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Where do i report 1099 b proceed from broker and barter exchange

  • are you online or on desktop? @donnanettles
  • desktop
  • I received unclaimed property from state of TN and received a 1099 B for $602 - why does turbotax insist I upgrade for 1 form?
  • Do all 1099B forms require TurboTax "Premier" online?
  • Why do I have to upgrade for 1099B for $742.99 for selling stock? I only have 1 form.
  • I think we have been tricked and trapped
  • I used TaxAct.com and had NO PROBLEM logging in my 1099-B.  Cheaper too!!!!
  • On line

When in your TurboTax Premier online program, on the left side of the screen, click on Federal Taxes, then Wages & Income, then select that you want to explore on your own.  This should take you to a page entitled "Your 2013 Income Summary". Scroll down to the Investment Income section.  This is the area where you will enter the information from the 1099-B you received.  You can either click on Visit All or click on Start next to the Stocks, Mutual Funds, Bonds, Other line.

  • Sorry, only earning just over 30,000 dollars....I don't think I should have to PAY to file to fill in a form that my gain from sale of stock was $22.   I'll be using a different filling option.
  • If I can find another way to do my taxes I will do so. I have been using Turbo Tax for many years and this is the first time
    the entire tax form filling has asked me buy an upgraded form of Turbo Tax, and this is only because I need a from to input my
    1099-B.  Not nice.  The form should be there.
  • I have been using Turbo Tax for many years too, I found another good site MyFreeTaxes.com. I was able to fill out 1099B no problem. FREE!
  • Why all of a sudden
    do I need an upgraded service without advance notice? not very nice
  • I have been using turbotax since 2004 and the last few years I could free file.  Now that I entered all my info- you want to charge me to have a 10.00 loss from a bond redemption?  I m doing to find another provider.  To bad. Should have an option just to enter.  I really don't need all the questions.
  • The upgrade fee for the 1099-B is more than the $20.00 I received. Not worth it. I'll fill out the form using other software where it is FREE!!
  • Me too. I received a check for $1.16 and they said I have to upgrade to Premier to file.I have been using turbo tax free edition because I had a stroke and disability retired.. I am going to try some other software  MyFreeTaxes.com  that rabudd mentioned.
  • now that I have imported all my information, and after upgrading as you insisted, I am going to get an accountant anyway!!!  you have double listed all my income and are ignoring my attempts to correct them

how do I  start over with a "premier program" in order to find a tab for 1099B info and 1099R?  I missed some of the "consolidated" pages that contain info not yet disclosed to turbo tax, but it has assumed I was done with income and takes me back repeatedly to the end and asks me to pay the fee ????

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