct. I had to log in a look again. So  when you click track refund. The date circled on the calendar is correct.
  • I have never experienced WMR updates more than once a day. I could be wrong.
  • Me too. Got accepted on the 24th and nothing yet. I should be more patient but I just don't understand how others gotten accepted after me gave gotten dd already. I don't have complications or a house. Just standard deduction with 2 dependents same as every year.
  • Does anyone have an offset topic memo?
  • Michy119 I'm on your same boat! Accepted 24th everyone has a dd date except me :( I filed the 3rd
  • me too!
  • i heard if you can order your transcripts your return is processed? if not there still processing your taxes
  • @parrisht27 I'm not sure what that means but I do know that my husbands social states he has a debt, but I'm not sure if it will offset our return or not. What exactly does the offset topic memo state? If you don't mind me asking? Thanks in advance.
  • I was accepted on the 26th and I dont have a DDD either :(
  • If u can not order ur transcripts then its not process yet...i couldnt order mine friday and i tried again on saturday and could and today on wmr it gave me may ddd..
  • I also have a tax topic 203.  Offset topic. Does everyone have this
  • Parrisht27 do you owe money to anyone that could garnish your tax refund
  • Michy119 I can't order transcripts and I'm still processing. I filed the 20th accepted the 27th and still processing but I do notice how people who filed and got accepted after me have the DD of the 6th
  • ths same with me I filed kn the 24 still no ddd or cant  order transcript
  • whats the deal,still not approved????????????accepted 1- 30!WHY????
  • Me tooo filed my taxes on January 6 got approved on the 24th and still no ddd but my mom that got approved on the same day has a ddd
  • does anybody know how the sbbt works? I received a ddd and it says BY the 6th but the sbbt is saying they haven't received my funds from the irs...this is my first time filing state and I took the funds for that out of federal can anyone help
  • either tomorrow or the 5th sbbt should be receiving your funds so I would check there those days and it will tell you in detail the breakdown of fees and etc. good luck..sexychicareppine
  • Thank you grant
  • me too I filed and was accepted before members of my family and they have ddd of 2/6 mine still processing whats the deal IRS ???
  • yea same here was accepted 1/24 my son in law on 1/29 he got a dd date of 2/6 and mine still says processing !!
  • still processing for me!Next day or so it should change!
  • Same here @igd_davis
  • I got accepted on the 24th
  • I got accepted on 30th,someone said we might see update on WMR right after they drop money on 6th for the people who got approved withddd!So hopeso,if true,that would be Friday we would see update,and maybe get $$ on the 10th or 11 th,maybe even this coming sat!!!Hang in there,I think its closer than we think!
  • I just check for transcripts and wwr still no change. I was really hoping this am that I would see a change. Accepted on the 26th and no approval no dd
  • let's hope, I really need this money to come sooner rather than later.
  • I think the next ddd will be Feb 12 or 13....seems the IRS is sending refunds once a week...,although depending on your bank it may be available a day or two earlier. The only ddd people have gotten so far is 2/6...for most who filed by 1/30. MIne was accepted 1/31 and it looks like it'll be the middle of next week for my refund.
  • Based on last years experience if you have a NetSpend card and a ddd of 2/6 you may see the money in your account around 530 pm today (Tuesday feb 4) eastern time. Just a guess....but that's what happened last year.
  • yeah i think they are doing it once a week too because i haven't seen or heard anybody else with a different ddd other than 2/6 smh i filed 2/28 accepted 2/29 and haven't received a approval yet nor the other person taxes i done same time no movement still processing
  • Anyone else getting the wheres my refund is unavailable? I just tried and got this message.
  • Mom accepted 1/27 dd date of 2/6, son accepted 1/31 no dd date  me accepted 2/1 no dd date
  • Hopefully everyone left that filed by Feb 1st will get the next ddd which will probably be 2/13 next week. It would be great if a ddd was given before next week but it looks like one ddd each week. I'd love to see a ddd of 2/8 or 2/10 but seems unlikely.
  • I just talked to a rep at the IRS and she told me that the IRS only processes returns on Wednesdays. I dont know if she gave me correct information. I guess we will see. Tomorrow is Wednesday. If that is the case, then I hope that it will be direct deposited on the 5 or 6 like all the others that I have seen. Like I said I dont know if this information is true, but this is what she told me.
  • what # did u call
  • did anyone else call and get the same answer
  • I called 1-800-829-1040 it was hard to get through. I could not figure out how to talk to someone. I just kept trying.  So, press 1 for english and then 2. then after that press 0. It will say that we are unable to request your response. then 0 again. if it still says it press 0 again. I think on like the second or third 0 it will connect you to a live rep. It will work.
  • The irs usually only sends direct deposits once a week.  So if you have yet to receive a DDD, then more than likely you will see it over the weekend for next week.  If you still can't order transcripts, it'll probably be Friday night when you can. My return was accepted the 29th and I was hoping for this Thursday, but it will more than likely be the 13th.
  • Wellist is correct I think. If you don't have the ddd of 2/6  by now you won't see your refund til middle of next week at earliest.
  • this is crazy I was accpeted on the 28th filed on the 23rd and nothing the 10th day will be the 2/6th but I guess they picking and choosing and cant keep up with the over load when they let everyone file on the 31st i think it creates a bigger overload because most have the W-2's by then and they backed up but we shall see I was hoping to getr mine by friday but looks like I can not even hope no change just accpeted and processing ughh irritated
  • I feel you on that one lol. But thank God there's no delays like last year in processing certain credits. I filed on the 16th last year, was accepted the 25th and didn't get my refund until March thanks to the 8863 form.
  • Irs need to stop playing its always supposedly making the system better but it always turns out to be a big mesd
  • i was accepted on the 24th.. i filed on the 3rd and i still dont have a DDD i dont understand it i dont have a offset or anything and havent been contacted. my best friend received her refund last year and the WMR site hadnt even updated her past the first bar so i dont know whats going on with mine. this is the first time this has happened to me
  • I just talk to irs about 5 minutes ago in I checked to see if there are any offset in the answer is no she said be patience with the lack of funding this year things are running behind they are processing return around the clock I filed on the 5 accepted on the 24th still on first bar I never had issues before my return fairly simple each year
  • did she say that we could actually receive our refund before it updates if they are processing around the clock? if ours was accepted first they shouldve processed them already wouldnt ya think?
  • What is sbbt?
  • Well I tried calling that 1-800-829-1040 an pressing of 0s an it hung up on me.  Anyone know the offset number?
  • 18779087228
  • I filed before my son, he was accepted on the 24th, I was accepted on the 28th and neither of us has gotten a DDD yet. Still says processing................"what the deuce"!
  • I am relieved that it is not just me.
  • My direct deposit date was set for the 6th, but it doesn't show refund sent on the IRS website. What does this mean?
  • Im in same boat lyndsey
  • I've seen some ppl saying they were told by the irs their ddd is really 2/7 I wonder is that the case for you all?
  • I'm the same as u did my on the 3rd accp the 24th and nothing
  • they are taking forever to deposit refund ddd Feb 6th and still nothing....
  • git mine today
  • Yes from wheres my refund
  • i finally was approved ddd of 2-10 and my cousin hasnt been updated at all but her is pending in her account as of today. some banks might hold it for a day!
  • I called and they said that the bank they use will hold it until they process it! Which means Sat or Monday
  • dezaray0411 did your cousin have a date on wmr though
  • so mine has not been up dated at all I can not even get my transcripts. How did your cousin know
  • yea this sucks but im just glad to hear that i wasnt the only, hardly anyone got theirs today. So much for filing early, real early lol
  • i was able to order transcripts (Return and account) but still no money
  • i keep trying to irs. they said they are technical difficulties and cannot answer my call. 1800-829-1954
  • Mine Still Isn't There?  How Do You Check Sbbt?
  • and fill out the info on the left side
  • Sbbt wont be giving out funds til tomorrow. ... because of irs funding.... but how come it shows my money in my account and sent to my bank but nothing...
  • same here was told it should be there 2morro
  • Finally, some progress!!! I am also an earlier filer (accepted the 24th) and I have been stuck at accepted ever since while those filed after me seemed to get DD dates. This has been the most nail biting tax season EVER. Then, this morning, I have some progress! I am able to order a transcript with cycle code 20140605. From my caluclations, my DD will be this coming Wednesday. Woohoo!!!!!!
  • My account transcript had a 05 at the end as well but my return trascript still wont show. maybe it will today hopefully!!
  • I just check it is 450am my time not transrcipts yet and no dd.
  • I was accepted on the 24th and still don't have a date WMR still saying processing
  • What is SBBT
  • Amen me also I'm going nuts!!!!!!!
  • I was also accept the 24th still no refund any luck with u! Went from having the bars yesterday to no bars today just says they are still processing my refund?
  • Same here. I have no bars for 2 days now. I spoke to a lady at the IRS 2 days ago and she said I should have it on or by the 21st. My bars left a little while after I spoke to her.
  • poohy1982 well keep in touch so we can see if either of us have any progress! Please
  • As I have been waiting in processing for 2 weeks now heres what I found out to help others...seems as though when tt says it was accepted it really wasnt. IRS is behind a week or two. If you want fast answers turbotax has a thing on facebook with faster answers just a little help.. Also when I went to check my transcripts yesterday morning I got a letter stating I didnt file when I clicked on *2013 I called the number they listed and seriously right after I got off I could view my 2013 transcripts and got my cycle code which was 20140705..

Got an update on refunds with a ddd of the 6th!!

I just called SBTPG (1-877-908-7228) and spoke to Ashley who was able to CONFIRM that there is a pending deposit for me but that this is the first year they cannot release the money early because of new laws that were written for this year. She said the money will be released to them at midnight and they will take the fees out and release the money tomorrow when they open (5am PST - 6pm PST are their hours). She said as soon as they take the fees out they will send the rest to NetSpend.

She said that EVERYONE who is set to get their dd on the 6th has to wait until tomorrow (whether they had fees coming out or not) because the IRS has locked the deposits and they CANNOT be released until the day they are scheduled to be released.

So....NO EARLY REFUND DEPOSITS FOR ANYONE THIS YEAR. It's a bummer, but at least now I know for sure. Also, she said their site will not update until AFTER the money is released to them, so checking 9684894561100 times won't make any difference.
  • so when will the money be available in the account ive only seen dd's going through at midnight
  • My refund was in my account this evening and I'm with WoodForest Bank.....
  • Nice and your DD was the 6th?
  • Still nothing on my netspend, so should it be there when sbbt opens?
  • My DD was scheduled for the 6th and still nothing is it floating in limbo somewhere?  After reading your post I am under the impression that the money was sent but put on hold and will post tomorrow Feb 7?
  • Mine was suppose to be today the 6th too. Nothing yet. Would like to know when to expect deposit.
  • Mine was also scheduled for the 6th and nothing yet.
  • Also scheduled for the 6th and nothing yet
  • Scheduled for the 6th. Nothing yet or pending at my bank.
  • Is anyone have sbbt take there fees out of there money? I am and I did not recieve my today as well!!...Royal Pissed
  • Yes i did also but I checked sbbt an they havent received the funds either
  • I think the banks have the money because my DD was for today and my bank released my funds last night. ....
  • I am also scheduled for the 6th, am having money withdrawn for the fees, and nothing deposited yet :(. Hopefully tomorrow then
  • My direct deposit date said 2/6/2014. isThursday morning st 6am and no refund yet..I checked the Santa Barbara bank and they haven't even received anything freakin out is there a certain time they post money
  • Im on the phone with SBBT right now, and no one is answering, im on the east coast and its 9am they opened at 5am and its 6am pacific currently and no one is answering im just sitting on hold!!
  • Wacky28 you got your refund?
  • Let me know what they say please i have the same situation.. someone else posted the deposits for the 6th will actually be posted the 7th..
  • Still on hold no answer!
  • No refund here either with a DDD for today 2/06
  • I was accepted on the 26 I still have no dd no up dates?????
  • Jacolby1....ANY 1 answer yet...?
  • Still no refund either and it's should be there!! I had NO fees for TurboTax taken out of my refund as others did so I'm not sure what the hold up is
  • Anything yet, Jacolby1?
  • I was on hold for an hour I hung up
  • I am also on hold as well with sbbt- have been on hold for 21 minutes... NO answer... so freaking frustrating.
  • Haha She answered and said hello then hung up now im back to being on hold yet again...this is F***ing ridiculous!!!
  • WOW an hour...forget it. I'll check back tomorrow. Thx
  • I talked to some lady who was a complete idiot!...She said that the money should be in SBBT tomorrow and then they have to process it which means that we could see money friday, sat or mon...then I said I hope you know I will never use your service every again because this is fucking ridiculious
  • Yes mine went straight to my bank account,  I paid my fees upfront.
  • @wacky28 does your WMR say refund sent?
  • was sbbt
  • Mine just showed up on SBBT as well, now for my bank to get it! At least I know it's "officially" on its way!
  • Can someone tell me what SBBT is and how i can check this.  My ddd was 2/6 as well, and it is never been late in the past, as all of you i am panicking too.   If there is any way i can get some info i would be grateful.  Thanks so much
  • Just went on sbbt and has a message saying been a delay on IRS refunds. If your dd was on the 6th taxpayers should be expected to receive it on the 7th due to irs releasing funds 1 day later.
  • mine was scheduled for the 6th an nothing yet, plus my bank said nothing is pending, and I cant even get through to the irs
  • Where's My Refund tool won't even let me log on anymore to see if the refund was sent.  I use TD Bank and did have the fees deducted from SBBT, I haven't gotten anything yet either and I've been freaking out.  I'm glad I'm not the only one!
  • I called the number listed above and it states that the IRS deposited money into our account today 2/6. On hold now waiting for someone to answer to see when for sure it will be disbursed into our checking account.
  • Talked to someone at SBBT....they have already sent out funds today and should be available in accounts after midnight tonight. Good luck everyone!
  • Keep me posted @fuzzieduckie02
  • my funds have been received by SBBT and fees deducted. This year I opted for the Net Spend card. I was told by them they have tons of refunds coming in and to be patient they will hit the cards as soon as possible. I am getting frustrated though because its been five hours since I talked with them!
  • SBTG says that the IRS deposited late and I should get my refund tomorrow! DD date 02/06....
  • Thanks everyone for your responses!   I'm glad some of you have gotten some answers!
  • I still do not know why I have not recieved a dd I was accepted on the 26 still in first bar. Any inputs would be helpful.
  • Did you have an education  credit?
  • Jewls you're not alone....a lot of us are waiting on our ddd....I just read posts that some have 2/10 as their ddd, so we just have to keep waiting. You're not getting your refund until you get a ddd...and even then it seems there are problems and delays. Good luck!
  • Mine was accepted 26th and no dd.  I filed a friends on the 30th and today he has a dd of 2/10
  • jewls I haven't gotten a DDD either..Accepted early 1/28 and nothing!!
  • Correction my friend just called his money was deposited today already. WMR didn't give the 2/10 date until this morning because I checked it for him last night it still was at one bar.
  • mean your friend received his ddd of 2/10 during the overnight WMR update...and then received his refund in his bank account a few hours later? Maybe this is something new....sure would speed things up a lot. I'm all for it.....anybody else have that experience?
  • Just got an email from netspend my refund was deposited at 3:46 today.  I had a Feb 6 dd on "where's my refund".  When I logged on to my netspend account it was there.  Yay!!
  • I have one. Does that make a difference? But my friend does too and her dd date is today and mine return is still only processing and she was only accepted a day before me.
  • Curiouser2- yeah last night he was at one bar and today (2/6) his money was already in his bank (credit union).  I had checked WMR for him this morning (on2/6) & he had a dd of 2/10
  • $$$ in my account as of 430am if u have a ddd of 2/6 n sbbt says they gt ur refund as soon as there is a trace # means ur bank has received it no one will have a trace # until ur bank gets it
  • WMR says it was deposited on 2/6 but doesn't show in my bank account. Does that mean it's on hold at the bank?
  • @ Mrspeller it could b call ur bank soon as they open my bank doesn't hold as soon as it shows i can have it sbbt gt my refund yesterday and sent it ovrnite
  • if u went threw sbbt u can check to see if u have a trace # once u have a trace # that means ur bank has received it thought it was stupid myself bt no # shows until aftr ur bank receives
  • @ Fordfam42000 thanks , ill give them a call
  • ur welcome my trace # showed @ 3:30am bt my account did nt update deposit until 4:30 am my bank does nt hold u may want to check with your bank to see how their ach deposits work also most banks will allow you to withdraw up to 100 on any pending deposit although nt ur whole refund this can sometimes b helpful for those of us that live day to day gd luck i am sure u will gt ur $ today also :-)
  • Finally, some progress!!! I am also an earlier filer (accepted the 24th) and I have been stuck at accepted ever since while those filed after me seemed to get DD dates. This has been the most nail biting tax season EVER. Then, this morning, I have some progress! I am able to order a transcript with cycle code 20140605. From my caluclations, my DD will be this coming Wednesday. Hopefully I will have it sooner than that. Fingers crossed.
  • Its 731 am and i still have nothing????????
  • Amanda,, I was an earlier filer too and still nothing, I was accepted on the 26 I still can not order scripts and no dd.
  • The IRS system let me order Account Transcript through mail and said that I could not get a Refund transcript but if I wanted to get a copy of my tax return I would need to complete Form 4506.  I think they have gotten tired of people trying to obtain a Refund Transcript to see if their taxes have been processed.
  • If there was something wrong how would I know? Still say accepted no progress to approved I was an earlier filer and accepted on the 26 no dd.Any answers would be helpful.
  • I'm just as frustrated , here it is 8:30am cst accepted on the 26th, Irs said find were sent yesterday and yet still no dd.
  • If I were you I would not depend on wmr because quite a few people has said last year it never updated and they received their refund.  They system is overloaded with information so I'm not surprised that this happens.  Just pray for patients.  I had to tell myself the same thing.  I was accepted on Jan. 24 and my status says processing, since then.
  • I was just able to order my transcripts and view them. Hopefully we all will have a DD soon. I was accepted on the 26th
  • i have a cycle code of 0605 what does that mean
  • I was just able to order transcript thru the mail but i guess the online one is down right now. HOPE tomorrow we get a DDD!!!!
  • Has anyone received theirs a couple days early? Mine scheduled finally for feb 12,2014
  • Mines to
  • so is mine just waiting for it to be deposited maybe monday instead of wed.
  • In the same predicament. Feel a little better to know I'm not the only one in this predicament. I was to receive mine on the 12th as well.

This was the information that came up when I went to check. Just FYI


Taxpayers please be aware that there has been a slight delay in IRS funding.

If the IRS website indicates that your refund will be available February 6th, funds will not be available until February 7th due to the IRS releasing funds one day later than expected. Taxpayers expecting their refund on the 6th by direct deposit will now likely receive their refund on the 7th. Please be assured that Tax Products Group will disburse funds immediately as they are received from the IRS.

  • Correct. SBTPG has now received the funds and it its showing in users accounts. They will be sent to your bank immediately and should be available tomorrow.
  • Where did you get that notice at?
  • Look on the Sbbt site. They have the refunds and if you call the IRS they will tell you that Turbotax bank has holds on our refunds.
Mine says will be deposited on 2/6 :) but it was accepted on the 26th
  • Hope I am in the next one. Also accepted on 1/26. Congrats!
  • same here  . dd on feb 6
  • Mine was accepted on 1/26 and this morning I checked the Where is my refund site and it gave me a deposit date of 2/6.
  • Still waiting mines wad accepted 1/24 an no DD yet :-( federal an state both accepted
  • I got an email this morning that my state was accepted. I was originally accepted for federal on 1/23 (according to TT website) but when I click the link to track my refund, it shows the date of acceptance changed to 1/28. I am so confused. Which date is correct?
  • Is it possible to get it before the 2/6 because they say you should have a the refund in your bank BY 2/6 . And has anyone had fees taken out by TT , will I have to wait longer for it to be in my bank .
  • Yes. They will go to SBTPG first so they can deduct the fees, then they will forward to your bank. Expect an additional 24-48 hours. You can verify the funds have been dispersed by visiting their website it will show you when your refund has been received then forwarded to your bank.
  • How do u check for a transcript?  Filed on the 16th and was accepted on the 26th, no dd as of yet:(
  • Go to the website for transcript
  • Mine says dd6 but haven't seen no $. Has anyone I don't owe a fee for filing
  • Nope, from what I've seen on here and TT FB page, no one with a DD of 2/6 has gotten their refund yet and no updates on WMR or SBBT bank.
    This site states that anyone who filed before January 26th, that our taxes will be delayed due to a security system that was put in place. Please read because now I know why I didn't have a dd of Feb 6th. This sucks because nowhere on the IRS websites does it talk about this.
  • I have a DD date of 02/06 (WMR), have not moved to the 3rd bar on WMR site, I chose to have my fee's taken out of my return I checked the SBTG  bank and no deposit yet... as far as I know I do not have an offset... patiently waiting to see if I get that deposit tomorrow. I was told that as soon as SBTG gets the deposit they immediately send to your bank?
  • Rhollins29:  that article is 2 years old and applied to 2011 tax year. Nothing to do with this year.  :-)
  • There was an issue with the third bar last year. A lot of taxpayers received their refunds last year before the bar even moved to the last one. I wouldn't worry if you don't see it move. It doesn't always update as it should. You'll see your deposits tomorrow!! His is also how your able to order your transcripts most of the time before you see a ddd. It doesn't update automatically.
  • Thanks they have my money just waiting to get it to bank tomorrow =)
  • Does anyone with education credits have a dd?
  • That article is from 2012 . Sorry
  • @shecouldntcareless I filed 1/31 accepted 1/31 with an education credit and I received a DD of 2/10 today
  • Oh good @kns123 I don't have a dd but think its because I checked the site too many times it says I exceeded maximum attempts so now all I get is the message that says still processing. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't delayed from the education credit.
  • thanks so much for the info from that website it helped so much!

Remember, if you can order your tax transcripts that means your refund has been approved and you should be receiving a DDD soon. Also, if you are paying the filing fee with your refund it will be sent to SBTPG first, then your bank account so it could take an extra 24-48 hours. You can verify the funds have been dispersed by visiting . 

  • So I just checked that sbtpg site and its saying theres no record of my ssn in their system! now im getting freaked out wth is going on?!
  • I tried to order a transcript and I have an astro by the yr 2013, which means * The "Verification of Non-Filing" letter provides proof from the IRS that you did not file a return for the year you have selected. So, my return has not been processed yet. very disappointed.
  • Jewls when did you get accepted? I'm the same & I was accepted the 24th I'm really mad
  • I was accepted the 29th. Still can't order transcript. Has a * by 2013. Wheres my refund says return is being processed with 1 bar.
  • I checked the website and it shows the fees that have been/ or will be deducted... good sign? I could not order though my transcript last night.  and no DD
  • Ugh! Me too!
  • Me either!!!!!!!!!! Accepted 1/24 andccan't order transcripts!! :(
  • I was accepted on the 26, just one bar, and can not order transcripts. A little frustrated. I wish I did not count on this money my stomach would not be in such a not.
  • I filed 1/12 and got accepted 1/24 an i haven't got a dd or and  can't order a transcript and my federal and state has been accepted smh I need my money!!!
  • do they ever deposit before giving you a DD?? i filed on the 3rd and was accepted on the 24th and still says its being processed
  • How do u get transcripts?
  • Relax good people . Last year I was freaking out because I woke up in the a.m thinking my money wad gng to be there. It was on one bar in wmr then right at 1pm exactly my money was on my netspend card.
  • so it skipped the second bar completely.
  • I still can not order transcripts
  • Me neither accepted on the 24 no ddd can't order transcript
  • me neither,hoping that we get money on 6th like everyone else,even though one bar showing!!!accepted jan 30
  • i got locked out of the transcripts screen and i put all the information in correctly it said wait 24hrs and try again should i had tried the mail out option and not the online option?
  • Me either. Accepted on the 29th. No transcript and no dd date.
  • Yep me to got accepted 1/29 n no ddd.  Still on 1st bar.
  • I think 2night is the night though,updates will be available around 4 am!Just got that feeling,you know!?
  • Just checked no change,disappointed.
  • everybody call the irs and get past their robitic reply of 21 days,and get real answers!then update us on here!
  • Just checked to see if I could order transcripts, No not available.
  • I filed 1/3, accepted 1/24, and I'm still stuck at "Accepted" on WMR. Not sure why other people have been "Approved" and given a DD date.... I was really hoping to have my refund this week!
  • Mine does not even say approved. :( still waiting.
  • When was your return accepted? Mine was the 29th. Still says processing.
  • I can't order transcripts either.
  • accepted on the 26th
  • I remember going thru this last year. I was accepted on the 25th. Even tho they didn't open until the 30th last year I still kept seeing all these people on these forums get a dd date before me but were accepted after me. I swore I was going to just sit back and wait and not stress. Ha yea right.
  • When did you get yours last year?
  • well to join the crowd. i was accepted on the 1/27 got a ddd of 2/06 n im checking like crazy. locked out of wmr!! last year it came before the info could update!! im trying to keep calm but when there is money involved who could!! I hope someone say they already have gotten their refund with the same dates as mine. soooo frustrating.. please keep me informed!!
  • has anyone checked the irs site. I just did and it says technecal diff. 123.What is that
  • we crashed it checking too often lol
  • It's down. Hopefully they are updating and that's a good sign.
  • I got mine last year on the 5th.
  • Have you tried to order transcript? I just tried again still no transcript. Ugh. This is so stessful.
  • Havent tried ordering transcripts ye
  • I just checked it and it is still saying the same thing. I couldn't at first but now I can. My fiancé has a dd of 2/6 and I filed his after mines. Mines was filed on the 16th and accepted on the 26th but nothing yet. This Is so frustrating, I need my money!!
  • I just tried ordering my transcript and it says that they have no record of my return yet. Hope to see something tomorrow.
  • When were you accepted.
  • Filed on the 16th,  got accepted on the 26th
  • Cori are u using netspend again this year? I have a DD of Feb 6th but every year I have been getting my deposits a day sooner with this card just wanna know what you think.. I have my TT fees coming out of my return too...
  • Mine says deposited in your bank by Feb 6 as I'm sure so does anyone else who has the Ddd, so does that mean it can be deposited before?
  • probably  be  on there at midnight
  • As I have said before I filed the 21st accepted the 27th but havent been able to get a DDD. I went on the SBBT site and it has record but it says your refund hasnt been received yet. My boyfriend is the same situation but he was accepted the 24th. but when I check the SBBT site it doesnt have record of him... Anyone know if this is a good sign on my end? Ugh I hate this darn waiting game I am not patient enough for this. lol
  • SBBT is Santa Barbara Bank and Trust. They're the people who collect the payment for Turbo Tax if you opt to have the fees paid out of your refund, you can go to their website and put in the same info as Where's my refund it will tell you if they have received your refund to issue
  • Do you know what that web address is?
  • yes.. it is hope that helps. Good luck to everyone.
  • Thank you very much
  • I think that the people that are calling the IRS and checking on their status, are just holding up the process by making people waste their time answering questions that are clearly already answered. If it has been more than 21 days since you were accepted...then call.  But goodness people, calm down. It has been what 5 days since the IRS officially opened. You will get your money...calling and harassing the IRS is not gonna get it to your banking account any quicker. If I worked for the IRS and people were calling repeatedly for stupid things, If there was a way I'd make sure these refunds were delayed!
  • Some people are counting on their funds.  I am still waiting for the government to pass the extension to unemployment.  I have sold valuable jewellery this past week so I can pay 2 months of back rent and now if I dont have my car payments by monday....I will lose my car. .the day I start a new temp job that is not accessible by public transport.  So when you come on here spewing your hate and your stupidity.....understand REAL S##T is happening in people's lives and we need the money just to get by!   Now I have to find something else to sell...I don't have alot and what I have I treasure so to go and sell a bracelet my grandmother gave me or my laptop or getting extension upon extension for my can't stand humans sometimes!
    This site states that anyone who filed before January 26th, that our taxes will be delayed due to a security system that was put in place. Please read because now I know why I didn't have a dd of Feb 6th. This sucks because nowhere on the IRS websites does it talk about this.
  • That article was published 2/3/2012, so it doesn't apply to 2013 refunds.
  • Well said!! They r in here for a reason also. FYI by people calling the IRS it won't slow down a damn thing!!
  • Does anyone with education credits have a dd?
  • I  was accepted on the 26 still waiting for a dd and to get moved to the next step. can not order transcripts either
  • I don't believe in the ordering of transcript, I know 3 different people that ordered both and still no refund or ddd

No i dont think no one has got their refund yet everyone is just waiting until after jan 31, but you can go to the site and check where is my refund to get more information

  • They send out batch ACH's on wednsdays. If they follow the same schedule they have in the past, i think the earliest refund anyone could see would be on 1/29. This is if you have been accepted on the 24th. If later I would imagine on the 5th.
  • ok thanks for the helpful information it so many diff posts and information on here
  • Yea I'm confused as well. So Wednesday they send out the payout to dd?
  • if thats true then last year it went on Wed but i got my deposit on 2/1/13 a friday. hmm? that would be 24 to 48 hrs.
  • Mine also was in my account on Feb 1st last year
  • Yeah I think this only on wednesday stuff is crap!..I was accepted on the 2t6h which was Sunday at 453pm that was completely weird and WMR even had it up there when I checked it. Im thinking all up early filers will have money on saturday or monday
  • Sat. would be LOVELY! But I'm not betting on it.
  • Yeah u can check if your paying for turbotax through your refund to see if they have your money and you can check the and set up an account to get your tax transcipts and if you can see your 2013 transcipts then you obviously have been processed through there systems and should get your dd date soon!
  • Just showed My refund was accepted by the irs and it's no longer processing, I was accepted 1/24 and said the earliest i can have my money is 2/1 but no later than the 15th all I did was log on to TT and it have me a new option to track my refund and it said all that
  • That's a generic statement given by TT. Nothing personal.
  • That was on the irs website
  • Kristen the IRS website gave you as early or late as? thats not normal? But hey congragulations... Im still in processing at WMR accepted on the 26th of January
  • I was accepted on the 24 no update of a DD as of yet!!
  • Me neither, this is aggravating.  Just send our refunds IRS,  I do not understand for those of us that were accepted on the 24th do not have our direct deposit information yet.  Just one year I would like to accurate timely information.
  • It said that they will no longer give dd dates just 21 days from acceptance, praying it's tomorrow will let ya know
  • KristenJ3, when you say "it said" what are you referring to? The Irs?
  • of course it was the irs they are the ones that post information on their website
  • yes a tax advisor posted the dd chart i don't know where she got it since the irs said they were not releasing those charts but the tt lady had one and it said if you filed and were accepted before 1/31 your refund will be issued between 2/1-2/5
  • I sure hope you're right KristenJ3!!!
  • Tax advisor for TT is not the IRS and ur dates are from 7-21 days the normal generic messages..... If u were accepted after 11 am on the 24th
  • thank you KristenJ3
  • Be nice to see if anyone gets anything tomorrow or today keep us posted
  • I was accepted 1/29.  Just checked WMR and now see tax topic 152. That wasn't there yesterday.
  • Tax topic 152 is refund information. Maybe that is a good sign for you. I was accepted on 1/30. Here is the link for tax topi 152.
  • Don't think it's anything important, 152 has been on my irs site since 1/26
  • Tax topic 152 is generic doesn't mean anything.. Last year several people I know rcvd it like me some got our refunds n others got audited in the mass craziness of last tax season.. Last year I got accepted early on the 24th n had my deposit on the 31st .. 1 day after the IRS opened... So I am guessing n hoping that Monday shows different for early accepted returns
  • I checked no info yet lol I was accepted on 1/26 and I filed on 1/18 I have topic 152 on the irs site but still no DD please keep me updated if anyone gets one!  Whether u were accepted on or before the same date as me lol
  • I ordered a tax return transcript! Refunds should be soon!
  • Ndoty does Wmr show approved yet?????
  • Nope still only 1 orange bar :-/
  • Yea me too. Weird... I have the same file and accepted date as u so hopefully soon
  • I was able to request a 2013 transcript today as well I never really ordered them before does this mean it was approved and refund should be soon????
  • Yes it means they are 100% approved and complete. College financial aid offices always have u order ur tax return transcripts every year
  • Oh awesome how long does itvtake b normally to get a DD after u notice transcript were available?  Any ideas?  Maybe Monday s our day
  • Is sbbt open today for deposits from the TurboTax or irs
  • I was accepted on the 24th  as well so does that mean we should have are tax refund next week
  • I have been told that if we got accepted on the 24th we should receive are refund no later then 20th feb
  • but I am reading a lot saying we will receive early.
  • I was accepted on the 24 but still can't order my transcripts . I know from last year as soon as I was able to order transcripts of that year my DD came the next day!!!! :( I'm still hoping that the chart I have seen is correct.. It says if accepted between 1/24 and 1/31 DD will be 2/5!!! Fingers crossed!!
  • HEY PARTY PEOPLE!!..I was able to get all of my 2013 info from the IRS...I checked it at 8am this morning and couldnt get my Transcript but then I just checked it JUST NOW and was able to get it...They say the update overnight...(kanye shrug)bullshit...I was accepted on the 26th, DD days now gotta be given out on monday!!
  • As of last year they have been sending ACH's every weekday not just Wednesdays.
  • Does anyone know if you would be able to request a transcript now if your refund was going to be offset?
  • There's a number you can call to see if you have an offset. I can't get mine yet but I called and the husband and I have no offsets
  • I was accepted on the 27th and I was able to request my transcript today. My student loans entered default in January. I keep calling the number everyday and still no debts found but I'm freaking out it's going to surprise me.
  • The offset number is 1-800-304-3107 just fyi if anyone needs it
  • If it was just defaulted, then it wont be offset yet. look for it next tax time.
  • Just tried to check and it says Where's my refund is unavailable??  Is it updating?
  • I really hope not DavidGA. The person I spoke to when trying to resolve the issue said that it would be. I never trust the facts of a rude debt collector, though. Thanks!
  • Raisingcajuns I just tried too and seen the samething.. it probably is..
  • I just got a DDD for February 6! Checked the IRS website
  • My bar finally moved dd date of feb 6 n mine were accepted on the 24 n filed on the 8th.. Just checked WMR n approved now with dd date... Good luck all
  • Just got my deposit date of 2/6/2014 on WMR.
  • Anyone get accepted on 1/26 and NOT make it to the 2nd bar yet??
  • Also have the date of Feb 6th on, Filed Jan 22nd, Accepted on the 26th.
  • I was accepted on the 28th and have a DD of 2/6
  • I was accepted on the 27th and have a direct deposit date of 2/6 as well.
  • I filed on the 28 got accepted on the 29 and just checked and received a DDD of 2/6 ! Can't wait !
  • My DD Is Feb 6th! I filed on the 18th accepted on 26th. I have a net spend card so it will come a day early!!
  • Yay! I got accepted 1/30 and hoping mon or tues I will have a date too :)
  • I got accepted 1/30! fingers crossed hahaha!
  • I got accepted on the 30th as well but no DD date yet!
  • I've noticed people that got accepted on 1/24-1/28 already have a DDD so by Monday or Tuesday we should have one!
  • That is what I am hoping for too :)
  • I was accepted on the 24th and I don't have a dd date yet. What the hell.
  • I was accepted on the 25th and I do not have a ddd either
  • I was accepted on the 27th and one bar still .  I'm sure it will be soon.
  • Accepted the 26 got ddd odd by Feb 6, generally based on my past experiences it's always a couple days earlier than wmr States.   I'm hoping by Wednesday :)
  • Me too accepted on 1/24/14 still no dd.
  • Was accepted 1/24 & DDD is no later than 2/6....yaaaaa!!!
  • I was accepted on 28th and no DDD yet. Hopefully soon.
  • What is the "transcript" stuff everyone keeps asking about? And offsets?
  • I was accepted the 24th no dd date yet :(
  • Me either.. Accepted on 1/24 no DD yet :(
  • yep
  • acccepted 1/29 ddd of 2/6
  • Accepted 1/28/14 was able to order transcript yesterday and checked WMR this morning. Says dd by 2/6/14
  • Hopefully I'll be around the 6th too but if not what can I do but wait smh
  • i was accepted on the 24th but no DD yet either.. so they ever deposit before they give you a DD???
  • Yes Blake,if you read the above post he initially said that they deposit refunds before they update to second bar!This is what hes seen the past 7 years!!
  • Does anyone know if they worked today on refunds??IRS?
  • Got accepted1/29 no ddd yet. Spouse accepted 1/28 got ddd 2/6. We both filed 1/23. Wonder why got accepted a day after his ñ he got a ddd n I dnt?  Can anyone answer that?
  • The best I can tell u from the 100's of posts and studying is that some were accepted,then moved from accepted to approved withddd,and some didn't!All types of people with normal returns like every other year are still witing for approval!some file early Jan all the way to the 30th,and still no approval!I guess the irs is doing this for some reason or another,but I don't think anythings wrong!Year after year people have received deposits that WMR didn't update to second bar till after they got deposit!I thnk 2nite will be the night they update wheres my refund,check about 4 am,but my hope is that they ddd ours that havnt got accepted yet on the 6th!
  • By the way,if something was wrong and they were holding it,you would already know!It wouldn't be accepted!
  • I believe it can get accepted but then they can reject it. So, just because it was accepted does not mean approved
  • I hope to c a ddd 2mrw
  • still nothing I was hoping sometime today there would be a change in status. Nothing
  • same here no DDD, no transcripts, nada.. maybe tomorrow gotta love the I.R.S
  • The only ddd I've seen so far is 2/6. Everyone that has that ddd received their update on Sunday. It seems like the next ddd will be 2/13 and we'll find out this Sunday.i hope they'll do a ddd every other day but I don't think so. It seems like unless you have the ddd of 2/6 you wont see your refund til next week on the   13th. Sucks.
  • Has anybody with a ddd received their refund yet??
  • Me and my husband are experiencing the same thing
  • We have had a dd of 2/6 since Sunday, 2/2... Nothing in the SBBT bank from TurboTax yet, but it is only Wednesday... I'm assuming since no one has actually gotten their refund yet that they ARE only sending out DD's on Wednesdays... I've not seen anyone else with a different DD date yet... I'm assuming they update the DD dates on Sundays and send out DD's on Wednesdays... could take 24-72 hours to see the deposit in your account depending on your bank according to a state Revenue person. I have an offset and they apparently already took it out and it stated the same thing over the past two days and then this morning I called again and it went back to saying "you have two current debts" don't know if I just called too early this morning before their info was available or what... I had called and checked on it and that's all they seemed to have prior to this morning but idk. If you have an offset should you get your refund on time like the site says or will you have to wait longer for them to take the money out?
  • the one year that I had an offset I received mine on time :)
  • I filed on the 28th accepted on the 29th havent been approved yet, and no DDD!! Getting frustrated and I have no offsets and cant order transcripts because my profile dont match up
  • I with you. No dd no transcripts. Accepted 26th
  • Has anyone had an up date today?
  • My state was processed before my federal but it was processed on jan 30 but still no money.has anyone have this happened to you
  • Filed 1/29 and was accepted 1/30. WMR says processing but I was able to order my transcripts so hopefully I'll have my refund next. Last year I had my refund before it updated on WMR.
  • has anyone received an up date this am?
  • To all of you inquiring about our 2/6 DD date, I have looked through several hundred comments on the Turbo Tax Facebook page, and NO ONE with a DD date of 2/6 has received their refund, had their WMR bar on the irs site move to "refund sent", and no updates with SBBT bank as of 9am Central time this morning. I've seen more than a few comments both on this site and the TurboTax FB page that many people believe the IRS will be sending out one big batch of the FIRST of the Federal refunds at midnight tonight. I've been freaking out too since I have an offset, but I think we need to all be patient as this is what I have gathered from reading ALOT of TT user comments!
  • Also, foutz85, THANK YOU! :)
  • I have a DD date of 02/06 (WMR), have not moved to the 3rd bar on WMR site, I chose to have my fee's taken out of my return I checked the SBTG  bank and no deposit yet... as far as I know I do not have an offset... patiently waiting to see if I get that deposit tomorrow.
  • when did you file and what was your accepted date
  • How would one know if they have an offset?
  • I filed 01/27/14, accepted 01/29/14... DD Date 02/06/14..
  • Jewls I had an offset last year and when you open wmr on the irs website on the left hand side of the screen where it has your filing status and refund amount it would say the amount deducted from your refund to cover the offset. If you don't see that then you don't have one. Also the irs would send you a letter stating you owe money if you did and if you failed to pay it before tax season, they would offset your refund when you file.

I filed on the 10th, was accepted the 24th, have a ddd of the 6th. WMR is still on the 2nd bar. I have NetSpend and there's nothing there yet. SBBT says they have not gotten any money from the IRS for anyone yet. I filed married filing joing and have 2 kids. I got child tax credit, EIC, and education credit. No hold ups or delays. Just waiting on the money to hit my NetSpend card.

  • I was accepted on the 26 no dd and i am not able to order transcripts.
  • still nothing no up date. No dd and can not order transcripts.

Last year on the DDD the money hit SBBT then the transferred to my bank account on the Friday morning.  If you don't see the money on the SBBT site in the morning it will post sometime during that day.  Last year mine posted at around 4:30 and sent to my checking account.  The previous year it posted the same day with a netspend prepaid card.  Also will post the same day with accountnow or walmart prepaid cards. 

  • So if disbursed today to an accountnow card it's likely to post sometime today?
Submitted turbo tax Jan 7 accepted Jan 24 approved with a DD date of 2/6 :)
  • same as me also. dd on 2/6/14
  • i submitted mine jan 3rd accepted jan 24th but no DD yet.. wonder why
  • me to no dd yet
  • accepted jan 26 no dd no transcripts.
    This site states that anyone who filed before January 26th, that our taxes will be delayed due to a security system that was put in place. Please read because now I know why I didn't have a dd of Feb 6th. This sucks because nowhere on the IRS websites does it talk about this.
  • Check the date of the website - 2012!
  • accepted 1/30, still no ddd, and on 1st bar on WMR website. Its so annoying this waiting game! When you owe money to the IRS they want their money now, but when they owe you they take their sweet precious time "processing" your refund.
  • I was accepted the same day, my status is still processing with IRS but I was able to order my transcripts so thats a good thing. Try ordering yours over the phone 8008291040. Last year I had my refund and wmr still had being processed
  • ok I am trying to order my transcripts online it finally let me create an account but I am stuck at 4 of 6 its asking me all this personal info of like "debts" basically I have that are shown on my credit! Why is it asking this???? HELPP! I have never owed any offsets and dont want to by filling this out to make me have offsets! The first time I did it I answered the questions and then it took me back to the main screen, so I re-did it and now its totally different questions! UGHH HELLP
  • Those questions are to verify your identity
  • rhollins29  that article was dated in 2012.
  • I just got this from the Santa Barbara bank.

    Taxpayers please be aware that there has been a slight delay in IRS funding!


    If the IRS website indicates that your refund will be available February 6th, funds will not be available until February 7th due to the IRS releasing funds one day later than expected. Taxpayers expecting their refund on the 6th by direct deposit will now likely receive their refund on the 7th. Please be assured that Tax Products Group will disburse funds immediately as they are received from the IRS.

     Hope it helps.
I got a ddd as of today, Sunday, February 2, 2014. I filed my return on January 21, it was accepted the 27th. I hope this helps someone.
  • I filed the same day and my DD date is by the 6th.
  • You actually already got the refund?  Was it a large refund or did you have dependents etc
  • My dd date is by the 6th as well, but I checked that turbotax bank site to see if they have received the refund yet and they have not. I'm assuming everyone will get theirs expected by 2/6 on 2/5-2/7.
  • Does anyone knsoe when sbbt gets the refund if our daye is set for 2/6 because I dont show that they have recieved the money yet.
  • If you have 2/6 as a ddd then you are better off than'll get your refund in less than 48's very quick from IRS to sbbt to your bank. If you see it in sbbt you probable have it in your bank account. That's the only part that happens fast. The rest of us have to wait at least another week to get out cash. So congrats to you!
  • How come sbbt says it's invalid amount? Do I put what I'm suppose to get back or minus the Turbo Tax fee?
  • You put the total federal you are getting back including the fees
  • If it says invalid amount then take that as they haven't received it yet?
  • whats the website to check sbbt, I too have 2/6 as a dd date..maybe we will have by tom morning
  • i talked to a guy at sbtpg and he said there has been nothing at all sent to thier bank from the IRS for anyone as of yet. He said they normally send out large ACH credits  *deposits* on wednsdays, usually after 3pm PST, so 6pm EST. basically after the official end of buisness day for most banks which is 3pm. Anywho, he also said that thier website updates all the time as soon as they recieve funds. Hope this helps.
  • Last year on the DDD the money hit SBBT then the transferred to my bank account on the Friday morning.  If you don't see the money on the SBBT site in the morning it will post sometime during that day.  Last year mine posted at around 4:30 and sent to my checking account.  The previous year it posted the same day with a netspend prepaid card.  Also will post the same day with accountnow or walmart prepaid cards.
  • I've had pretty much the same experience in the past as Gonza....but last year I received my refund at 530 the night before on my Netspend card through Metabank. Maybe because this is the first mass ddd for the IRS this season it'll come down to the's hoping for smooth and timely deposits for all!
I was accepted on 1/26 and received a DDD of 2/6.
  • mine was accepted on the 26 still no approval. why?
  • Same here no dd an mines was accepted 1/24
  • I was hoping when I checked this am that I would have seen approved with a dd, but no.
  • Same here... no DD yet and mine was accepted on 1/23. I verified that I don't have any offsets or any thing like that holding up my refund but I still can't order a transcript (the year 2013 has an * by it). This is so frustrating that people who were accepted before me are getting DD dates and I am just in limbo with the IRS. lol
  • I agree.
  • I'm with you Amanda218! I feel left out! Accepted the 24th no dd and no offsets. I can't order mine yet maybe we will see something tomorrow
  • Same here Amanda!! I was accepted on 1/24 can't order transcript and no DDD!!!
  • So people are ordering transcripts to make sure they don't owe something? I just am questioning why it is something I keep reading people say this year, but never before.
  • If you can order a transcript, it means your return has been processed and refund approved. You wont be able to pull a transcript unless you have been processed.
  • I don't think the transcripts show if you owe something. Maybe they are supposed to? I don't know. But, my fiancé's refund was approved on 2/1/2014 with no problems. This morning we check and it now has an offset code. Understandable, we knew he had a previous fee to pay off. When you call the number to check on the offset it tells us the company with a contact number and says they MAY take the money but are unsure if they WILL. However, checking his transcripts, there is NO offset and he is receiving the full amount of his refund. Obviously somewhere along the lines there is some type of hiccup which I think just goes to show that TT, WMR site, and WMR automated system is not in-sync with each other. To me, that's very understandable considering how many taxes and systems they are trying to keep up with. I personally feel that every one will get there money in a reasonable amount of time (unless you have prior obligations causing an offset) so there is no need to freak out about. There is definitely no need to be all upset because someone who filed AFTER you got approved BEFORE you. Obviously their tax situation is different than yours which is why the process was quicker for them. Relax. You can't count your money until you have it in your pocket so stressing and/or complaining about it definitely is not going to make it miraculously appear in your account any faster. All that is going to do is fill your head with false pretense and false hope. None of which is from the mouth of the IRS so why are you taking other 'strangers' word for when to expect your money? They don't know. Period.
  • How do you tell if you have a offset or order transcript
  • You can tell if you have an offset AFTER your refund is approved (second bar on WMR). It will have an offset code with a brief description of why it's being offset. It will not give you specific information as to what company or how much they are taking but it will say some along the lines of it being for child support, unemployment, etc. In order to get your transcripts just go to the IRS website and type in transcripts in the search bar. The first link in the list is what you want. Click on 'create account'. You will then go ahead and fill out all the information that it asks for and hit submit. A screen will pop up with links to all the transcripts for all the years you have filed taxes. If 2013 is available for you to click on that means your taxes are approved. It may not reflect approved(second bar) on WMR because it hasn't updated yet. You can not view transcripts for taxes that have not yet been approved because they are computer generated as soon as your taxes are completed by the IRS. If you have a * next to 2013 then it means they have not yet finished processing them.
  • My return was submitted to the irs on 1/22 tho tt us saying it was accepted 1/27 but i still dont have a dd date yet! Wth! According to all said, i should get it this week! My friends was accepted 1/26 and her dd date is tomorrow. I dont get it. People accepted after me have dd dates and i still dont? I dont owe anyone $ either. But i think last yr i got the $ before their stupis refund tracker updated. I hope thats the case this yr n i get it tomorrow or friday!!
  • I was accepted on the 26 of Jan, still no dd and I can not order trascripts by phone or on line. This means that mine have not been proccessed. I thought for sure this week I would have at least had a dd.
  • I am still waiting. Accepted 26 no dd no transcripts.
  • still waitting for an up date no dd accepted on the 26
I checked my wmr status about 4am this morning and it has changed from approved to processed and says I should receive DD by February 6th. I filed on January 9th and it was accepted on January 24.
  • hi did it just change to processed or was that 4am
  • on the wmr site it changed from approved to processed and the only step left say refund sent. Everyone I talk to is getting the same response. I just hope they don't try and refund all at the same time and clog up the system.
  • when did yours change today? tranise_2001
  • My status changed on Sunday Morning Feb 2 at around 4am
  • Has anyone been able to get to talk to someone at irs about the way the dates r being processed
  • I just got this from the Santa Barbara bank.

    Taxpayers please be aware that there has been a slight delay in IRS funding!


    If the IRS website indicates that your refund will be available February 6th, funds will not be available until February 7th due to the IRS releasing funds one day later than expected. Taxpayers expecting their refund on the 6th by direct deposit will now likely receive their refund on the 7th. Please be assured that Tax Products Group will disburse funds immediately as they are received from the IRS.

     Hope it helps.

Has anyone that got accepted on the 2nd got a update with a DDD??

And is that whole transcript thing true? I got on ours and it has a * next to 2013 still.. ah so frustrating

  • I got accepted 2/2 also no update yet!
  • Me 2 filed 19! Hoping I be with the next batch
  • Hoping soon..   27 accepted as well, I'm hoping it will be I a day or two.
  • If there's a star next to it, it's not available and the irs hasn't accepted. I just got off the phone with the sweetest older woman at the irs..FYI it's easier to speak with someone if you select a different option other than "tax return" anyhow.. She say the dates go by cycle code according to mine 20140603 Tuesday will be my release date... She also directed me to info on the irs site about the cycle posted/cycle codes.
  • where do you find the cycle code and post ? I was accepted 1/24 and still nothing. ty
  • I cant access my transcripts it says the info i entered isnt what they have on file or something, But it is. I filed 1/21 and was approved 1/27.
  • Give it over the next day or so. :-)
  • Mandie...were you approved or accepted on 1/27? If just accepted youll get the no info or wrong info screen when trying to order return transcripts because your return has yet to be approved. But If you have your ddd already then don't worry about transcripts...if you're waiting on a ddd like me, it probably will not update til Sunday.
  • doesnt your federal have to be approved before they can approve your state?????
  • ok I was able to order my transcripts so where do you find these codes people are talking about? How do you know for sure if you are able to get/see your transcripts that this whole deposit date is true! I still havent been approved yet just accepted and the bar hasnt moved yet and no ddd
  • my code is 0605 so does that mean that i has a release date of thursday the 5?
  • according to other posts I've seen 2014 is the year 06 is the week and 05 is the day in that is 20140602 and Monday is 20140603 so 20140605 is Wednesday ..which is the cycle code  I got as well!
  • thank you . So that mean next wed. the 12
  • Where are you all getting codes from?

I talked to SSBT they have the funds they said they are releasing them in the morning so check your bank in the morning for your refund.


    Urge the IRS to provide more timely updates as to a taxpayers progress with their current year tax return.

        I got a date of the 6th.
        • Did you get it I have that dd too
        • No deposits yet!!!!!!
        • thanks called the treasure she said call irs, just lovely
        • haven't gotten my refund either!?!??!
        • dd feb 6 but still nothing and sbbt  doesn't show it either. anyone know why?
        • I just got this from the Santa Barbara bank.

          Taxpayers please be aware that there has been a slight delay in IRS funding!


          If the IRS website indicates that your refund will be available February 6th, funds will not be available until February 7th due to the IRS releasing funds one day later than expected. Taxpayers expecting their refund on the 6th by direct deposit will now likely receive their refund on the 7th. Please be assured that Tax Products Group will disburse funds immediately as they are received from the IRS.

           Hope it helps.
        I also have a date of the 1/6/2014. I filed Jan 10 accepted 1/24. I hope they deposit it early
          I filed on 1/29, checked this morning and received a DD of 2/6.
          • This is so depressing lol I filed 1/24 and it was accepted 1/28 and still no updates, no DDD, no nothing! wahhhh :(
          • Are you checking turbo tax or the IRS website? Turbo Tax has does not reflect the most recent status. My Turbo Tax says Accepted. The IRS say Approved with a given date.
          • I'm checking both. I finally got locked outta the wmr website, i didn't know there was a max # of times I could check lol smh i'm going crazy! i just need my refund so I can move :/
          • Are you able to order your tax transcripts?
          • how would I order them? where would i go to see if im able to order transcripts? this is only my 2nd time filing taxes on my own and last year I didnt have any issues. Last year i filed on 1/27/13 and got my refund in my account on 2/1/13. this year is a hot mess lol smh
          • Just google order tax transcripts you can do it on the irs website
          • amhargrove511 - If you go onto the IRS website and in the search bar just type in transcripts, it will give you a list of links/documents. Open the first one. It will bring you to a screen to create an account. You enter your name, email address, social, and a bunch of other basic things. Once you do this it will bring up a screen with all of your transcripts for all of the years you have file. If 2013 has a * next to it then that means your transcripts are NOT ready. That just means they haven't finished processing yet. If you are able to click on 2013 and bring up the document then they have processed your return and approved your refund. These documents are computer generate only AFTER they have approved a refund so if they are available then you are all set. Sometimes it takes a little bit of time for the WMR site to catch up. Good luck! :-)
          I filed the 28th accepted the 29th and approved the 2 with Ddd feb 6, but sbbt  says error empty entry when I hit submit and I tried ordering transcripts from my iPhone not a computer so I figured that's why I had problems getting transcripts. Wmr states that if the money hasn't hit my bank by feb 11 to call the bank to see why, not the irs. So I take that as if I don't receive it by then it's not cause it wasn't sent out but because my bank is holding it. So isn't that the irs saying no matter what it will be sent out by then?
            Letting u guys know my DD just hit. Did my taxes on 1-31 & IRS and TT did not date anything. It says its still processing. DO NOT go by them at all.
            • Did you get tax topic 152. What did where my refund say?
            • Did you have it go in your bank or a netspend card?
            Has anyone got there dd on the 6th,from Santa Barbara bank?
            • Not me, I am wondering if SBBT updates before they open?  I, too, am interested to know if anyone has received their refund from them.
            • Im still waiting. They open at 8am est
            • Nio
            • Not me :( patiently waiting though! It was supposed to deposit but no luck yet!
            • I was accepted on the 29th no Ddd still!!!
            • I am still waiting,
            • Still waiting  as well
            • i have dd  on 2/6 irs dosent show the last bar nothing a sbbt  has anyone gotten theirs
            • This so sucks. If it says 2/6 it should be here on 2/6.
            • nope me either. Maybe it will update later today
            • This year is such mess again. My best friends wmr just updated today to reflect his DDD would be 2/10.  He got his money a few minutes ago on netspend card. I filed before him and still nothing.
            • This year is such mess again. My best friends wmr just updated today to reflect his DDD would be 2/10.  He got his money a few minutes ago on netspend card. I filed before him and still nothing.
            • My husband paid for his fees and got his refund today, I got them to be taken from sbbt and did not get. But I called yesterday and it can take an additional day or two for us to receive once they have received it.
            • Does your husband's Where's My Refund account online say "refund sent?"  Mine does not and that is what had me kind of panicked, but I am wondering if they update that instantly?
            • lyndseypetrelli - I dont know to be honest. It wont let me on to check. It says unavailable.
            • Anyone that had  fees deducted from refund,got there's today as of yet??
            • My cousins hasnt been updated at all but hers is pending in her bank account as of today! some banks might hold it for a day, I was finally updated with a ddd 2-10
            • I had my fees taken out of my taxes and I don't even have a dd yet wats up with that
            • SBBT nor my banking has anything pending my DD was today. Anyone know anything?
            • My irs2go says money sent but the Santa Barbara bank doesn't show anything
            • So people got Ddd today for 2/10 and already got their money? Wtf
            • I was wondering the same thing. Ssbt says irs refund not recvd whats going on this year. Has anyone spoke to ssbt when getting fees taken out
            • Calling to call sbbt
            • I was accepted the 26 no dd
            • I have no idea what's going on. I'm in the same boat as all of you. I'm on hold with SBBT right now. I'm going to get to the bottom of this if possible.
            • Im in Massachusetts and no deposit yet. was suppose to be today the 6th.
            • i was excepted on the 24th and still dont have a DD yet this is crazy
            • jenny602... anything?
            • I used my personal account for DD not net spend thought it would be the same
            • Mine says Refund sent but nothing has been put into my account and I check with the SBBT website and no info there either. Anybody else have this problem?
            • N even use wheres my refund says unavailable
            • Mine doesn't even say sent wtf
            • Just got mine sent to the sbbt and will be direct deposited to bank tomorrow
            • Just updated go check sbbt
            • Sbbt just posted the update that they received it . They said it will be A/V tommorow
            • Yeah mine says the same, that it will be deposited tomorrow.
            • I just got this from the Santa Barbara bank.

              Taxpayers please be aware that there has been a slight delay in IRS funding!


              If the IRS website indicates that your refund will be available February 6th, funds will not be available until February 7th due to the IRS releasing funds one day later than expected. Taxpayers expecting their refund on the 6th by direct deposit will now likely receive their refund on the 7th. Please be assured that Tax Products Group will disburse funds immediately as they are received from the IRS.

               Hope it helps.
            • Just called WMR 1-800-829-1954 and they are saying they can”t answer calls due to technical difficulties.  That is probably why we can’t get any updates on WMR website right now.  Oh this is so freaken frustrating.

            I have a DD of 2/6 (today) and have nothing pending in my bank account. However, I googled and read and went to SBTPG's website ( and used their refund tool and found that THEY received my refund to have my fees deducted today and also sent it to my bank today, meaning it should show up with my bank tomorrow and I might even have it available. Hopefully!! Apparently the IRS is processing returns RANDOMLY this year, not "first come, first serve," so you could get an accepted date any time.

            • At least all of you have a dd, i am still waiting not happy
            • My co-worker is waiting too and her refund was accepted early, just 2 days after mine, and still no DD.
            • That's what mine says too. It just changed cause at 7 sbtgp did not have it
            I called the Sbbt #, says they processed my fees and sent the money to my account. Don't see it, but I'm being moderately patient that will clear by tomorrow.
            • Same here. Says my money has been disbursed.... however it is notI my account. If I'd of free filed it would already be in my account. Smh
            • The funds were sent a day late from the IRS.... SBTPG did not receive the funds until today, so they will be sent to your bank and you should have them tomorrow. They have since posted an update on their website.

            OK so I checked the SSB website, and it says they have my money and it is being transferred to my account, so hopefully it will be there soon.

            • I filed Jan. 25th accepted Jan. 28th still says processing.
            • But then the website also states there was a delay and it won't go thru till 2/7. But they show they received it so where's the delay.
            • I know, Im confused. Money still isnt there. Anyone actually get their money?

            I'm so glad I saw all of these comments. I was freaking out this morning when it wasn't there. This was very helpful! I can relax now...well, until tomorrow morning. Hoping it will be there in the morning!! 

              Mine says 2/6/14 filed on 1/20/14 accepted 1/27/14
              • Sweet! Thanks for updated I got accepted 1/30 So I am sure I will have a date sometime this week :)
              • I just got my ddd for Feb 6 as well
              • I was accepted on the 26 no dd yet or approval.
              • Got mine for DD 2/6 as well.
                This site states that anyone who filed before January 26th, that our taxes will be delayed due to a security system that was put in place. Please read because now I know why I didn't have a dd of Feb 6th. This sucks because nowhere on the IRS websites does it talk about this.
              • This article was posted February of 2012.
              • It does not apply to 2013 tax returns. But thanks for sharing anyway. Just the wrong year's info.
              • you must not have gotten through the whole article, thanks for the heartattack...
              • That site rhollins29 is from 2012 it is not accurate
              I got a DDD of 2/6!
              • So if we weren't updated yet with 2/6 think we won't get it till the following week or is there still hope?
              • I am still hoping for this week
              • I have yet to get DDD but people that filed after and accepted after have a DDD? Odd
              • I am in the same situation. Still waiting
              • Me either. I was accepted 29th. And I'm seeing a lot of people on here who were accepted after me with dd date of the 6th of Feb. Frustrating.
              • I have the same situation
              • Me too. Although my wmr changes changes this morning from one bar to "processing will get refund date soon". Anyone else see this chanhe? Files 1/22, accepted 1/28
              • I just got this from the Santa Barbara bank.

                Taxpayers please be aware that there has been a slight delay in IRS funding!


                If the IRS website indicates that your refund will be available February 6th, funds will not be available until February 7th due to the IRS releasing funds one day later than expected. Taxpayers expecting their refund on the 6th by direct deposit will now likely receive their refund on the 7th. Please be assured that Tax Products Group will disburse funds immediately as they are received from the IRS.

                 Hope it helps.
              •                      here is the SBBT page ... next year im doing the FREE turbo tax!!
              • Me too

              i was accepted on the 24th and i filed on the 3rd... im still at 1 bar too and dont have a DD date either....

              • I was accepted on the 28th, and still only have 1 bar on the wmr website. I know my husband has a debt, but we haven't even gotten any type of offset message. Trying not to worry, just being optimistic. Good luck to everyone who is supposed to get their money soon.
              • My mom was accepted on the 27th has a dd of 2/6. I was accepted on 1/31 no dd date yet
              • Same here, filed on the 16th and accepted on the 26th with no dd yet.
              • I was accepted 1/29 still no ddd
              • nothing this am was hoping for a change. Accepted the 26 no trans. or dd
              • Jewls me either, was hoping for an update but nothing yet.
              • has anyone had an up date
              • nope not me
              • Not me either accepted the 27 th one bar.
              • It's updated overnight....3am eastern time. If you filed and were accepted before Feb 2 and have NOT received the ddd of 2/6 then you will probably get the next ddd which will be 2/13, give or take a day. That won't show until probably Friday or after. When you get your ddd then the bar will move to the second frame...APPROVED. Even though the IRS is working 24/7 they only send out direct deposits once a week. If you dont have a ddd of 2/6 then the earliest you MAY see your refund is the middle of next week.
              • my best friend said last year that she received her refund before the WMR site even updated i wonder if thats the case this year. mine was accepted on the 24th and i filed on the 3rd i dont have an offest or anything
              • I also filed on 1/3 and got accepted on 1/24 and still no DD date for me either still says processing on WMR
                This site states that anyone who filed before January 26th, that our taxes will be delayed due to a security system that was put in place. Please read because now I know why I didn't have a dd of Feb 6th. This sucks because nowhere on the IRS websites does it talk about this.
              • Hi Rhollins- I believe that article is old. It says for those who filed before Jan 26th 2012 so I think it may be two years old. :)
              • A star next to what? Where can I find the info about cycle codes? I dont completely understand your post would you mind explaining a little more please? :)
              • jaletia posted about getting some info and it was about cycle codes was wondering where on the IRS web site to find it ?
              • Sorry.. If you look online at your transcripts and there is a * next to 2013, your 2013 refund hasn't been accepted and you won't be able to view transcripts. If you select 2013 in the left hand side there's an area that says "cycle posted" and it'll give a number sequence like 20140601 or 20140602, 20140603..... 2014 is the year..06 is the cycle .... And 01 is the date it will be posted. It's very interesting, the woman I spoke with was very kind in explaining this to me. I was freaking out because I have no updates on wmr but my transcripts are available!
              • I filed after the 26th I actually filed on the 28th accepted the 29th and no ddd yet! I cant even get my transcripts because my profile dont match up or something like that! So I think all these articles and transcripts is a lie!!

                Refund schedule date off of the page that rhollins shared
              • You can't order transcripts because your return hasn't been approved yet. You're in the same timeframe as me and I'm guessing well get approved and receive our ddd this weekend, probably Sunday...and it will probably be 2/13 or so. Until your return is approved you'll get the "profile doesn't match" screen. Hang in week at this time we should know what day our money's coming.
              • I couldn't order mine online but i was able to order them on the phone.
              • The message saying your information doesn't match records on file is only coming up because your refund isn't accepted yet. I'm sure you'll have more info by tomorrow!
              • What number did you call am2kids for the transcript
              • 8008291040 and listen for the prompts. It said my info was wrong when I tried online but I was able to order them on the phone.
              • Jaletia: I have an * next to my 2013 for transcripts, so I clicked on it and it just pulls up my letter of non filing status. No codes
              • what is the point of transcripts, i have never heard of anyone getting these, or what they even are??
              • Its weird. Its weird some of you were accepted way before me and i have a dd date. I was accepted on the 27 then approved and i got a dd date for the 6th. Ummmm. I guess some people were randomly used for testing.
              • The military article is from 2012.
              • Guys if youre ordering transcripts make sure it's the "return" transcripts and not the "account " transcripts. Account transcripts are available but they don't mean anything as far as getting your refund. I tried the transcript thing last year but it's just not necessary. Remember the IRS just started processing this year's returns on Jan 31 except for an earlier test batch. So it's not even a week yet....and don't kid yourself...if you don't have a ddd yet, you are definitely not going to wake up to a surprise in your bank account tomorrow or Friday. And there is no way to rush them or work-around them....if your return was accepted this week or earlier and you haven't received a ddd yet, you probably will this weekend and we will all get our refunds later next week. It's about 14 days from return acceptance to getting your refund deposited. This is based on whats happened to me and others using TT the last 4 years. And those with the first ddd haven't gotten their money yet...and since it'll be the first direct deposit for the IRS this season, there could be glitches there! I hope to God it all goes smoothly, but Murphy's Law is especially true when dealing with all of this. But it's still quicker than the old way by mail. Oh...and people who filed after you may get their refunds before you...and you'll get your refund before some who filed before you...just how it goes. Fingers crossed no major snafu's happen and we're enjoying the fruits of our labor sooner rather than later!
              • So if I was accepted the 29th and have a Ddd of feb 6 does the 14 days from day of acceptance apply, making it be the 11th or so when I get the deposit?
              • Tdwoodward, according to the IRS Jan 31 was the first "official" day to accept based on that and my experience with this process you should have your refund by Friday the 14th...give or take a day or two. Here's hoping it all goes smooth like that. And you'll probably be approved and get your ddd sometime this weekend. Good luck!
              • my cycle code is 0605 just posted his am. what does that mean it is past the 5th. and the bank does not show it being processed
              • my code as of today is 0605 so tell me wht does that mean,net week?

              Please someone explain this transcript for me! I was able to order my transcripts today! But not getting what they are trying to say! My code is 20140603 under neath the code there is a received date of April 15th 2014 WHY??? Also that was all under the "return transcript" I didn't know what to click on so I clicked on all three of them! Return transcript, record of account transcript and account transcript, those last two are basically the same! Now my question is everyone is saying that if you can get your transcripts you have been approved, how do you know that for sure?? Also underneath the record of account transcript and account transcripts it gives dates that haven't even hit yet. Here is an example Return due date or return received date whichever is later April 15th  2014 then processing date feb. 24 2014! Then underneath all of that it is telling me code of explanation of transaction: Tax return filed gives my cycle number the date of the 24th of feb. and 0.00$$ then below all that more codes date of April 15th 2014 amounts that are shown on my tax return for a break down of credits basically with minus signs and then my total refund with no minus sign, but at the top it states that any minus sign signifies a credit amount! So what does all this mean please help!! This is my first time ordering a transcript dont understand it, and also I filed on 1/28 accepted 1/29 no approval or ddd yet and I called the number for offsets and I dont have any so will I be getting a tax return this year according to the above?

              • Ok so I was told by the irs .... You have the same cycle code I have and we definitely will have our money next week. The earliest our funds will be released is Tuesday since we have a code ending in 03. And every year I file when I can see transcripts  it's done processing and I get my return a few days after.
              • I am so glad I saw this. I ordered my transcript also & I was so worried & confused as to why the date was Feb. 24 & received date was 4/15. I am glad I am not the only person.
              • everyones date on trascripts are received 4/15 it's jst the end of tax season last day to file gd luck everyone i had a ddd 2/6 bt gt my $ @ 4:30 am 2/7
              • I was finally able to get just my account transcript this morning for 2013. The return transcript still has a * by it. but my cycle code ends in 05. I filed the 27th and accepted the 29th.

              I filed the 31st and ddd was put up as the 10th. happy tax season

              • same here!!
              • Yea well dont get too stoked mine is for the 6th still waiting.....urghhhhh
              • Ljones0969. Did you have fees deducted from your refund?
              • same here filed 31 dd for the 10th as of this morning 5 a.m. est
              • still no refund  dd 6th??
              • 6th here also,no money as of 7:41
              • I still have not up date just processing with no dd what is that about
              • Same here accepted on 2/1 no ddd
              • I just logged onto Santa Barbara Bank & Trust and it stated "There has been a delay in IRS funding. If you received a dd date of 2/6 the IRS will not release funds until 2/7. Once funds are released to Santa Barbara - funds will then be released to taxpayers." Hope this helps anyone with a dd of today.
              • My says they received it and sent it to my bank but it is not in my babk
              • Bank
              • It will probably post to SBT by 4:30 and released to you bank in the morning if you have a regular bank.  Prepaid cards might post earlier.
              Checked mine this morning.  I filed on the 30th accepted same day. Got a DDD of 2-10-14.
              • I dont understand how some people were accepted after me and have a ddd for 2/10 and i cant even order a transcript. I filed on 1/24 and was accepted on 1/28 and nothing.
              • same here
              • i filed on the 3rd and was accepted on the 24th mine still says it is being processed.. whats up with that?
              • bcriss. I am in the same boat. I was relieved to see that it is not just me accepted the 26 no dd
              • I filed the 27th and accepted on the 29th and still processing too!! Still can't order transcript either ugh!!!!
              • Same here. Whats up? No dd, accepted on 2/1 filed 1/15
              • me too accepted on 24th no date yet do you have dependents? im wondering if thats the hold up
              • I have dependents and education, but that should not hold things up.

              I filed 1/30/14, accepted 1/21/14 and now a DDD of 2/10/14.  Woot woot!

              • Same here. And they said that those ones that have a dd of 2/10/14 will not have a delay and will be on time... I hope so
              • I filed 1/30 and accepted 1/31...still nothing! I just want a ddd and not a range
              • My dd is the 12!!!! Hoping I get it on the 10 tho! Lol (wishful thinking)
              • i wouldnt count on it everyone that had the 6th ,myself included, didnt get their $ until the 7th at least those of us that went threw sbbt ones that had dd to their own bank gt it on the 6th sbbt says they release ur $ as soon as they gt it bt they fail to tell u it can take up to 3 days for the ach deposit to go threw
              • its now the 9th and i have not recieved any money andor any signs og pending deposits. my wheresmy refund page sayd take actionand to call a #. i called yhe guy was very rude and all i was told was that iy could b netime between now and the 20th. even tho the 6th my wheres my refund site had said myRetun was sent. Within a few hrs after cn that it changed and posted a page and said their was a delay n processing my refund and im bn told they can not give me an exact date as to when ill recieve it other then b4 or on the 20th. I let them no how infair this is and if some people got theirs on their dd of the 6th everyone else should have also.
              • i was accepted on the 24th and i checked this morning and i still dont have a DD yet..... still saysits being processed if there was a problem wouldnt i know by now???????
              • I was accepted on the 23rd and still on one line processing, I paid fees up front and everyone else has a DDD!! Not me
              • me either im still waiting too

              I filed was accepted on 1/29, still on one bar with wmr, and cannot order transcripts as of yet. I've heard a lot of people say that SBBT is getting disbursements throughout the day but mine still says $0 received from the IRS. I have heard that some people had no ddd on wmr but received their deposits. I also saw that some people spoke with SBBT and they said that they had a deposit for them but had not released it yet. Was curious if they could see the money on SBBT when they had that conversation or if it was saying $? Then I've hear that others are curious if education credits have delayed the process. Wondering if that's true because I have education credits on mine.