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Turbo Tax offered to TEXT me when AZ State Form 140 was available..so I can finish my returns. I recieved the confirmation that the form was now ready/available on my cell from Turbo Tax..yet when I go online to try & finish:: Says Form not available  (Ready Soon).. What the heck is going on with this site?? If I need to UPLOAD  from Turbo Tax.. Let me lnow (Where & How) !! This site is extremely frustrating with service/answers to questions on use..and finalizing forms.
J. Saturley
  • I spoke to Manager in State Returns at Turbo Tax, RE Form AZ 140 :: heres the deal, Yes the Form itself was transmitted to Turbo Tax, which you can see completed when you View your return: However, AZ DID NOT Transfer the EFile Link Yet-- thus AZ State will sit in limbo  unable to transmit until they (AZ State) Updates :: You will find this is an issue with ALL "Self-File Programs".. they hope/expect by 27th of this month. Meanwhile before being able to do so, one needs to Click "State" return, Tools, Upload their State, and then click AZ Updates..before filing. Customer service can assist by getting you a desktop version (Free) that you can set to Auto Update. Hope this helped :)
  • Otherwise, you can print it..attach W-2 and file by mail to AZ.
  • I e-file a return with AZ Form 140 and all went through fine.  One hour later filing another return, it said unavailable.  So it's there somewhere.

All, after all of the calls to AZ DOR, Turbo Tax, other filing software companies, etc., things finally seem to be getting resolved (while it isn't translating to all of the boards).  I got a call from a very nice representative from the office of the President of Intuit.  I told her my very long story and also told her I had been an advocate of TT since I starting using the software in 2003.  I can assure you (again, although it is not being reflected in these boards), our voices are being heard.  TT knows they had an association problem with their forms for AZ, along with other errors as well.  Unfortunately, the update to de-associate the forms and make other modifications won't be ready until February 18th.  Until then, you can call and tell someone about your issue and I am sure they will give you a refund on your AZ filing charge of $36.99.  They are well aware of their problem in the customer service department and very well aware of the pain the AZ140 is causing paying customers.  I provided as much constructive feedback as possible and I have no doubt this information is reaching the highest levels of Intuit.  Call and request a refund and in the mean time, either file with someone else or wait until the 18th.  I doubt anyone will be getting a public apology or an apology on these boards but hopefully they will resolve the pain for next year's tax season.  Thanks, Kim

  • What number do we call for a refund?
  • 18004468848
  • FYI, that number is the general Intuit contact number, and it will connect you to an overseas call center, which will then put you on hold to transfer back to the US (all our tax support folks are in the US). For TurboTax Customer Support, you are much better off using the contact form here:

  • Thanks Turbo Tax IanM.  I didn't have any issue and was connected with someone immediately...but if others seem to have issue that is great to know.
  • So far I have been transferred once, still waiting...
  • Still waiting, this is pathetic...

As far as we have been told, the problem lies in the fact that some forms and worksheets feeding into the main form have not yet been finalized for e-filing, and you cannot file the main form until those are done.  Looking on the state web site has nothing to do with forms in the program.  The state goes through a somewhat elaborate process of approving every e-fileable form used by every  program, and that may take much longer than the state simply posting forms on their site.  when we have a different answer for you, you'll see the different answer.  For now, this is the best answer.

  • Every form I need shows that it is now available.  I still have the "ready soon" displaying for my AZ return.  If every form I need says "Available", why can't I file?
  • kimmykj14:  As TurboTaxAnita pointed out, some of the "supporting forms" for the forms you see as available aren't quite ready.  I know this is frustrating, but as soon as all of the puzzle pieces are together, TT will allow you to e-file.  TurboTax is awaiting on final submission and approval from the taxing authorities.
  • kat528... as I pointed out to you (same post below, 4 days earlier) most all supporting forms are available (except very unusual circumstance forms). There are 2 issues with TT version 140 form that I have pointed out in numerous posts and spent over 7.5+ hours on Support phone/chat trying to get someone to acknowledge and resolve. THey are calculation and association errors with TT version. The association error is that the 140 is "automatically" associating a "laundry list" (which I posted elsewhere) of forms to every return. As they are unnecessary I believe it has the 140 caught in a loop. There is also a calculation error. That too likely has the form caught in a loop. I, myself, have already filed my state taxes, based on the exact information that TT is saying "final forms" are not available. So, in essence... it's a bunch of BS.
  • rdap98:  One of the TurboTax Moderators is SPECIFICALLY looking at the AZ issue as we speak.  He has informed me that he will post more information as soon as he is sure he has accurate info.  Sorry that you gave up and filed (though it "may" work, after all)!  Did you file by mail, or were you able to workaround it and use TT to efile?
  • How about putting a message on that page stating that fact!  I work in an IT department and I know a message can be added to that page.  Say something like "Some forms and worksheets feeding into the main form have not yet been finalized for e-filing, and you cannot file the main form until those are done."  This would go a long way with people instead of giving a bad impression, especially where ones money is concerned.
  • Great idea.  I'll suggest that.  (I have no power).  :)
  • If a Turbo Tax representative would address this issue, it may be a little more settling.  It is very frustrating when AZ Form 140 worked for one tax return and then 2 hours later it doesn't work for another one.  Please explain that one.  I would be a lot more sympathetic if we could get an answer or at least "chat" with a rep that can give us an explanation.  That's all we want.
  • cfwavondaleaz:  See my comment posted (yes, 18 hours ago) near the bottom of this thread.  I'll bring it up again this morning and hopefully you will have answers from a TT Moderator soon.  Sorry.
  • kat528: every sub form that I need to file my 140 says "available".  So, if all the forms I need are available, I should be able to file.  I was on chat with someone yesterday for quite some time and they assured me it would be fixed by last night / this morning at the latest.  I just checked and sure enough, it is not fixed.  Please have the moderator get a real answer.  On the AZ site, it says that the e-file forms should all be ready today.
  • OK. I've spent WAY too much time on this but MY little understanding / observation is that this is a fairly complex problem now. TT form 140 has computation and association issues. I am also assuming that TT is ignoring this problem based on how AZ DOR is handling "federal" changes / updates (so they will only have to deal with this once and not AFTER anyone files... just an assumption). If you want to understand what I am saying here look at...   http://www.azdor.gov/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=cvkLQkme4qM%3d&tabid=332     (and then read my next post , straight out of the DOR Instructions for AZ 140 (posted separate to make this easier to read).
  • kimmykj14:  I've posted again this morning for the Moderator to respond with more info.  We (SuperUsers) are waiting on responses on several issues.  It's very quiet....I'm betting they're in a Friday morning meeting.  You'll know as soon as I know.
    As a rule, the starting point for your Arizona return is your federal adjusted gross income.  To take itemized deductions, you must start with the amount shown on the federal Schedule A.  This is the case for 2013, except for changes Congress made to the federal tax code during 2013 and the following apply.
    1.   The changes affect how you figure your federal adjusted gross income.


    2.   The changes affect how you figure your itemized deductions.
    When federal changes are made, Arizona legislature must adopt those changes if the Arizona starting points are to be kept the same.  The legislature will address this issue when it is in session during 2014.  We must publish these forms before this issue will be addressed by the legislature. When we went to print, Arizona had not yet adopted any federal tax law changes made after January 1, 2013.

    What does this mean to you?  It means that if any of the federal law changes made in 2013 apply to your 2013 return, you can opt to file your 2013 return using one of the following methods.

    1.   You can wait and file your 2013 return after this issue has been addressed.

    •   To do this, you may need to ask for a filing extension. You must pay 90% of the tax due by the due date of the return before any extension.

    2.   You can file your 2013 return assuming that the federal law changes will be adopted. The 2013 tax forms make this assumption.

    If you opt for method 2, one of the following will apply.

    •   If Arizona adopts those changes, you do not have to do anything more.
    •   If Arizona does not adopt all those changes, you may need to amend your 2013 Arizona return.  Your amended return will have to show the difference between the Arizona law and the federal law.  If this happens, we will post more details on our Conformity to IRC webpage.  To view this page go to http://www.azdor.gov and click on Legal Research on the left side, then click on Conformity to IRC.  Generally, no penalties or interest will be assessed on these amended returns, if you follow the Department’s instructions and pay any tax due when you file your original 2013 return and you file and pay the required amended return by the extended due date of your 2014 return.

    3.   You can file your 2013 return assuming that we will not adopt the federal law changes. If you opt for this method, you will have to do the following.

    •   You will have to research all of the federal changes made after January 1, 2013.
    •   You will have to figure out if any of those changes apply to you.
    •   You will have figure out how to make adjustments for those changes on your return.

    If you opt for method 3, one of the following will apply.

    •   If Arizona does not adopt those changes, you do not have to do anything more.
    •   If Arizona adopts those changes, you may need to amend your 2013 Arizona return. Your amended return will have to show the difference between what you reported and what you  should have reported. If this happens, we will post more details on our Conformity to IRC webpage.  To view this page go to http://www.azdor.gov and click on Legal Research on the left side,  then click on Conformity to IRC.

I have had the same problem with Form 140 (Ready Soon) never seems to arrive.  I wonder if it won't release until the 31st when the IRS will begin to accept returns?


    I am also waiting for the AZ form 140... I received an email saying it was ready, but the site says its not.Getting ready to switch to a different online program if its not ready by tomorrow. All the links that you check the forms on also say that they are available... Hmmmm ?


      As you may know, this isn't TurboTax Support, but is instead a user forum.  We're primarily all users just like you.

      I'm attaching a link to a TurboTax FAQ (updated frequently) that shows availability of AZ state forms.  It shows that your form is now available.  Try logging back in now and see if the updates (automatically done in TT online) now show your form available.

      Hope this helps!


      • Got the same email saying the form 140az is ready updated my software but it still says not ready can't file?
      • kwall82:  Let me see what I can find out.  I do see that the AZ form 140 should be available for all filing situations.  I'll post your issue where other SuperUsers and TT Moderators can view it.  I'll get back with you when I learn more.  Thank you.
      • Okay, here's what I've learned relating to AZ 140.  The email/texts you have received may have been sent prematurely due to this fact: The specific form that you need may, indeed, be ready for e-filing.  However, there are other "supporting forms" that are not ready yet for efiling.  A user cannot  efile until all of the supporting forms that feed into your final forms are ready for efiling.  Hope that makes sense.  The TurboTax teams are addressing those emails.  Though this isn't TurboTax Support, please accept my apology.  Tax time is frustrating enough as it is, right?
      • THANKS!!!
      • I keep getting the email my forms 140 Arizona are ready to update but every time I go in to update it's says my software is update and the form are not ready this is really frustrating !!!! Why would the email me this if Arizona forms are not ready until February can't seem to file federal either with out state finalized
      • Sorry kat528 but that answer sounds like more TT smoke and mirrors. I was already told that about a week ago and while having the conversation went on AZ Dept of Revenue website and TT list of available State forms and pointed out to the Customer Service rep that according to the State of AZ "all" forms are now available (including a "fillable" 140 that calculates the math and e-files... just like TT) and all other supporting forms are available. The TT list of State Availability (that you referenced) lists that all main forms are available and if you look at that list the ones it says are only avaiable in February are the following: Estimated 2014 Tax Payment; Refund on Behalf of a Deceased Tax Payer; Amended Income Tax Return; Property Tax Refund (credit) Claim; and Application for filing an extension - all of which on AZ site are available anyway. So unless someone's return needs one of these "exceptional" forms the update should not be of issue (but it is).
      • rdap98:  As you may already know, this isn't TurboTax Support, but is a user forum.  We're primarily users just like you.  All I can do is relay information that I have been given.  Sorry for your frustration.
      • kat528: Then why have 6 "employees" and one 'tax pro" from TT commented on this issue ?
      • rdap98:  Notice my comment above..."We're primarily users..."  Some of the answers/comments do come from TT employees (though I don't see those comments on this specific post).   TT added quite a few employees this year to answer questions in this forum.  (I am not one of them).  I'm just trying to inform the community based on info I have received.  You may get more assistance from contacting TurboTax Support.  Did you see JSAT.3344's comments above?  Apparently he/she contacted Support.
      • kat528: I was responding to your comment... "As you may already know this isn't TT Support, but a user forum" to point out that employee's are in fact commenting here. I too am just trying to help. Trying to help end the circular and useless responses that have other users wasting their time on a problem that remains unresolved by TT. As a "Super User" I would assume that you troll the forum and are well aware of how many posts there are on this subject. Just do a search (140 and limit to last month) and see for yourself. And yes I have already tried TT Support as have others here... (please take a second to click here if you are going to continue to respond on this topic)... https://ttlc.intuit.com/questions/2009189
      • rdap98:  I have posted your link(s) where other SuperUsers and TT Moderators can view them.  Hopefully one of the Moderators will be able to give you more helpful information.
      • Thank you.
      • Still getting the same message on 1/30, AZ140 not available to file.  2/1 maybe?
      • jhughes15:  A TurboTax Moderator is looking SPECIFICALLY at the AZ issue at this time, and will post most information here when it is available.  He wants to make sure the information is accurate before posting.  Thank you for your patience!
      • Download, it is available.  They will charge you another $19.99 to file.
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