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2013 tax return accepted

I filed my family's tax return earlier this month around the 6th of January 2014 and I just got an email from turbotax saying that my return was accepted. I'm wondering if this means that its also accepted by the IRS because of the new policies. Anyone else have the same issue?

  • Do they accept different ones everyday early before the 31st or just the Friday before. Just curious...hoping mine might go early but I doubt it cause I just filed on the 24th and have not heard of anyone being excepted that late
  • I filed on the 24th and got accepted today! It can def happen for u!
  • Did you have eic or education credit
  • I have EIC but I have seen that a lot of people that got accepted have it to.
  • Eic
  • I have EIC and was accepted 01/24...filed on 01/03...
  • Me too. EIC and accepted on 1/26
  • what if you dont have EIC? i know i dont and i filed on the 24th. No response yet here

I think people are a little confused about the refunds. Turbo Tax, and other filing systems, really needs to change the lingo they use. People are getting "accepted" and "approved" confused. When they say it was accepted, they mean it was received. When Turbo Tax sends the email saying the IRS accepted the return, people start thinking they were approved. 

There are 3 steps to a refund. First there is "Received" or as TT put it "accepted". This means the IRS grabbed the file and sat it on their desk. That does not mean they opened that file and verified everything. Because even at this point people still have the chance to be rejected, denied, audited, etc. That brings up the next step of "approval" or "denial". Of course if you are audited or rejected you will remain at the first red tab saying received. Once you are "approved" then cones the direct deposit. 

Initially the IRS stated they were not "accepting" or "receiving" returns until the 31st. Obviously there was a trial phase (for lack of better term) as there has been for the past 2 years, ahead of the start date. Now I was accepted on the 24th, as I was last year. Last year, I didn't receive my refund until the first week of March. I had the 8863 last year, as I do again this year. Both of my sisters filed around the 27th last year, was approved around the 31st, and received their refunds around 2/18. I don't know if the same will happen this year. So far they have not announced any delays due to 8863 or anything that I know of. So at this point, no one will be approved before the 31st. Anyone that claims they have received refunds are either lying trolls trying to get everyone upset, or have filed business only taxes, which the IRS announced started accepting the 13th. 

I am not a tax expert, I do not work for the IRS or TT. It's just common knowledge and common sense.

  • Thank you! I have been wondering this and no one has answered it. Thank you again

Mine and my friends was also accepted and the IRS says received we filed around Jan 7. It did the same thing (accepted early) last year and I got my refund on Feb 1, so I hoping for the best this year as well.

  • mine was accepted yesterday...filed like a week and a half ago. the where's my refund says "received"  i don't know if that's the same as accepted??
  • No its not
  • accepted means that the irs got it, approved is the next step. People are getting these terms mixed up because TT uses accepted and IRS uses received. But the IRS terms and steps are received, approved, refund sent
I just received an email saying IRS accepted my return. January 2014th 2014 @ 12:3514pm. I'm nervous because I filled early last year on the 24th and didn't receive my refund until March.

I also was accepted today and already it has been updated on the IRS site that they have indeed received my tax return. It also says that refunds are suppose to be issued within 21 days.. So we will see

  • Same here, was accepted early and the IRS site says it is accepted and should be deposited in 21 days or less.  But who knows.  I would guess, and just a guess, sometime around the end of the first week of Feb. 2014, but you never know with the government
  • Checked the wheres my refund and it doesn't show anything except an error
  • joshuagordon, mine was accepted too.  make sure when you check on the irs website you put the refund amount before turbo tax takes out their fee, if you did have it prepared that way.  I made that mistake the first time I checked, then I put in the amount before fees and it showed up.

I received the same email.  Mine was accepted early too.  I was skeptical at first but on the IRS website it does say accepted.  Even though it was accepted it will not be processed until the 31, but this is a good start!!

  • Can someone check the IRS schedule and see if it still says accepted? Mine changed back to just recieved
  • Mine says received at the first bar in the orange line
  • Did yours change? I thought mine had said accepted up until just now
  • I really want to say it's been the same. But I'm not 100%
  • Mine still is at the first bar-accepted

I just received the same email stating my federal return was accepted. Thinking it was a fake I logged into Turbo Tax to see that it was in fact accepted as well!

  • I checked the "Where's My Refund" site from the IRS and it says my return was accepted and is currently being processed! WOOHOO!
  • awesome when did you file?
  • i filed mine with turbo tax jan 5th and was accepted today..
  • Was it an EIC?
  • EIC=Earned Income Credit

Refund was finally deposited into my bank account today early again this year. Thanks TurboTax!

  • You got your refund deposited today? When did you get approved?
  • About two weeks ago
  • You submitted your return two weeks ago or it was approved two weeks ago?  I didn't think any were submitted prior to this early group
  • approved two weeks ago got my money today
  • accepted by irs two weeks ago I mean
  • wow, they must have done a test run two weeks ago then!
  • No one received there refund yet
  • I got mine today Joe
  • No you didn't
  • Look altered! Js.
  • Fake
  • nope
  • The fonts don't match...
  • yep irs issues refunds early every year
  • If you got it great, if not nice editing! The fonts are a tad off, but other than that great job. We get trolls on these forums every year and all they do is piss off the people that desperately need their money. We got plenty last year, and im expecting the same this year.
  • all the transactions on the bank account are in Wales, not the United States....hmmm....
  • That says NORTH WALES, PA. Geez... some of you aren't that smart
  • ^^^^If you can't see the problems in those screenshots/photos, then you have no right in questioning the intelligence of others lol^^^^
  • no problems already got my return like I said.
  • Fake
  • nope not fake
  • It is fake your refund page would look different then your cut in paste photo art page you have shown
  • nope not a photo art page
  • nope not fake
  • The progress bar is missing from the top of the page but then again I guess it goes away after you have received your funds.
  • Why would everything else be in all CAPS on the bank statement, EXCEPT for the refund description...and the font is different. this is totally a fake!

Check this link to see what the IRS has posted on your return.

Wheres My Refund

  • Nothing yet. I'll just wait until next month. Thank you
  • Mine says its been received and is being processed- filed   Jan. 5
  • I filed on the 3rd, accepted on the 24th around lunch, and the IRS site said it was received and processing as of yesterday afternoon. IDK.....maybe!?!?
  • Just confirmed that my taxes has been accepted an hour ago.
  • Has anyone utilized the IRS2go app? The message im getting is confusing!!
I just got my email accepted on a Sunday?
  • Mine was accepted today also. I'm just going to go by what happen last year. Accepted on 1/28/13 got my money on 2/5/13.
I was accepted Friday the 24th but when I check the wheres my refund today it says unavailable. It did show on the site yesterday. Anyone else getting this?
  • Yes, it's updating. Hopefully in the morning we might have a DD date.
  • when this happened last year, it usually updated and showed you a DD date.  This is a good sign!!!!!!
I filed on 1/15 and received an email on 1/26 stating accepted and processing.  I think I read somewhere that it will take 24-48 hours to receive the actual date it will be issued. That's pretty good.
    Anyone's WMR have any updates other than processing?  Any DD dates?
    • probably have to wait a few more hours I will update when mine changes. I was one of the first people that got accepted.
    • I was accepted on the 24th and I filed it on Jan 2nd at 947pm pst It was a 1040a and yes EIC was included.
    • oh and I am a dept of defense employee our w-2s were available on Jan 2 online.
    • I'm assuming mine was in one of the first batches too, filed the 3rd accepted on the 24th. I'll update when I get a DD date
    • So I filed on Jan 3rd and got accepted on Jan 24th and when I checked this site to estimate my DD and if gave me Jan 31st.  I hope the estimates are right :)

    Got accepted on the 27th I pray this is a good sign figures crossed for everyone who has gotten accepted and everyone else

    • Filed on the 24th accepted on the 28! Im crossing my fingers with all the rest of the early birds!!
    • Mine changed from accepted since Sunday to received today..? Since when does it go backwards.?

    Mine was accepted on the 24th. Irs where's my refund says and till says as of this morning accepted being processed. It has said the same since the 24th. 

    I filed on Jan 3rd and was accepted 1/24/2014. Does anyone know when the 1st direct deposit will be?
    • I never received my taxes within a 1 week time frame. It always has been 2 weeks at least
    Mine was filed on Jan 3rd as well and was accepted yesterday was pending until then. I did see on another site a woman filed on the 17th and hers has been accepted and another woman on the 13th. Also it seems last year people who were accepted early a majority of them received their refund on the first day of irs accepting and on the first of feb.
    • Yes, I filed on the 19th and was accepted on the 27th and checked where is my refund and it says that my taxes is being processed.
    • I pray that I receive my federal this week. that would really be a surprise

    How did everyone file so early? Jan 3rd, 7th ect. Did they pull a W2 out there a**?

    • Some people are lucky and there employer is on the ball and gets there W-2's to them early. Others use there last pay stubs to work out the numbers (not recommended!).
    • some employers.... like mine do electronic w2's! did my taxes on the 4th of jan because of this
    • hubbys gives our early as well. had it the 3rd.
    • my husband had his on like the 5th but I had to wait till my w2 which I just got Friday and our 1098t's which took till last thursday
    • So many employers are giving the option for you to get your W-2 electronically...I think we got ours in the 2nd week of Jan. this time.
    • I wish CalPERS would take heed. They post our W-2 or 1099-R online for us but not until the middle of January. The sad thing is, they close their payroll on November 30th for the vast majority of employees/retirees who are on monthly salaries. That means, they have an additional 31 days over the rest of the employers but don't get them out to us any sooner - and in some cases, significantly later. For the last 2 years, I've gotten them on the 16th and that's only because they were posted online. Prior years, I had to wait for the paper copy to come via USPS. One year, my postal carrier returned it with a big ? on it!!! I'd lived at that address for 5 YEARS!!!
    • I got mine only through w2 express a few weeks ago.
    • well you can file your taxes using your last paycheck that you received in december,  thats how I always do it early with no w2
    • my family went through an out of state move, and quit the previous job about a month before hand. Since the new job didnt start until january, it was only a matter of holding on to that final paycheck, and getting the tax ID from human resources.
    i filed mine on the 5th. I was accepted yesterday and the IRS website said they were processing it.
      Mine was accepted on the January 24 I filed on the 5 of January I remember last I filed last year on the same day in receive mine feb 1 there year hopefully the first Friday on the 31st of January
        I just downloaded the irsgo app the system updated it saids its been process I should receive my refund within 21 days from the date I filed
        • Irs2go ap for me in iphone is still asking for 2012 info for me. not updated yet maybe
        • Irs app is updated my info is current for this year
        • so I filed jan 9 and still no acceptance email from turbotax or irs just says pending and in agency come people are being accepted before me and filed after me? im in limbo my return is simple
        • Anybody have any luck on WMR?
        • nope
        • Me either, it still says return received
        • It's asking me about my 2012 return
        • JOEJOE07, maybe it's because I have a crappy Iphone. I downloaded the app last night and it just asks for 2012 return info. I'll try again in a day or 2
        • Even though it's saying 2012 info. on the app, it's giving me my 2013 up to date return info., the same as the website (accepted, but processing).
        • buffs: it's random selection
          i believe they base it on your annual income (if you make less than such and such) and EIC factors in, as well as that child tax credit

        I filled my taxes on Jan. 19 and got a message yesterday that my tax return was accepted. When i checked the irs site it said it was accepted and that it would take 21 days to get. 

        • I hope it is not 21 days
        • That 21 day rule gets me every time. I'm like is it 21 days from the accepted point; 21 days from when, exactly?!? lol
        • It's saying 2/20 for me, but I think it's because that would be 21 days from when they actually start accepting returns on the 31st.
        • DD for the the 20th? geez thats a long way out.
        • I think it's just the generic answer though. Does this mean we made it past the possibility of being rejected?
        • I think so m_simms. Unless u owe something u should be fine
        • Okay sweet. Ty!
        • Welcome
        • I am now able to log in to the tax products website and thats an improvement from yesterday.
        • That was my question

        Did anyone file on the 22nd and get accepted yet?

        I filed Jan.20 and got federal accepted today Jan.27 @12 noon, still pending on state.

          I filed on the 16th using TurboTax and haven't heard a peep. TT says it's still "Pending" and the IRS "Where's My Refund" says to wait 24 hours after my return is accepted. Many, many others who filed AFTER me have already gotten their "Accepted" email. Mine is a very simple return since it's just me with one 1099-R, same as the last 12 years since I retired.

          • BTW, TurboTax's own website says: "?TurboTax will hold and securely submit your tax return to the IRS when they begin processing returns on a first-in, first-out basis. That means filing as early as possible puts you first in line for your tax refund."  It doesn't appear that the "first-in, first-out" is accurate; more like "pick-and-choose."
          • From my understanding, a lot of the people who were accepted only had simple 1040a with EIC and 1040ez . A few had the education credit. Maybe that's why?
          • Mine was a simple 1040a with no EIC - if I got a W-2 instead of a 1099-R (state pension), I could file 1040-EZ. Last year, the situation with IRS was basically the same: they said they would not begin accepting or processing returns until Jan 30th. I filed on the 16th last year, my return was accepted by IRS on the 24th, and direct deposited on Feb 4th. That's not happening this year and I don't know why because nothing changed from last year to this year.
          • For the above comment...It is talking about after the filing season begins. The IRS took, at random I believe, a few returns early to test their system.
          • But why are they grabbing ones that came in AFTER mine? If they need more for testing, they should still be pulling from the first ones in, not the latest ones in. Oh, wait, it's the IRS we're talking about, isn't it? Sorry, I'm just getting frustrated with how the government is working lately.
          • I understand. I'd be pissed too.
          • toy.toy, I did not have a simple return. I have to file a Schedule C with my return. Running my own business makes my tax return complicated. Fortunately, I was also accepted early. Waiting anxiously with everyone else to see what happens. :)
          • Me too.
          • I too had t file the schedule C along with education and eic credits and I was accepted 1/27 filed 1/19
          • It is now the 28th @ almost 3pm PST and still no acceptance email. Almost 2 weeks and nothing to show for it.

          I filed mine on the 19th and got an email it had been accepted the 26th. Today the 27th I checked the IRS site wheres my refund and it did show that the IRS had received it. Doesn't show it has been approved yet but at least its been accepted early.

          • DITTO!
          • I filed mine on the 3rd, Got an email on the 24th saying it was approved the IRS website says it was received though....
          I filed last Friday and still pending not complaining I would love to see approved but I can twiddle my thumbs for a little to figure out when I get my money

            I filed on 1/24 just got an email that I got accepted today 1/28. Irs where's my refund site say's it's been accepted and processing.

              Filed on the 25th, just got a text saying it was accepted today.  Looked on the irs site and it says it's been accepted.  We'll see what happens....fingers crossed.

                I received the same email, saying that my return was accepted. When I log into "where's my refund" on the IRS website, it just says "received and processing". 

                I assume it will not show accepted until January 31st. Hopefully it was actually received!!