1/24/2014 I received an accept email stating irs accept my return. Did anyone else received an accept email?

  • I filed 1/15 via turbo and federal was accepted today1/27 turbo app stated 2/20 estimated ddd
  • I filed on the 3rd with turbo tax and was accepted 1/24 the app stated the same for me
  • The website says there is no advantage to filing that early. They are not even going to consider payment till after the 31st. Every year they get backed up with returns and there is a processing delay. they give you a 21 day or 3 week window so that you wont call them and bug them and slow down the process even more. Scheduled for deposit is the key words you are looking for the information to change to on the irs wheres my refund website. Its accepted now but not processed , not scheduled for deposit, and refund sent. those are the 3 orange bars you are looking for on the website to change to along the way when you input your info.
  • Terrel805   You are wrong. Last year many people got their return before or day after processing began.
  • I filed on 1/7/2014 my return was accepted on 1/24/2014.   An early refund would be fantastic but at the least being in the first group to recurve deposit is ok too!!  Here's hoping the " test " run follows past the processing and goes all the way through with a deposit too!
  • I was accepted on 01/27/14 according to Turbo Tax. But the IRS website still shows "received and processing". I wonder if Turbo Tax's information is not accurate..
  • i was one of those people
  • Once it gives a DD date does that mean that the return was approved, processed and it is guaranteed the refund will be given?  I assume after it says Accepted that does not mean it has processed though correct?  Thanks.
  • no it doesnt mean the refund is approved yet it jus means that your info is correct they wont start processing till friday the 31st thats wen you should see the orange bars moving i filed the 24th and still have not gotten approved hopefully by 11 am the 31st i will be
  • Ok I have a question & hopeing someone can answer it for me If turbo tax say I was excepted through them does that mean the Irs is going to except It also ?
  • Ok I have a question & hopeing someone can answer it for me If turbo tax say I was excepted through them does that mean the Irs is going to except It also ?
  • Vanshara11...The only way to really know if IRS has accepted your return is to go on their website www.irs.gov or call them at 1-800-829-1954. I hope this helps answer your question:)
  • thanks i will do that do they take for ever to answer???
  • https://cisc.sbtpg.com/
  • go on here and check
  • Mellymel654...it is automated and it does not take long at all.
  • does it take any longer if direct deposited to one of their netspend cards? had to sign up for one this year. Got mine in on the 15th... says i need to wait till the 31st for irs to start processing. Hope it is a quick process since it is all automated.
  • @djmygraine netspend ALWAYS deposits at least 2 days before it's scheduled deposit date. I have had mine sine 2008. I like it because my payroll  gets deposited to my netspend 2 days early as well as last year's return. Once deposited,  I cash advance it at my traditional bank and deposit it there
  • I filed mine on the 24th and was expected on the 26th.
  • If its approved an you have a dd then you are getting your money possibly a day before the dd!
  • Jenna if you get a dd then your money may come a day earlier
  • January 31, 2014

    •The IRS starts processing previously stockpiled returns on a first-in, first-out basis.•The IRS typically runs a small number of stockpiled returns through their systems before January 31 for testing purposes.
    ?If yours is one of them, please note that your tax refund (if any) will not be processed before January 31.
  • So it looks like the people who were excepted on 1/24/2014 did not receive anything yet.....I'm still showing Return Received which is the first bar of the 3 on the WMR page.
  • Just went to wmr it said refund to my bank 2.6.14 .so guys check again.don't give up
  • When were you accepted raymondcolby?
  • My wmr i was accepted 1.27.14 my deposit will be 2.6.14 .but turbo tax doesn't update all they say is i'm at the window.i go with wmr
  • mine was accepted at 1:44 this morning does anyone think that i will get a dd this week???? if not does anyone know if they are doing different ddd's this year??? instead of every wednesday?
  • just stfu...what kind of question is that over and over?
  • just stfu....what kind of stupid question is that
  • are u refering to my question??? if so how is it a stupid question??
  • someone was asking the same question over and over...was that you?  

    "mine was accepted at 1:44 this morning does anyone think that i will get a dd this week???? if not does anyone know if they are doing different ddd's this year??? instead of every wednesday?" AT LEAST 10 TIMES.
  • My moms did that as well sbbt shows no refund availble and her bank states no pending deposits for today or tomorrow
  • I had Ddd of today and my money was in bank early this morning. I didn't have any fees.

From Hot Springs Tax Services: We have had several clients who filed within the last two weeks have their Federal Tax Returns accepted by the I.R.S. We expect the I.R.S. to have a payout date on Wednesday, January 29th, 2014. Just a reminder, there are no guarantees when it comes to the I.R.S.

  • any idea what time of day they do their deposits/refund transactions?
  • Turbo tax sent email Monday January 27, 2014 tax return accepted. But on the wheres my refund irs site it says it can't provide any info in the return check back in 24 hours. I've been checking every night and it shows the same message. Anyone else having this problem?"
  • I only have that problem when I don't enter in all my information correctly, you should have a status update by now.
  • @staceyb I am having that same problem as well
  • @staceyb I was having the same problem since Monday it was giving me the check back in 24hours all the way up until this morning! You should go back and check now ...
  • It says that when you check it often. You are only suppose to check once a day.
  • same here irs recieved my returns 1.27.13 nothing on wheres my refund .don't worry you'll get your check
  • ive checked more than once today and it hasnt locked me out yet
  • I've check more then once..no probs here
  • Why haven't I gotten accepted
  • i havent either i talked to the irs they said that they dont go in order of who filed first they said they get seperated into different groups, he also said that we should hear something by tomorrow if it was accepted or rejected. i hope that helps im really hoping that i see a difference tomorrow and by the way i filed thru h r block
  • Well did anybody get pass the first bar yet on wheres my refund??
  • Yes. I just checked. Mine will be on the 2/6/14.
  • @chaquanac same here as of today my WMR says it will b DD on 2/6/14.
  • What day did you get accepted?
  • I got accepted on th 1/26
  • I got accepted for my refund today. The will deposit my money feb 6th
  • Really? Still nothing for me...I wonder why
  • I was acepted on 1-24-2014
  • Got accepted the 24th still no DDD idk whats going on any one else accepted the 24th with out a DDD?
  • Same here no DDD and I was accepted on the 24th....
  • Accepted 2-1-14 n wmr says I enterd information wrong when I know I didn't what's happening
  • Just double check your refund amount that you are entering
  • accepted 1/24 DDD 2/6
  • mine was accepted at 1:44 this morning does anyone think that i will get a dd this week???? if not does anyone know if they are doing different ddd's this year??? instead of every wednesday?
  • Same. Accepted on 1/24, but not processed and no dd date.
  • This is crazy,i wonder what the hold up is for the ones accepted on 1/24??????
  • Mine was accepted 1/25. Nothing yet
  • I received a email from Taxact stating mine was Accepted on 1/24/2014. Mine wasn't Approved until Sunday 2/2/14. and it says my DD to be sent to bank on or by 2/6/14. Today 2/5/14 it's still reading to be sent to bank on 2/6/14. So when the funds be available. Or is this just another Hokes to keep people guessing. I don't believe this JibberJabber anymore. I don't believe were getting anything until 2/8/14. Because it would have to be sent to the bank 2/5/14 so it could be received by 2/6/14. It  would conceivable it was 2 weeks from the time it was actually Accepted.
  • Yes, I was accepted on 1/24/2014. I have no DDD as of 10:23am this morning.
  • so have you checked sbtpg.com for information on your account if you had fees taken out of your return that is
  • I filed through TurboTax on 1/21/2014 and was accepted on 1/27/2014, but the WMR tool stills says its being processed!
  • Same here accepted 1/27 still just one bar wtf im getting really frustrated
  • @Sc3157 I'm with you! I was also accepted 1/27 and only have 1 bar! It's irritating.
  • Im with you both accepted 01/27 still nothing im thinking something happened then to place our returns on the backburner but right now wmr and transcripts are having technical difficulties, and its just like here set in the dark we will give it to you when we give it to you... I wish I could do that when they take it out of my pay.....
  • I agree! A lot of people who were accepted before the 27th seem to be getting there's today. I've heard anther date for DD is Feb. 13th. Hopefully we will be in that group.
  • Accepted 27th filed through turbax, I received my refund
  • Filed 21st TT said accepted 27th... Still nothing not even transcripts... If anyone else that got accepted that day finds out anything please post an update!! Thanks
  • Mine was accepted on the 24th. No transcripts available, not processed, etc. Obviously, something is 'broken' in the IRS' system. There's no way they are processing returns in the order they are received.
  • Mine was accepted 01/24 and had heard nothing. This morning I was able to get my return and account transcripts. I'm sure tomorrow I will finally get a ddd. My friend filed and got accepted 02/01, could order transcripts wednesday and got approved with a ddd of 02/10 on wmr so I am really looking forward to tomorrow. This happened for a lot of us 01/24 people today so check and try to get into transcripts again this morning!
Yes I was accepted 1/24/2014. I wonder when the first direct deposit will be
  • Good...I was told a test run was being done. Now I know it was. It was the same last year too. Where's My Refund should tell you in 48hrs after it was accepted.
  • what date did you guys file on?
  • I filed on the 5
  • i filed on the 3rd accepted the 24th...i heard they might do a 1/29/14 DDD anyone heard that yet?
  • Where u hear that from
  • http://refundschedule.com/  "Please comment on here when you were accepted, so that we can keep see if they do a pay out on January 29th. This would be in line with 2012 and 2011 tax returns." idk this is copied and pasted from there :)
  • Mine were accepted 1/26/2014. Hope to get the direct deposit the beginning of Feb
  • Wen u filed
  • I filed on Jan 17th 2014
  • I filed on 1/09 and was accepted on 1/24.
  • anyone with an acceptance date of 1/24 got a DDD yet?
  • Nothing yet
  • filed on jan 9 turbo tax says status IN_Agency...worried I haven't been accepted and irs wheres my refund too has no record..any ideas?
  • No, not yet. Hopefully get a date in the morning.
  • :) hope so too..... i do this to myself every year ...lol
  • Me too! :)
  • i read that they might do a DDD of 1/29/14  :) whoooowhooo i hope so :)
  • The IRS Direct Deposit schedule says if it was accepted 1/31-2/01 the direct deposit will be sent on 2/07.  But I am just wondering about all of us that got accepted early.
  • @NSQUARED where did you see that at
  • Yea, there is no schedule calendar anyone
  • Just got accepted today
  • My federal was accepted today... how do we find out about our state refund
  • Mine  is still pending but lastbyr same thing got accepted on the 28th for fed but state not until the 2nd of feb
  • I downloaded the turbo tax app and it said it was accepted 1/22/2014 and direct deposit will be 2/20/2014 please allow 20 calendar days for a refund.
  • @deroncjr here is the link to the direct deposit schedule I found.  Have a good one.   http://themilitarywallet.com/irs-federal-tax-refund-schedule/    Apparently this is just estimates because the IRS does not provide these schedules anymore.
  • Ok thank you
  • I was accepted on Thursday 1/24 and I filed on 1/23... So I'm hoping for an early DD
  • I was accepted on 1/24 also so im hoping the same thing lol
  • I filed on 01/09/14 and was accepted 01/24/14 also lol
  • I filed on 1/25/14 got accepted 1/28/14
  • i filed the 24th and im still not accepted the irs never picks me to process early does anyone know why that is??????
  • I wonder do you have a lot of deductions?  I filed hoh and nothing but 1 dependant.
  • i have 3 dependents and hoh. they did this to me last year i filed b4 this girl i knew and she got hers approved b4 me and her money b4 me i dont understand????? and last year we had the same amount of dependents.
  • That has happen to me before but I thought it was because my return had a lot of deductions.   Guess it's just random.  Hopefully you will be accepted soon. My friend filled same day I did and she still not accepted
  • yea i guess it is but i did file earlier than most so i hope they still process mine on the 31st so i can recieve my money by next week.......has anyone gotten a due date yet???
  • o and one more question do u kno if they go in order once they do start processing them???
  • i also filed thru h & r block and thought that was another reason y they skipped me
  • I would think they go in order,but who knows with irs.  It seems the worse I need my return the longer it takes.   Mine says accepted  should receive deposit by2/20 but accepted doesn't mean that it's approved just that it passed 1st check of name San and so on but it is 1step closer
  • right i get it i really need mine too so im jus being impatient lol but it fustrates me that i filed earlier than last year and still didnt get picked for the test run
  • I would be upset to but I have read last year some that got picked for test run got theirs screwed up, so that has me nervous.
  • right but is it because i filed thru h & r lock
  • I hate hnr they have charged too much 4 mine love turbo tax.  I did read hnr was not getting accepted early like people with turbo tax,n other net users
  • yea maybe its because you guys do them ur self and they wanna make sure they are done correctly?? idk i havent had an issue with h & r and i dont feel to comfortable doing my own taxes
  • Turbo tax walks u through it just like hnr.  I was a 15 year user of hnr. Have used turbo for 5 wish started sooner   I always pay for an legal help when I file through
  • As far as correctly my BFF got hers messed up through hnr cause of Human error
  • yea i kno a lot of ppl dont like them but i got mine done by the same person who did them last year and they were fine last year i was going to do turbo tax but decided to jus do h & r block at the last min only because i have no computer. but maybe next year seeing everyone gets accepted early thru turbo tax
  • What is a DDD?
  • My Federal was accepted on the 26th and my State was accepted on the 27th checked my state's refund site and it's saying it processed my refund on the 29th which is today, can anybody let me know what this means.....
  • direct deposit day
  • u got ur refund?????
  • @hardenc
  • no someone asked what DDD stood for lol i wish :)
  • o lol opps now i know what it stands for too lol
  • Filed on 28th accepted on 29th
  • i filed the 24th i really dont understand y they randomly pick ppl they should jus go in order it would b fair to everyone
  • I filed today and was accepted also was notified of DDD
  • filed on the 28th and got accepted on the 29th
  • but it said the irs wont process refunds until the 31st
  • Did anyone get a DDD date
  • Yes
  • what is your direct deposit date, did you refund status with the wmr bar say approved?
  • DDD Feb. refund status was "Return Received"
  • Nope still on the first bar on where's my refund
  • Filed on the 28th and got accepted on the 29th... IRS doesn't start processing payments until Friday the 31st
  • I filed last night and my return was accepted today! Thru turbo tax
  • I filed on January 20th accepted on January 28th no DDD Date just says Federal was accepted
  • ddd means direct deposit date
  • I filed mine on 1/19/14 through Liberty Tax and was accepted 1/27/14. So it is not just people who filed on their own.
  • Any deposits yet any one I was excepted 25 no dd yet maybe tonite at 12 pm can't wait;))))
  • I filed mine on 01/25/2014 n got accepted on the 01/28/2014 n state got accepted 01/30/2014 but no ddd did anyone get one yet??
  • i got accepted on jan 24 th 2014 i filed on jan 11 my status says being processed i think last year it took about 10 to 14 days to come dd i will post when i get an update or a dd in my account best thing i have did if you get the fees taken out of your fedral return go to     https://cisc.sbtpg.com/index.aspx  and if its there you will be getting it
  • I went there and got this.......
    Server Error in '/' Application.

    The request failed with an empty response.
    Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code.

    Exception Details: System.Net.WebException: The request failed with an empty response.

    Source Error:
  • I filed thru turbo tax and received conformationthat said congradulati my taxes were sent and accepted by state and fed, but went to track my refund and it shows there is incomplete documents and my returns are being looked at for additional processing.  so there for there not done.  right?
  • was accepted... like everyone else..
  • Just got approved. DDD 2/6/14
  • was this ur first time checking today?
  • I checked twice early around 3 and 8 it was still processing. So when I just checked after 12 it had a ddd and said approved.
  • I would screenshot but it don't give me an option to upload
  • L
  • Just checked wmr and ddd for feb 6 and I was accept
  • I was accepted 1/26filed on 1/18
  • U guys are Luckey still waiting
  • Me too...When did you file?
  • I filed Jan. 25th
  • I got the same ddd via WMR website 2/6 today. I filed 1/8.. federal accepted 1/24. GA state accepted 2/2 also..  got the ddd lastyear on Sunday..Monday morning the money was in bank.  Will post again later after banks open ...
  • mine was accepted at 1:44 this morning does anyone think that i will get a dd this week???? if not does anyone know if they are doing different ddd's this year??? instead of every wednesday?
  • Did you receive your refund?
  • Got a direct deposit date of Feb 12th

So I received an email from Turbo Tax saying that the IRS accepted my return. This was on Sunday 1/26/2014. When I checked "wheres my refund" it still only says refund received. So one out of the three bars are shaded.  Is everyone's like that or are you seeing more that 1 bar shaded? 

  • That's what mine is saying too and I was accepted the same day according to turbo tax.
  • mee too
  • has anyone been aproved yet?
  • Yes! That's exactly what mine did. I hope that means it was really approved and their website just isn't up to date...
  • mines too
  • It wont go to the second bar til after the 31st
  • How many think that the ones accepted on the 24th will get theirs the 31st?
  • I am quite certain that they will not start to process refunds until the 31st.  I heard that if you were accepted by the 31st the refund will be the 1st.  At least thats what the chart for the payment schedule says.  Also that is if you don't have any issues.  Like an offset or if you had to file any "special" forms.
  • Same here, only first bar!
  • I was accepted on the 24th and I'm still at the first bar as of midnight....I checked with the WMR site so many times,  it said that I had exceeded my number of attempts!  Lol but I really need my refund so. ..
  • Test
  • WMR site down and so is the automated system on the 800 phone line to the IRS
  • I saw that to I am hoping it is because they are updating the system to our ddd... the hotline was down for me to.. how do you order a transcript?
  • Me too!! Transcript of what? I'm not sure what you mean?
  • of your taxes they say if you can order your transcript that it means your refund was accepted
  • Go check your status. I just checked mine and it was approved ddd 2/6/14
  • @Daniellem2012 okay, I had no idea lol...
  • question on the weres my refund, I got the mmessage tax topic 203 something about an offset, but I dont owe no one, is that a general message, and is anyone else seeing that
  • This usually means they have taken a portion of your refund for some type of debt. If you check the IRS website there is a number you can call to give you info on your offset.
  • Usually,when you owe money they just subtract what you owe and send the rest.
  • mine was accepted at 1:44 this morning does anyone think that i will get a dd this week???? if not does anyone know if they are doing different ddd's this year??? instead of every wednesday?
  • Jenny.jerry~ offset could be child support..student loans..aong many other things.
  • I filed 1/23/2014 accepted 1/28/2014 still wmr says processing so I dont think it mattered if u filed early r not my  son filed the 26 and already got his state bavk and a ddd for 2/6
  • Witch transcript the return or account to order in it means your return was accepted cuz I can or the account one but not return for 2013
  • If u can order both of them u should be getting a dd the next day but I have heard some people say they could order both and still don't have a dd
  • Oh ok yea I still have nothing in I was accepted on the 27th but wen I talked to someone in the irs building they told me that they see a projected date for the 13th.

go on here and check


  • I got nothing
  • you wont until after the 31st
  • so since i filed the 24th this year do u think i will towards the front of the line and will be one of the first ppl to get processed first. last year i filed the 27th and got my money the 4th which was a week later???????
  • Last year I filed on the 25th and got my return on the 3rd. This year I filed on the 20th, so I'm hoping to be one of the first to get their return!!
  • i filed on the 27th last year and got mine the 4th this year i filed the 24th so i hope im first in line too havent been accepted yet tho
  • I filed the 25th and got accepted the 28th. The ones who got accepted early were for the test batch. This is all new to me. I have never been in a test batch so wander what it beholds lol. good luck to you all
  • @grunt 101, I'm just like you,but I filed the 24th and got approved the 26th... most definitely excited.. good luck to you!
  • at sbbt it said i was accepted but they have not got the refund yet when it does hit sbbt it will be paid right out i also filed on the 11 got accepted on the 24th no return on friday dd so im thinking they are making us wait 10 to 14 days like in the past years if anyone gets a dd please let us know
I also read an article that said all taxes received prior to or in January 31st would be deposited on February 5th. Any idea if this is true??
  • From what I have read those articles are based on previous Refund Schedules and are only estimates since the IRS is not releasing a schedule this year. We can only hope.
  • that article is bogus.
  • I filed on the 25th, Got accepted on the 28th, checked the irs website this morning and it stated that my return was accepted and have a DD date of the 6th.
  • mine was accepted at 1:44 this morning does anyone think that i will get a dd this week???? if not does anyone know if they are doing different ddd's this year??? instead of every wednesday?
  • I think it is wed but I am curious if anyone knows for sure
  • Does anybody know what date they mail out checks??
  • as far as i know they do dd on wed and checks on friday
  • i down loaded the wmr app it says my refund will be sent by 2/6 and if its not credited to my bank by 2/9 to contact my bank
  • I filed on the 27th, got accepted on the 29th, check this morning n its approved ddd of the 6th of February. My sister filed way b4 me n she didn't get accepted until the 30th n she hasn't got approved yet maybe 2nite after 12 r n the morning she should b approved n have a DDD.
  • I got an accepted email from turbo tax on 1/28 but wmr still says processing. Anyone else?
  • I got accepted on the 27th from turbo tax, still says processing...
  • I'm in same boat accepted the 28th and still says processing I am guessing we will get ours with the next batch of deposits going out
  • I got accepted on 24th of Jan and it saying processing.
  • accepted on the 24th also. Still Processing its a waiting game now
  • I got accepted on the 28 and still says processing
  • I was accepted on the 27th but i am still at 1 bar. has anyone got to bar 2 or got a refund yet?
  • I can view my transcripts online and everything does that mean they are done processing because i couldnt view them yesterday????
  • I don't understand I got mine done at H&R Block on the 18th I didn't get accepted until the 2nd and its still saying processing
  • My refund was accepted on the 29th and as of today it's still in the processing area :-/ I figured i would be in the approved area by now and have a date of deposit
  • Filed 1/21 TT said accepted 1/27 still nothing...
  • Everyone needs to understand that just because you were accepted early doesn't mean it was processed early.  Irs didn't start processing any returns till the 31st. They accepted alot of returns early for test runs but none were processed early.
I got accepted on Friday also, try the IRS website, where is my refund tomorrow or Tuesday you guys might get an answer there, I went today it just said accepted which is the first step , then refund approved and last but not least is sent refund. Which is music to my ears lol good luck everyone , hope everyone get their cash this week !!!!!
  • When I went to the IRS website "wheres my refund" mine also says "refund recieved", now I'm just holding my breath for the next step "refund approved".  The IRS only updates the site once a day, 6am est, so I will check again tomorrow. Let us know if yours gets to "approved" status :)
  • I sure will :) hopefully we all will be approved :)
  • schlarfli any dd date yet?
  • any ddd yet
  • Turbo tax excepted mines does that mean the IRS is going to except It ??
  • My Federal was accepted on the 26th and my State was accepted on the 27th checked my state's refund site and it's saying it processed my refund on the 29th which is today, can anybody let me know what this means.....
  • what refund site did you go to for your state return
  • No, I was hopeful, but nothing yet........Trying to wait patiently :-)
  • vanshara11......"accepted" just means that the irs has received your refund. When you go to the "wheres my refund" part of the irs website. There are three stages to the return process. "refund received" "refund approved" and "refund sent". All three have to be complete before you are going to get any money deposited.
  • Got a ddd sunday 2/2 via WMR said before 2/6.  Filed 1/8 Accepted 1/24.  Good luck everyone!  :-)
  • Got a direct deposit date of Feb 12th
I think the refunds will sent 1/31/14 ... but at the latest 2/8/14.. my opinion
  • hope so....    :)
  • My Federal was accepted on the 26th and my State was accepted on the 27th checked my state's refund site and it's saying it processed my refund on the 29th which is today, can anybody let me know what this means.....
  • does it say the money is in ur bank account?
  • Accepted means there's no obvious errors and they've received your paperwork. It will not actually be thoroughly processed until tomorrow, meaning they will check to make sure more detailed info is correct. You should see an update on the Where's my refund within 2-3 days, sooner if you're lucky.
  • i just checked my state refund site and it states a direct deposit was issued on 01/25 and i should see by march 4????
  • there is no refunds going out on the 31st.  get real and just wait your turn
  • Last year mine was accpeted on the 1/26 and I got my refund 2/6.  I am giving myself 10-12 days before I start going crazy.  My husband filed his this year on 1/25 and got accepted 1/28, so I am being hopeful that we have his by this weekend.

Ours was accepted on the same date! But I do believe that the IRS is not going to actually process any returns until 1/31.  So I guess we will see... we are first in line though.

  • Yes and that's definitely a good thing
  • I think their is a good possibility the IRS will refund money before the 31st when I filed on january 14 all  I found all over the internet on forums and what not everything was saying the IRS would not even accept them until the 31st and look what happened some are already accepted.
  • sure did i got accepted on the 24
  • I was accepted early and got mine on the 30th of Jan last year
  • I got my refund last year on the 29th of Jan. To bad I didn't get it today lol
  • same here rene
  • I dint receive an email from turbo tax but i was accepted through wheres my refund
  • i read up on how they are accepting certain refunds and they said if you have form 8812 then they are taking those ones but i do have the form 8812 and they still didnt accept mine early i dont understand????
  • It is 1040 z and 1040 with child tax credit that they are accepting for trial run to see if system is up,to par
  • o ok well that would explain why i didnt get accepted early lol and now i know y the girl i used to know got accepted b4 me u have to be single or filling jointly right???? thats what i read but where did u find that out at??? what website so i can look for myself too ????
  • I filed hoh and was accepted but mine was a 1 child dependant and earned income but no medical deductions or any of any other kind. Those will be scrutinized by irs
  • i didnt have any medical deductions because im on medicaid unless thats what the medical deductions is?????? and what is scruntinized???
  • I filed today got accepted and was notified refund date next month.
  • I used TT
  • wow so ppl who used a tax place are getting screwed
  • @nicckei23 was your expected deposit date given to you via Turbo Tax or the IRS "Where's my refund" site?
  • i used tt. filed 1/28 and got email irs accepted 1/29
  • are they only accepting turbo tax ppl if so thats not fair lol
  • I filed with jh on the 16th got accepted on the 26th
  • @natasha.bibbs I got it from tt ...and I checked the irs site and it stated should take 21 days after accepted
  • I woke up to a tax topic 152 around 3am CST. When I got that topic last year, my refund hit a few days after. That seemed to be the trend for most people last year (based on the blogs I followed)
  • what date did they give you 2/5/2014
Mine was accepted today, checked turbo tax and it said IRS accepted my return early, however, will not begin processing returns until the 31st.
    I think that's a generic message I have the same message.
      • Yeah, we won't see any money until after the 31st. They are only accepting a few returns and will not process (meaning accept or deposit) anything until Friday. Our best bet is next week.

      I filed 1/18/14. Received accepted notification 1/26/14. I'm just happy it's accepted. Last year I had to wait because of education credits.


        I filed on 1/25 and it was accepted today

        • I filed on jan 24th and havent been accepted yet i want to know why i never get picked to file early does any one have any suggestions?????

        I have rec. my Refund today at 11:00am EST.!!!


        • federal
        • yes Federal. State has still not came yet, I live in Indiana
        • Dustin38 when were you accepted?
        • When did you get your acceptance email from irs ? I got mine on the 27th this past Monday ....
        • When did u get accepted? Did urs show approved on irs before today?
        • i got accepted the 24th also with one orange bar and fees showed up in sbbt but no deposit yet i live in California
        • No way
        • I filed the 19th accepted the 24th.
        • We're all of your things orange?
        • just one
        • How about you @Dustin38
        • Dustin38 were all of yours orange?
        • On Wmr the first two boxes are colored still. but in my turbo tax app it said it would be in my bank account 2/1/2014.. but it just came in a couple hours ago. So I don't believe it updates completely right away
        • dustin did u get ur money already??? and if you did wen did u file???
        • yes and filed on the 19th
        • wow im starting to worry that mine is gonna take a while because i filed thru h r block a lot of ppl say that theirs havent been accepted yet and its worring me
        • dang...filed 1/8...accepted 1/24...as of today 1/31...no progress on the WMR "bar".  all we can do is hope for a 2/1 DD!!  (GA hasn't accepted state though..)
        • dustin is bs-ing you.
        • I filed on the 20th in got accepted on the 27th ... in I got one orange bar so far. But when I use too call or check on the where's my refund app. It would say its being processed but now when I call or check it says they can't give me any info. To call or check back later .. does anybody know what that means??
        • I am hoping what it means and what I have been reading is that they are updating the wmr system.. so cross your fingers cause I am
        • Just got my ddd for 2/6/14. Just checked
        • Is anybody else getting a check besides me ?? In does anybody know what day they send checks out??
        • mine was accepted at 1:44 this morning does anyone think that i will get a dd this week???? if not does anyone know if they are doing different ddd's this year??? instead of every wednesday?
        I believed like last year on next Friday the 31st
        • That would be good. I received mine on Feb 1st last year so i hope its the same this year.
        • Hopefully the 31st we get ours
        • That would be nice
        • Please keep us informed and I wish you guys the best
        • filed jan 9 turbo tax says IN_Agency as of 01/24/2014...what does this mean?
        • It means they have it, it's just not processed.
        • I filed on 01/18 accepted on 01/26 and it says SUCCEEDED_AGENCY in turbo tax..Do you know what that means?
        • It means it has been accepted.
        • My Federal was accepted on the 26th and my State was accepted on the 27th checked my state's refund site and it's saying it processed my refund on the 29th which is today, can anybody let me know what this means.....
        • Turbo tax sent email Monday January 27, 2014 tax return accepted. But on the wheres my refund irs site it says it can't provide any info in the return check back in 24 hours. I've been checking every night and it shows the same message. Anyone else having this problem?"
        • Did you do your taxed yourself or did you have an agency do your taxes, 2 years ago, I had an agency do my taxes, I kept checking the wmr, but it said no information found. I called the irs and spoke with an agent, the amount the agent verified for my refund was $500 less then what the agency said I was getting back, so, I confronted the agency that prepared my taxes and they wrote me a check for the difference. My information didn't show on wmr because I was putting in the amount the agency had given me, which was wrong
        • I used turbo tax. I find it very simple, and they make sure all paperwork is filled out correctly to prevent rejections from boxes being blank, bad math, etc.
          I can say I was quite shocked to see it accepted that fast. I signed up for the texts and received the accepted text at 3pm and the actual email at 6pm.
        • Now I'm just waiting for it to be processed. I'm hoping they push through a bunch of refunds tomorrow. I can't forsee getting our money before Monday the 3rd, so my prediction is that the DD will be between Monday 3rd and Wednesday the 5th.
          I would love a Saturday the 1st miracle though! Lol.
          Will update once Where's my refund gives me more info!
        • I used turbo tax. They sent me the email saying it was accepted. The turbotax app states accepted. The info I'm entering is correct but wmr isn't pulling any info

        irs only direct  deposits on wensdays and mail checks on friday

        • not any more...if you read they are going to deposit on all different days to prevent hackers from getting your money
        • Not true, last year i got my return direct deposited on the 3rd... which was a sunday
        • For an accurate refund cycle  deposit dates etc .google tax refund cycle chart for 2014
        • @pinrod whatever people found by googling tax refund schedule would not be considered "accurate". The IRS did not, and will not, release an offical refund cycle chart this year. Those charts are estimates based off previous years' schedules. They're guesstimates.
        • do all refunds go to one irs building or do they go to your local irs building??
        • Agree with refund cycle not being accurate. Also my refund was deposited on Friday and Money was available on Sat last year. They are accepting pretty quick! I have all the deductions mortgage, school no EIC but child tax credit ... Filed 28th and accepted 29th which is an all time record!
        • If my refund says accepted does that mean that I will get my money in that they found no errors ..
        • Yes
        • Ok thanks usmcboi23
        • How long does it take to get a mailed refund .. does anybody know??
        • about 3 weeks to receive a mailed check
        • Why haven't I been accepted yet filed 1-28-14 :(
        • me too i filed 1/24/2014
        • you're a 47%er that has bad luck
        • Accepted by IRS but wmr don't have info??
        • when did you file??
        • got a ddd of  2/6 im sure others will have a date after 12 o'clock tonight who havent  received ddd yet
        • When do u get a date if there mailing your check??
        I download the my tax refund turbo tax app and it said my refund was accepted 1/22/2014 and my refund date is 2/20/2014
        • This is an estimated refund date calculated from the time your taxes were accepted. This means nothing. It is not the actual refund date from the IRS. IRS will not be processing any refunds untill after the 31st. My best freind works at the IRS. If you count the 21 days that they said most people should receive from that date, your date is 2/20/14. This is not the actual date.
        • rite acceptance is the first part of the process. it should say scheduled for deposit. its funny how people interpret information how they want to lol
        • So does accepted mean my refund was approved ? For sure gonna get it ?
        • Yes, it means that the   IRS has it and in the preliminary stage the IRS agrees with the the info provided on the tax return. Which is why  they accepted it. Yes you will get it. Not for certain when though..Good Luck!
        • When you get accepted they are just checking the basics like SSN, name, date of birth. Now they are processing it and will check the rest of the return and if everything is right it will be approved and you will receive a DD date.
        • My Federal was accepted on the 26th and my State was accepted on the 27th checked my state's refund site and it's saying it processed my refund on the 29th which is today, can anybody let me know what this means.....
        • The IRS checks for more than SS# and name. They also verify accuracy of employer identification number. One year I input an ein wrong and mine was rejected for that reason.
        I was accepted today as well
          Mine was accepted 01/26/2014 - I filed 01/16/2014.
          I also did my boyfriends (who is also my ex husband) taxes, filed his a few hours AFTER mine, his was accepted 01/24/2014.  
          IF they do deposit early, I will be able to see if his being 2 days ahead of me will make any diff in that deposit.  
          Wonder what order they do these in...  We both have the same last name, maybe by date filed and SS#?
            I was accept on 1/24/2014 last tear I was accepted early on 1/25 received my refund on 2/3 even when the sysem was still saying it is being processed and turbo tax gave a date of 2/14 last year
            • so u can recieve direct deposit on a weekend is that what u are saying kaden0922? cuz the 3rd was a sunday last year
            • i too had an email with dd 2/3/13 on sunday last year (filed 1/20/13--accepted 1/27/13)...wells fargo wouldn't let me touch it til monday 2/4/13 though. This year..filed on 1/8/14...accepted 1/24/14...still waiting..tomorrow is 1/31..so hopefully all of us who were accepted 1/24 will know SOMETHING!

            I filed my taxes on Turbo Tax yesterday 1/30/14 and Turbo tax sent me a text stating that the IRS accepted it but I never got a confirmation from the IRS..Is this normal? When I went to the IRS site and clicked on where is my refund..it had no information yet.

            • i got the same thing
            • I was getting the same thing. Filed on 19. Receive email from company saying irs accepted on 25th. I just rec'd an email from the irs saying they accepted on the 25 so hopefully something shows on wmr tomorrow
            • mine says same thing. Turbo Tax says it was received, but on irs website it shows NOTHING
            • Turbo tax says irs accepted but irs website shows nothing. l filed on the 20th but still no information
            I efiled my returns on the 25th of January, it was accepted by the irs on the 28th and this morning it finally showed a refund date on WMR of February 6 th.
            • Filed 1/17 was accepted 1/26 and got a DDD of 2/6 this morning.
            • filed on 1/23 an same ddd for me!!
            • I got nothing yet in I was accepted on the 27th ... wow I hope I get it I really need it
            • Accepted on 1/26 and ddd of 2/6
            • I got a date of the 6th as well.
            • Mines was received on the 24th and as of TODAY (2/2) it is still saying accepted.why has my DD date been given yet?
            • Correction i meant why has my DD date "NOT"been posted yet?
            • I do believe the system is updating slowly bc ny husband filed before i did but he doesn't have a date as of yet. I think you should check again in the morning. They update overnight.  Whatever your status is in the morning is what it will be for that day. That's why they say check once a day.
            • They update every night. I checked last night it said wmr unavailable. I checked an hour later and got ddd of by feb 6. Looks like from everyone's posts they all got the same ddd. Hopefully it will be in the bank before that date and that the 6th is a timeframe.
            • Filed 1/8..accepted 1/24..as of 2/2 had a ddd 2/6 or before..and GA state was accepted today (2/2)
            • i filed 1/24 got accepted last night does anyone think i will get my money by friday????
            • I dont think anyone got the money on Friday. The ones who was accepted early actually are getting their refunds this week. Mines updated on Sunday and I will be getting it on Thursday!
            • mine was accepted at 1:44 this morning does anyone think that i will get a dd this week???? if not does anyone know if they are doing different ddd's this year??? instead of every wednesday?
            • I wouldn't count on your money this week. The ones that got accepted early are just getting DDD for 2/6.
            • I would count on it because I got mine today! Everyone is different so if it say dd by the 6th you will get it. :)
            • yea but i heard they are not doing dates for only wednesdays like they were i heard they will give dates for every day of the week so is that true?????
            • Yah if u got a date of feb 6th it will be in before or on that date. The $$ is going out. I know that. Did u get a dd date?
            • no i havent gotten one jus got accepted last night but someone told me they gave the money out only on wednesdays so i was hoping i will get like a dd date of 02/07 or 02/08 or 02/09 something like that
            • Did anyone else get there's excepted on the 29th and still on first orange bar? I really thought i would have a DDD by now.
            • Filed 1/21 TT accepted 1/27 still on first bar... Negative bank account :(
            • yea i got accepted the 29th and am still on the first bar on wmr


              Mine was accepted today 1/26/2014
              • Mine also says the same thing but also states that the refund if im due one will be processed on Friday, can anybody help with this
              • It won't be processed till Friday. They are just accepting a few now to help with the work load .

              mine was accepted on January 24th. now im wondering when i will get the money back. sooo confused right now. if it is accepted does that mean it will be approved?? orrr???? im confusedddddddd

              • when it says "scheduled for deposit" then its a green light for sure ! it will give you an exact day that your refund will be released. I don't know why people keep saying there refund day is three weeks away. It never takes that long . I guess people are that thirsty for there refund already.lol
              • My refund date says feb 20th but it never has taken that ling so it seems generated like those a Above said. I'm just always scared around tax time for fear I did something wrong on turbo tax, not thirsty, just a worry wart lol
              • Because turbo tax always says 20 days just in case......... Irs always says around 20 days but you will receive it sooner...
              • It can take up to three weeks to get your refund or possibly longer. Last year I filed on Feb 1 and didn't get my refund until May

              I completed my return 5:25pm yesterday but it still has not been accepted. For those that have been accepted. when did you complete it with turbo tax?

              • I filed on Jan 16 and was accepted today
              • filed on 01/09/14 still not accepted but turbo tax says in agency but irs says no info yet
              • I filed january 14 accepted on january 25
              • I filed 1/17 accepted 1/26
              • Filed on Jan 3rd. Accepted last Thursday wmr still says they have if but nothing approved yet.
              • Filed 1-10, accepted 1-24 :)
              • Filed on 1- 12 accepted 1-26
              • Filed 1/13 accepted 1/26
              • I filed 1/23 got accept today 1/27
              • I filed 1/3 accepted 1/24
              • Filed 1/20 accepted 1/28
              • Filed 1/22 accepted 1/28
              • Filed 1/22 accepted 1/28
              • Filed 1/22 accepted 1/28
              • Don't know why it put so many...but it was the 22nd. That I filed and the 28th Iwas accepted
              • I filed the 22nd of this month & got accepted the 27th my mother filed on the 25th& got accepted on the 28th idk they said that certain returns were accepted early because the irs was testing the system & certain returns were selected earlier!! They say it happens every year
              • Filed on 1/25 and accepted 1/28
              • Filed 01.11 accepted 01.24
              • Turbo tax sent email Monday January 27, 2014 tax return accepted. But on the wheres my refund irs site it says it can't provide any info in the return check back in 24 hours. I've been checking every night and it shows the same message. Anyone else having this problem?"
              • I filed on 1/28 at 1pm. Federal accepted 1/29 at 3pm. I'm thinking it was a record! :-)
              • Yes has your got accepted yet???
              • Filed 1/6 accepted 1/24

              Filed 1/20/2014 , Accepted 1/27/2014 , says refund will be February 17th. Anybody know if the refund will be any sooner than that?

              • Pretty sure that is the latest you will get it as in 21 days from when your return was accepted.  Mine was accepted today and based on previous years you can expect the refund to be direct deposited if you chose that option between 2/5 and 2/7.
              • Also the Where's My Refund tool from the IRS is a bit more reliable.
              • Where we you able to get your information about your refund date of Feb.17th?
              • Yea where did you get the info from. I got accepted the 24th last year I was accepted the 28th & received my refund feb 5th .. I want to see if it will be sooner this year than last year
              • Since I've been accepted the 24th not the 28th this year
              • The turbo tax refund app on my phone says February 17th. I did efile and direct deposit. Also, does accepted mean it's been checked for errors and is okay?
              • I filed on January 16th. Mine is still pending. Do they accept by state? I see that people that have filed after me have already been accepted whereas mine is still pending. I know that either way it's early, however I would love more insight...money is always good at anytime of the year! :)
              • Feb 17 was probably the standard 21 refund time frame, once the irs process it, it will give you an actual DD date when you check where's my refund. Its normally updates w/ new information 24- 48hours. Also don't check it so many times a day it will lock you out until the next day.
              • What it says on the phone is estimated refund date, there just calculating 21 days. This is not the refund date. And no just because your accepted does not mean there are no errors. When first accpeted there on checking birthdays, SSN, and Address when processing their matching all numbers with w-2's, etc.
              • My Federal was accepted on the 26th and my State was accepted on the 27th checked my state's refund site and it's saying it processed my refund on the 29th which is today, can anybody let me know what this means.....
              • Last Year I filed on the 25th and got my refund on the 3rd. This year i filed on the 20th and was accepted on the 27th, hopefully I will get my refund this weekend!

              I read an article that said if your refund is accepted on Jan. 31st you should get your refund by Feb 5th.

              • I also read that if return is accepted by Jan 31 deposit will be made Feb 5th
              • where did you ready this?
              • You can find that information on the 2014 Refund Cycle chart. You would just type that into Google to find it Hope that helps:)
              • it will probly come b4 then thats what it did last year said by the 5th but was there the 1st
              • mine said by the 8th but was there the 4th
              • mine was accepted on jan 23 and i still don't have my money

              Accepted today January 28th filed January 26th. 

                Accepted on the 28th. Last year got accepted on the 29th and had it direct deposited on February 5. Check where's my refund on irs website to track return. Once it says approved you should get it in a week or less.
                • I jus want to kno y i got skipped i filed on the 24th at 7 o clock at night and i havent gotten anything on my return
                • @mellyme there probably isn't a specific reason why you got skipped, the IRS chose only a few. Don't worry though, processing does not begin until Friday so hopefully you'll get yours soon

                I have went nutty checking these forums all week! and checking wmr everyday until they block me out! lol. accepted on the 26th simple return with eic.. hoping to get it very soon!!

                • Did u get any updates?
                • Nope,still not processed,accepted 1/24 this is crazy
                • I was accepted 28th and that was a forget as well my guess the computer system has a glitch or we will be on the next block of deposits after the 6 th
                • I was accepted the 24th and still no ddd. So irritating! People are complaining that have a dd and they are mad because they aren't getting it any earlier. I'd just like to know when mine is coming.
                • i hear that! dont worry about it if you already have a ddd you are guaranteed your money but those of us who have yet to get a ddd we are the ones with good reason to stress!!!
                • I just want to have the peace of mind that the ddd will give me. Lol. I don't want the general answer. I just can't believe how much people that already have one are complaining about it. Much better than being in the dark!
                • I agree.  I'm just praying for a date. They got dates and about to have their money and they still complaining.
                • Have you been processed yet or have a dd date,just checked wwm and i am still not processed yet just showing it has been accepted,this is crazyi have been accepted since jan24
                I didmy taxes on the 20th got accepted on the 27th ... I got one orange bar saying return received .. but when I use to check it in call itit would say its being processed but now when I call in check its saying that they cant give me any info to call back or check back later . Does anybody know what that means??
                • It means that your refund hasn't been processed yet. I filed on the 25th and was accepted on the 28th. However i had one orange bar saying received up until yesterday.  I checked this morning and i now have a direct deposit date of the 6th.
                • Wow I still got nothing maybe because im getting mines mailed .. u think??
                • According to the cycle chart they mail out 2 days after ddd.
                • DDD Feb 6
                • I was accepted on the 27th in im still at the first bar but on turbo tax it says I should recieve myrefund by the 20th .. so why isnt it showing up on wmr ..
                • I also got accepted on the 27th but still don't have a DDD.
                • Ditto :/ do you have any this new this morning? Not me! Still "processing" and was filed the 20th and accepted the 27th. I tried to look at transcripts on IRS website for my prior year returns and still saying I haven't filled a 2013 return! I'm so frustrated :/ I just want to know something that is all
                • I filed on the 26th, accepted the 29th,  I was able to order both my transcripts yesterday and woke up to a dd of February 12th this morning
                • I also was able to order transcripts yesterday and checked this morning and have a DDD of 2/12.
                • my return was accepted on jan 23 and i still don't have my refund yet
                Did anyone that did not have a dd date yesterdaY have one today for 02/06 mine still says processing but I see several commenting today that theirs is 02/06 just trying to narrow down when wmr really updates ... did I already mention I hate waiting...
                • I got a ddd of 2/20 but I had to call in change mines to be mailed because I put in the wrong routing number ..
                • did the irs wmr site tell you the 20th as a ddd or just turbotax and if it was the irs why?
                • Tt said by the 20th ... wmr juss says return recieved ... but im not getting dd I changed it to a mailed check
                • why would you do that it doesnt get you your money any faster if anything you just delayed it by two to three weeks!
                • Because I had put in the wrong routing number in checking ..
                • ahh ok
                • Yea so wen I called the 800 number she said she seen a post marked date for the 13th ...
                • All servers are down at the moment.... convienant
                • If you have a ddd of today check santa barbra website I just did and mine is there!!!
                • I still have no updates yet.. I did find something strange though about turbo tax , when you log in once you have a due date it no longer allows you to track your refund ( checked using my moms)

                Mine is still processing whats up with that!

                  I was accepted on the 1-27-14... My wmr is saying my tax return is being processed. What does that mean? Also I haven't gotten a ddd yet... My friend was accepted 1-27-14 also on turbo tax and got a ddd 2-12-14... I was able to order my account transcript but not my tax return transcript... What does that mean?




                      • not me still in processing limbo was also accepted on the 24th
                      • Mine is to and I did my taxes 1/3/14 and accepted IRS on 1/24/14 this is bullshit
                      • Mine was accepted on the 24th. It said a deposit date of 2-6. which is today, and its not in there yet. Hopefully tomorrow.
                      • I am having a hard time with the fact tat mine was accepted "early" on the 24th and its a simple return and haven't received a date yet. Yet a guy I work with did his taxes on the 28th and received his money today I don't get it. Apparently they do not go in order and their damn WMR site is a joke.
                      • I filed 2/2 accepted 2/2 got a DDD for me and my fiancé yesterday morning of 2/10/14
                      • Mine was accepted 01/24 and had heard nothing. This morning I was able to get my return and account transcripts. I'm sure tomorrow I will finally get a ddd. My friend filed and got accepted 02/01, could order transcripts wednesday and got approved with a ddd of 02/10 on wmr so I am really looking forward to tomorrow. This happened for a lot of us 01/24 people today so check and try to get into transcripts again this morning!
                      • @rayannj.. I also was accepted on 1/24 and filed on 1/9. I havent moved off the return processing bar on WMR since and cannot order transcripts.  My estimated return date is for 2/2014.  Frustrated everyday with this.
                      • So I was on the phone with the IRS for over an hour yesterday because i too filed early and got the accepted date of 01/24 and I am still only one bar on the WMR site. So I told the IRS that it was accepted by them on the 24th and all 3 reps from the operator to a actual agent to someone in the IRS Advocate department all said the IRS DID NOT ACCEPT ANY RETURNS UNTIL 01/31 and that they do not know why I was informed that it was accepted on 01/24.  So now I am completely pissed off and confused.  I do taxes for several friends and family members and they all have received there refund already and all them were accepted after 01/24.  I don't know whats going on but TURBO TAX needs to explain why they informed us that our taxes were accepted by the IRS on 01/24 and the IRS is saying no it only started accepting returns on 01/31.
                      • Oh that pisses me off. Don't know that I'll be using turbotax anymore after this!
                      • "accepted" just means that the IRS has your taxes and needs to process them. You are now waiting on the IRS to complete the review and send your deposit. My tax file was accepted by the IRS on 1/26 and I am still waiting also. We have to be a little patient, they are going through millions of returns. I want my refund NOW also, but I am trying to be patient.
                      • I am among the frustrated, that are still waiting for a DDD. I checked the website of Santa Barbara bank and it said that the IRS is experiencing some delays, and further saying that the people who got the DDD of 2/6 may have to Wait an extra day
                      • I am among the frustrated, that are still waiting for a DDD. I checked the website of Santa Barbara bank and it said that the IRS is experiencing some delays, and further saying that the people who got the DDD of 2/6 may have to Wait an extra day
                      • Filed on 1/29/2014 accepted the same day, approved 2/8/2014 with a dd date of 2/12. Payed fees up front
                      • Filed 1/21 accepted 2/8 ddd 2/12 fees being taken out by tt
                      • I have a deposit date for 2/12 but on wmr doesn't say sent
                      • For everybody who got accepted early in the test all those returns got messed up and had to go back into the system so it dont look like we will b getting any refunds soon .because they have to go back threw the system .. I talked to someone yesterday.
                      • It's funny because most people I know was accepted before the 1-27-14 have gotten their refund and or either a ddd.. So I think they are lying or trying to rig up something... IRS got some mess with them...
                      • Wow
                      • Have anybody recieved they income taxes ..approved on 1/24
                      • Nope still waiting
                      • accepted on 01/26/2014 still nothing the wmr says still processing
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