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How can I access my unfinished 2013 return

I started my 2013 return, and got to the end, but I was waiting for one piece of information so I saved it.  Now I cannot find it.  I will be so irritated if I have to start again from the beginning.  I can see previous year's returns but not the incomplete 2013. Help before I pull my hair out, and never use this site again, especially as it is now so not user-friendly

  • I was working on my return and was in the middle of personal information the evening Jan 23rd and could advance no longer. just stuck in what I think was waiting for next screen to load. I have tried again on Jan 25th, able to log in and advance to "work on 2013 return" and can't get any further. If your site is not functioning, tell people up front.
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  • After you finally got your website working I tried to complete my return. I have had issues and aggravations from multiple times attempting to use your online product. After 10 + years. I am NO longer a TurboTax customer. switched to TaxAct. Filed and got refund in 8 days, able to see my entire return and KNOW I did it right. And it was free!!! I had difficulty navigating your product. Had to upgrade a level to complete Schedule C this year. Found math error in calculating tax due/refund and I was unable to investigate without purchasing your product- no way. I looked into purchasing CD so I wouldn't have to deal with website issues- too expensive. Good bye Turbotax-

Good morning,

First make sure you are signing back in to the exact same account. You should see a big orange button on your home page, after you've signed in, that says Finish My Taxes; click on that and then hit Continue on the next two pages and you should be back where you left off. Let me know if it's not working for you.

NOTE: As of 1/25/2014 there is website maintenance going on at the moment. Your return is not gone, some are just not getting access to the tab they need to go to their return. This should be fixed in the next day or so. Switching to FireFox as your web browser has about a 50% success rate with fixing the problem. As soon as we know anything else we will let you know. Thank you very much for your patience on this.

Hope this helps,

  • All I get is a blank page, no orange button or anything. It has the turbotax corporate logo, a "my account" button and a sign out button, NOTHING else. This is the first time using turbotax that I've ever had a problem…
  • Having the same problem. Thought it was my computer, but I guess not.
  • I'm very sorry to hear that. Here is what I would recommend-
    1. Clear your cache and cookies from your web browser as this may be affecting the page.
    2. Switch web browser. Not sure which one ya'll are in, but Firefox seems to work the best for our web page. Internet explorer seems to have a lot of issues.
    3. Try signing out and then back in and see if that corrects it.
    Please let me know your progress and I will do everything I can to assist you.
  • exactly same problem
  • There is a website issue for some at the moment that should be corrected by the end of the weekend. Evidently there is some maintenance being done for the moment. Sorry for this inconvenience; it will be corrected as soon as possible.
  • I cleared the cache, change browser to Firefox and it is 6 hours later....I still cannot get into my account
  • See updated answer above ^^^
  • Dear Turbo Tax Employee Taylor C;

    If you know that this is a problem then why isn't it posted clearly on your website.  Even your customer service people didn't know it.  Come on you guys have been better than this. From reading the posts you have  a lot of unhappy customers out there that are getting unhappier by the minute!!
  • I cleared my cookies and it worked normal
  • I see the orange bottom but it keeps login me out! Help

Dear Turbo Tax Employee Taylor C;

If you know that this is a problem then why isn't it posted clearly on your website.  Even your customer service people didn't know it.  Come on you guys have been better than this. From reading the posts you have  a lot of unhappy customers out there that are getting unhappier by the minute!!


VERY AGGRAVATING!! I'm ready to look for another tax service that is more reliable.


thank you!  I can wait a few days now that I know theres a problem with the web site and its not me doing something wrong.

  • I cleared my cookies and it worked normal

For me, Firefox doesn't give me the option "tab" continue my return (I was able to start it earlier this month).  IE let's me login and click to continue my 2013 return, but then locks up with url/status bar flipping back and forth like it wants to think about going to create a secure connection, but can't//won't load the next page.  THIS IS CRAP.  Might be time to find something else.

  • IRS will not process until Jan 31, so what's the rush ??
  • Me neither.

Yes, I like to ask that they remove any of my info from your website - this is ridiculous to have something like this happen and then have to search for an answer; you should be notifying people of this issue so they don't freak out when they can't find their returns - quite frankly, I don't have a lot a faith in a company that doesn't know where my return is.   I will be using a different tax preparer.


Really Turbotax???  I think a discount on our filing is in order!  Can you provide any "service recovery"?  If I made a error like this at work, we'd do what we can for our customers to make it worth their time.  


    I can't understand why you have not mentioned that website is under going maintenance This purely arrogance and not caring the customer. I may have to change the Tax Software if this arrogance continues. You even asked me to check this and check that as if it was something wrong with my computer. Sorry guys you are the lowest in my thoughts.


      Exactly.   We are the customers.   Why should we have to worry about what browser we are in, clearing our caches (what if we don't want to do that), etc. etc.   You certainly can send me a million e-mails trying to upsell me, but you can't send one to say you are having a problem with your website?    This is your problem, not your customers.   I really don't want to have to do my taxes all over again with another preparer, but frankly, the lack of communication and frankly the apparent lack of even knowing what the problem is doesn't inspire confidence in your service.   I think that you should offer your customers free state filing for this inconvenience.   It scares me to think that my personal info is just floating around out there somewhere; and you all can't say that it isn't, because you can't even say why you are having this problem in the first place.   Very worrisome.


        I was already in firefox and it happened.  The issue never cleared itself up for me.

          Problem is saving as pdf and for some reason this years Turbotax does not read PDF got 2 start allover again . Intuit must be thinking there is no more competition so they do as they please.
            I ended up deleting the cache or similar in Safari and then it worked. But I shouldn't have needed to do that not again did Turbo Tax help know to do that.

              Just got off with a chat w/ support. They are working on this issue and are aware of it. I was able to use Firefox per suggestion (rather than Chrome) and the issue resolved itself.

              Good luck.

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