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form 8379 ready?

i got an email showing this form is ready but when I go to the website it says it isn't??? please help

    It looks like this form has been delayed.  Please use this article to sign-up to be notified when it will be ready.


    • Why use the email notification when you do get the notification it is incorrect. I signed up for the notification and went to continue filing. When I try to revisit the form it states that is it not ready.
    • Me too.  Just got told it isn't available until well into February.  Nonsense.  I'm gone.

    Form 8379 is available for either e-filing or printing.  See the following TurboTax support article for federal forms availability -


    • it says it is available there but still I cannot access it
    • I have done that it is not working
    • If you cannot get the form 8379 to complete using the interview in the program, contacting TurboTax support would be you best option.  Use the following website to contact support and use the options for either Chat or Call (a phone number will be provided for Call) to speak directly with a TurboTax representative - https://support.turbotax.intuit.com/contact/
    • They will just tell you the same thing... that is available and that YOU must be doing something wrong.  You are not doing anything wrong... TT is buggy and they won't fix it.
    • There was an incorrect email that went out saying that this form was ready. It is not yet ready. Our apologies for the confusion. TurboTaxMichelleD's response above it correct.
    • When will it be ready?  Every other tax prep program has it and has had it for quite awhile. now.  Can you tell us when it will be ready?
    • Current availability date for the injured or innocent spouse form 8379 and 8857 is 02/06/2014.
    • Where did that date come from?
    • It seems like we are getting the run around on this. website still say 1/23/14. Was told it is connected with 8857 and wont be available until 1/24/14. Now we hear 2/6/14. Tax Act has it up an running along with other programs. I have been using Turbo Tax for years but Looks like that's going to change.
    • Agree.  Until they start losing long time users they will continue to ignore legitimate problems.
    • Absolutely pathetic. TaxACT and other online Tax retailers have it. I have used TT since its inception and now they just lost a valuable customer.
    • H&R Block has it but the home user (any level) cannot add it to their federal filing.  They want you to pay $79.99 for a tax professional to fill out this one page document.  They always have.  Stay away from them!
    • Not true.  I just filed my taxes using the free version and it included form 8379.  Everything went totally smoothly.
    • Hmm... Funny, I spent an hour on the phone with H&R Block yesterday and there is no way to append this form to your federal filing from the online filing service because it isn't even available in the list of Federal Forms to add.  You must purchase and install the software to have all of the forms available to you or pay an H&R Block employee to add the form. <-- True Statement - call them.
    • I used the free TaxAct, not H R Block's TaxCut.

    To report an injured or innocent spouse claim, use the interview within the TurboTax program

    • Go to Federal Taxes
    • Click on Other Tax Situations
    • Scroll down to Other Tax Forms
    • On Miscellaneous Tax Forms, click the start or update button

    On the next screen, on Report an injured or innocent spouse claim, click the start button

    • This answer does not answer the question.
    • doesn't answer the question at atll
    • Good evening, I want to apologize for the inconvenience you may be experiencing.

      I want to inform you that Form 8379 will not be released in TurboTax until February 6, 2014. Once it has been released, you will be able to e-file with it. (The TurboTax Availability Dates article says it is already available, but it has been pushed back. The article has not yet been updated.)

      Have a great day and thanks for using TurboTax.

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