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Form 8959 and 8960

have issues with both these forms. Message boards said fix was due 9th, not 16. When  will it be fixed?. Have done all downloads


Hi djm6,

We just received the final instructions for Form 8959 from the IRS (released 1/24).  The Form 8959 will be live to customers on 2/6.

The 8960 is very complicated and I don't know the ready date for that form.  

Here is the availability information for all forms:




  • Thanks Dirk.  Today the site is showing 8960 ready on 2/13.  Is that when we should expect to be able to file if that's all that's outstanding?  Appreciate any new info you can share.  Thanks.
  • Maybe...  We are still working with draft instructions.  I suspect that one might get one or two more bumps.  Keep an eye on the Forms Availability for the latest changes.  The 8959 will be ready on Thursday!

  • Thanks for the update, appreciate the responsiveness.
  • Tax Act has its forms ready all ready.  I am ready to file.  While I technically qualify by income for 8960, my total net investment income was 177.  Will I really need to file for that?
  • I really wonder if TaxAct has the 8960 ready... Everyone is working off of draft instructions.  It is risky to use the form without clear instructions from the IRS.  Regarding your question, "Will I really need to file for that?" the answer is yes.  It is a new form as a result of the Affordable Care Act.  To file without the form would be disregarding the form requirements. You would not be filing a true, complete, and accurate income tax return.

  • Ok, Turbo tax said at first 8960 would be available to e-file on 02/20/14, even though the IRS site indicates an efile date of 02/13. Now come to find out TT will not be ready until 02/27, two full weeks past when the IRS said you can efile the form 8960. In addition my state of NJ return can not be filed because TT will not allow it, even though form 8960 has nothing, zero, zilch to do with form 8960, period. The 8960 is a basic one page form, what can TT get right. There is no reason , I repeat no reason that my NJ filing is being held up. I checked with the State myself on this. So why is TT so incompetent in this regard, especially for a form the IRS SAY is ready to efile. When we get to the 27th will TT push the date back again to sometime in March. There is no excuse for this poor service, although I am sure TT will offer many
  • Although Form 8960 is available to print from the IRS website, the instructions for computing the form are NOT final. At this time, we only have draft instructions which the IRS has advised us WILL change. Once we have the finalized instructions, we will work to get the form finalized in the program as quickly as we can. We are not filing with the draft version of the instructions because the accuracy of our customer's tax returns is of utmost importance to us and we felt it would be irresponsible to finalize the form knowing the computation would likely change, thus requiring customers that already filed to have to amend their returns. Again, the IRS has announced that the final instructions will change from what are currently available.

    You can see the draft version of the Form 8960 Instructions here:

    You can see the availability dates for Form 8960 (and all the other forms) here:
  • Ok, the draft instructions were Jan 6, 2014, the IRS posted the form 01/23, in addition, how come the IRS website indicates the form can be efiled on 02/13. Trying to understand that. How can IRS say form can be efiled on 02/13, and yet instructions not be finalized. Second, you never answered question on State of NJ, in that the Federal 8960 is irrelevant for NJ, so why can I not file NJ return. If I mailed in returns they can go at different times?
  • Hi djm6,
    I'm not sure what link you are looking at re: "...IRS website indicates the form can be efiled on 2/13."  We have our forms availability, and that is subject to change.  Currently, the availability for the Form 8960 shows 2/27.  That's when we think we may have the form to use in the product.  Of course, that is based on receiving the final instructions from the IRS.  As of this moment, 2/20 at 5:00pm, we still don't have the final instructions for the 8960.  In fact, no one does.  

    Regarding your questions about the State of NJ, it is an unlinked state.  Meaning, you can efile New Jersey as a stand alone state filing.

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions.


  • The message is "you also need to wait on filing your state return, since the federal information affects the state return". The only reason I can't file federal is due to 8960, which has no effect on the State. But TT will not allow me to efile. How can someone help me with this

    Also see this link from IRS web-site on forms you can file. Look at 3rd fom bottom 8960, it indicated 02/13/14
  • I may need to get someone else to help you with your state.  I'm a federal programmer.  As far as the link, you are looking at the list of forms that are available to use with the IRS Free File Fillable Forms product.  These forms allow you to manually fill in forms.  So, the form is ready for use with that product, however, none of the tax software companies has that form ready because we are waiting for final instructions.
  • ok. then please have someone contact me about state issue
  • I'd recommend that you reach out to our customer service channel (chat/phone/etc).  I'm concerned that the response may be delayed.  I'll ask around and if I find a solution, I'll post it here.
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