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How long will it take to get my refund deposited into my bank account?

  • I got my email on Sunday 1/26 saying fed. return was accepted....are they open and working on Sundays, or was that from Friday?
  • I got mine accepted on 1/26/2014 and will have it dd on or before 2/6/2014.
  • Interesting mine was accepted 1/25, still no DDD....should i be worried?
  • Same here, everyone else says they have a DDD and I am not showing one yet!
  • I was accepted on 1/28/14 still have not heard nothing heck im homeless I need that money
  • I was accepted on the 1/29/2014 when do anyone think mine will deposit
  • Got accepted 1/30 no dd yet....
  • Accepted on the 24th got a ddd by the 6th :)
  • When did you get your ddd? sunday morn?
  • Yes
  • I got accepted on February 1 wen should I receive my refund
  • Mine was accepted on the 24th and I still have no DDD how long are they taking to process everything
  • Same here, mine was accepted 25th.  I know they started 31st... still nothing... cause for alarm???
  • does anyone know what time of day the WMR site update???
  • That's what I'm wondering mjj78613
  • between midnight n 1am i do believe
  • thanks for the answer musicbuffus.
  • are they supposed to send checks out tonite after 12
  • I just recived My california taxes , im only waiting for my federal taxes how long does it takes ????
  • idk am tryna figure out now
  • sswan.....What ppl do not know IRS is open and doing some work.  This is a busy time for them and it's a lot going on, on the back end.  That doesn't make you feel better since it's not speeding up these deposit dates.
  • Pay out starts today frm wut i read...for those excepted on r b4 1/31by 11am ... im n that rank lets cross our fingers dd will b on tomorrow
  • Yes goes to sbbt first.
  • Just checked sbbt   Still nothing.
  • the irs also indicates that if u was accepted on da first ull get a refund ddd  on the 6th
  • Its my money and I want it NOW!!! Has anyone gotten any new information about their refund being put on their net spend card?? Last year was so much easier. I don't know what the deal is this year!
  • krissy0823 am wit netspend to am hopin tonite
  • it should go in after midnight
  • I just read on a diff site that the IRS is not releasing our refund until 12am on the 6th due to a new law this yr?????? but if you had your fees taken out it will be released to them at 12am?? Not sure how true it is!
  • What sight was that on??
  • Is this for all banks that has to take the fees out the refund
  • It was on Igotmyrefund.com, not sure if it is true because I see other people on there saying they got deposits pending?? I have no idea. I have a DDD of 2/6 and have no pending deposits
  • Same hea
  • is anybody gettin they money deposited tonight?
  • I hope
  • nothing yet!
  • because you had the fees taken from your refund will it affect the deposit date
  • How long does it take SBBT to get funds and deposit in your account from 6th
  • Yeah I am in the same boat. Mine says refund should be deposited today and it's not there. I  had  the fees deducted from my refund so I am wondering if there is a delay between them?
  • Yes theres a delay...I had my fees taking out my refund last year and didnt see my money deposited into my account till around 9am on the direct deposit date...I payed my fees upfront this year and got it deposited today 2/6 around 230am. Chech your accounts again around 9am good luck
  • Last year around 9am I received my refund on 2/8 this year I did the same as last year had my fees taking out my refund my dd is today 2/6 but as of yet I don't see anything with my bank or Santa Barbara bank it is now 8:15am I'm Hoping I See Something By 9am My time
  • I am hoping the same thing waiting till 9am. Hope it's in my account.
  • Pay extra money to get them to take out the fee's and not seeing the refund when expected.
  • I still have none a freind who paper mailed his went in at 6 am, it's turbo tax again, still nothing at 1024 est.
  • its 10:30 here still no deposit here..... gonna check the santa babara bank again around 12 my time maybe something will be posted to that account
  • I just checked santa babara bank and my deposit from irs is showing there!! So you guys should check again. How long before we get it in our banks now????
  • I checked its in there now
  • I had the fee's taken out of my federal and Im supposed to have mine deposited today but nothing is showing in my bank, anyone else experiencing this problem today?
  • Yes I am also having that issue
  • sbbt show's my funds now.
  • And they have a important message on sbbt website that the irs had a delay of one day.
  • Same for me I get it tomorrow
  • I seen that to on there site
  • ok the sbbt shows my funds had been sent to my bank, but my bank doesn't show anything yet! grrrrr
  • they said it might be the 7th b4 posted into the accounts but you can tell if they've  sent it yet and it will have a trace number also
  • yes the bank shows a tracing number, and I looked at my time which is central so I wonder if I should give it a few more hours before I have my bank trace it
  • mine doesnt have a trace number but it has my routing and bank account number there now
  • Where do you look to track your refund?
  • Mine is there but not trace number? So if no trace number it is not sent?
  • the irs does not have a delay, that is the SBBT deal. I have friends who paper mailed theirs who their money went into last night at 1201 this is just another way to keep your money.

    Taxpayers please be aware that there has been a slight delay in IRS funding!


    If the IRS website indicates that your refund will be available February 6th, funds will not be available until February 7th due to the IRS releasing funds one day later than expected. Taxpayers expecting their refund on the 6th by direct deposit will now likely receive their refund on the 7th. Please be assured that Tax Products Group will disburse funds immediately as they are received from the IRS.
  • go to sbtpg.com
  • The funds are there they say transferred, to the bank but also says could take 3-5 days to post to my account, there is no trace number on the fields which means "it has not been sent out by sbbt" , they have gotten them they are just holding them.
  • They can say disbursed but they are not releasing them "immediately" I assure you.
  • My say 1-2 days
  • I talked to a rep at SBBT and she said they are processing all of today's right now as the IRS just gave them the info to them this morning, not how true that fact is, but they have been plugging away for almost 3 hours this morning, so hopefully they will get to ours by the end of business day and if not they said for sure by tomorrow morning! what a crap!!!
  • I found the bank that is handling my disbursement of tax refund. You can find it if you print your tax return it should be the 7-8th page. Call the number and they will tell you IF they have received your refund from the IRS. I believe this is only for those who opted to have their fee deducted from their tax refund. Anyway, the IRS is a day late. They gave out DDD of Feb 6th - again late, actual date Feb 7th. This was told to me by one of the bank reps. They receive them in batches, and is all just a matter of time on how soon they can post all of them!...like a million per batch. So yes, I was told to be patient and can periodically check their website for more updates.
  • If you used turbo tax online you should not have had any fees. then do your state on the web site for your state.
  • Mine were accepted on 1/20 and my son's on 1/25 he got his on 2/6 and I'm still waiting
  • So did I did u get ur money yet
  • Still nothing! Turbo says 0.This is ridiculous!
  • what is sbbt phone# please?
  • I hope that having a trace number means i will see my deposit first thing in the AM... Empty bank accounts don't put food on the table
  • I didn't have any fees taken and still don't have my money
  • I got a dds for the 6th and my dd just came in. I had called my bank earlier and they said they process between 12am-6am, but it could just randomly show up during the day. Good luck!
  • Thanks
  • Well one day late but now my refund is there.
  • Go to https://cisc.sbtpg.com/mb/index.aspx
    It is the bank the irs puts your money in before it comes to your bank. It is the bank turbo tax uses.
  • I filed on jan 31st n was accepted on the firat n havnt goten a ddd daye yet can some one please tel me y. am n NC area
  • I just checked the turbo tax banks website and it said that that they received my refund and it was dispersed into my bank account but I checked my bank and the moneys not in it very frustrated don't know why my moneys not in my account
  • mine was done on feb 1st my date to be deposit in my account states feb 12 has anybody not had there money on the date it states it will be deposit
  • My money was in my bank on the 7th Feb.. I filed on the 29th Jan. My dd was 10th Feb. It also said if by the 10th I did not receive my taxes by the 15th Feb. I should call my bank.

The IRS begins a "soft" opening on accepting tax returns on Fri Jan 24th. This means only a select few will be accepted and ran through to test the software. They will then officially open on Jan 31st for tax season. 3-21 days for your refund. IRS now sends deposits daily. 3 days is best case scenario, 21 is worst. If you are lucky and accepted on Jan 24th, you will probably have your refund by Jan 31st. GOOD LUCK :)

  • I sure hope so my  return was accepted  I hope Friday is my lucky day   :)
  • Me 2!
  • Mine say accepted and being processed. So hopefully friday is my day as well. We will see
  • I was also accepted on the 24th.  I was shocked,  though it was  a glitch of some sort. It would be wonderful if the refund hit my account Friday.
  • Mine was accepted too! On the 26th, though (Sunday?) Probably 24th, Friday, as well? Crossing fingers here!
  • mine was accepted on the 24th too
    definately wish i could get my money ASAP lol
  • Mine.was accepted the 27th im hoping to get the money asap
  • Both of my returns were accepted today , so now I'm just playing the waiting game
  • My federal once accepted today around 5pm. I did my taxes last night around 8:30pm (all eastern time). Didn't expect it to be accepted until after the 31st. Wish I knew about the 'soft launch'. I would've been filed. Lol. Good to know it'll come early :-) thanks for the info!
  • Correction. WAS* accepted.
  • I was accepted yesterday!!!! Filed on the 28th...
  • Me too
  • Mine was accepted on the 24th too, but is still in the 'being processed" stage.  Is everyone else still in this stage, or is this an indication there is a problem with mine?
  • Nope I was accepted overnight 24th so early morning 25th and still one orange bar...i wouldnt expect any changes until at least tomorrow since thats the "official" start of accepting returns
  • mine is to
  • Me too!
  • Mine was accepted early morning on the 24 and the bar did change but on tuesday they have the tax topic that relates to my taxes for direct deposit. like it normally did in past yrs. but didn't show up till after the refund was approved. Anyone else get the direct deposit tax topic appear on theirs.
  • I also have the tax topic about direct deposit
  • The tax topic 152 thing? I have that
  • I have it as well
  • Yeah
  • i have it to at the bottom
  • i do not have that tax topic about direct deposit.  is this on the WMR site?
  • yes on irs...it's the tax topic 152 and I have had it since I had one orange bar...i dont necessarily think it means anything
  • i dont think it means to much the 152 tax topic its been there since i noticed the ornage bar on wheres my refund
  • As long as it isn't a different tax topic number you should be good.
  • http://refundschedule.com/irs-accepting-tax-returns-january-24th-2014/

    Here is the link for the calendar.  those of us who filed and were accepted Jan 24-31 may see their refund directed deposited as early as Feb 5!  Fingers crossed!!
  • I was approved on the 26th and received a text and email.
  • i did , i  hope that means it will be processed soon
  • I got that message but mine hasn't been approved yet. Its still processing. Hopefully that will change.
  • I just checked WMR and I have tax topic 152. Wasn't there last night.
  • what does that mean?
  • I got it too
  • I haven't got a email yet
  • I was able to order my transcripts today, and I have tax topic 152 on my screen.
  • I got the tax topic a few days ago but I still can't order my transcripts
  • Tax topic 152 is just information on how to get your refund. If you open link it will tell you
  • Taya 2012 I also received the same code but not able to order transcripts .. I'm thinking because I filled 1099 form as well ,but who knows .
  • I did not file 1099. I just had regular w2 nothing fancy, the only think that I claimed was my kids.  Isnt it if you are able to order a transcript the are done processing your taxes?
  • I also have dependents . And from my past years I ordered transcripts and had my refund not very long after that. My orange bar never did move though .
  • So if your able to order both of the transcripts does that mean you are done? Bc I was able to order mine!!
  • Did a 1099 and I also had 2 W-2's
  • jdm_cars89 last year the same thing happened to me the orange bar never moved past the 2nd bar. I got my return on 2/4
  • I tried one last time to order my transcripts for 2013 with no luck taya 2012 but from what I'm reading left and right everyone else is able to order them .. I still have yet to read a post about ppl who are not able to order them ...
  • Couldn't order mine either,  now i can't get any information after i put in my info it says the system is down
  • omahagirl2 that is what happened to me last year.....I was able to finally order my transcripts and then got my refund just a couple days later :)
  • I was finally able to order my transcripts online.
  • Taya2012 when did you file and when did you get accepted? :)
  • I filed on the 27th and got accepted on the 29th
  • Oh awesome....I filed 29th and got accepted 30th so hopefully I will be able to order mine Mon or Tues :)
  • You will. Let me know when you do.
  • I will thanks :)
  • WMR is down
  • I was accepted on 1-27 and I am unable to order mine :(
  • What does the website tell you when unable to order transcript.i did not get past the creating an account because it locked me out. It said it could not verify my identity. So I want to know once you finish the setting up the account process do you have to click on what tax year transcripts you want or does it automatically show on there?please I'm just going crazy with all this.
  • It says that the year I am trying to order for is unavailable.
  • What are the transcripts for?  How do you go about ordering them?
  • I was able to order my transcripts today, and just checked wmr and it says I have a DD for the 6th!!!
  • I have DD for the 6th too
  • Finally updated!!! Feb 6th!!!!! DD date.
  • Ddd of 2-6-14
  • what was the acceptance dates?
  • what day did you get federal accepted
  • congrats all!  I got accepted on 1/30 so hoping by Monday or Tuesday to have a dd also :)
  • I was accepted on the 26th of jan and I'm on the second bar refund approved and have a dd day by Feb 6th.
  • DD 02-06:)
  • I got accepted on 26th nothing yet but i am sure it will change by tom....
  • filed 1/28 accepted 1/29 today got a dd of 2/6
  • Mine was excepted 1/28 approved 2/1
  • I filed 1/23/14 approved 1/28/14 my dd 2/6/14.  My NM state still pending
  • i filed on 1/31 and it was accepted the same day.. Still waiting on my DD date..
  • I filed on January 15th, was accepted on the 25th by the IRS...still no DD date-normal return this year did not have an 8853 form....expected a ddd by now... :(
  • Also still can not order transcripts
  • I filed on 1/23, it was accepted on 1/24 and WMR says my refund will be deposited on 2/6.  :)
  • Me too :)
  • i filed 1/24 got accepted 1/28  dd is 2/6
  • if u got accepted on feb 1st wen wen should u get a DD?
  • How long did it take to move from processing to approved?
  • I am wondering the same thing Lynn316 and Benniem1990
  • it dnt say approved it just say accepted. last year it didnt say approved n I stil got my refund
  • Lynn316 I wanna kno to lol
  • I filed on the 28th was accepted feb 1st for federal feb 2nd for state still waiting for dd date should moved to approved with in the next day or so ...
  • I hope so.I didnt get approved last year n stil got my refund
  • Yea last year they had alot of system glitches that slowed down alot of returns which caused some peoples refund status not to move status wise on where my refund but they was still being processed threw the system my sister works for them crooks lol benniem you might be approved but cant see it if you checked wheres my refund to many times before it changed
  • aarongriffin08 wen do u think it should drop lol
  • Being honest I HAVE NO IDEA LOL nobody does to tell you the truth some people are saying that the tax schedulehas been pretty accurate and if thats true then the 12th for us but I really believe by friday we should be good or before lol
  • dats wat I was thinkin to
  • Most people status bars on where my refund has been moving like every other day the move from accepted to approved to dd date I think its like a four day process or less fromreading the peoples comments that have dd dates thats what ive come up with hope it helps ive been on accepted since yesterday ima post my status as I move ahead ...
  • I am trying very very......very hard to not check again til tomorrow LOL......I am def a little too obsessed ;)
  • I am trying very hard too.. I want to check it but I get mad when it has not changed.. I did ours on Friday and it was accepted then So tomorrow will be the 4th day.. so maybe I will be the lucky one.. LOL
  • Yeah I filed 1/29 accepted 1/30.......:)
  • Lol I feel you im locked out I cant check no more today I think it update in the middle of the night thats when my status changed around 3a.m I was up checking like a crack head lol
  • LOL I will be too.....seriously crazy this time of year.....my husband just sits back laughs at me and lets me do all the stressing out and over obsessing bahahaha....but that just means I will take a cut ;)
  • lmao. am lockd to
  • how do you get locked out?
  • It tells you if you try to check too many times that you have reached your limit LOL
  • Oh ok.. I just tried to check mine to see and it is not working..
  • Yea I cant check no more today but thats cool cause I have a gd feeling it will be approved tomar
  • LOL I like it positive energy ;)
  • I checked so many times I'm locked out.  Still can't order a transcript either.  Still have the * next to 2013.
  • aaringriffin08.. when did you do your taxes and when were they accepted.. if you do not mind me asking.. I am just trying to get a idea. TY.
  • when you get locked out how long before can you look?
  • for me it was the next morning
  • allenmarilyn4 da next day
  • where do you find your DD??
  • Once you have one it will show on WMR on the irs website
  • Well day two ans im still processing now I can continue with my day since I know there will be no updated until 12 tonight when wheres my refund update good luck to everyone
  • have anybody received a refund yet?
  • Naw im still processing hopefully that change tonight
  • I'm hoping mine changes tonight too..
  • I'm hoping mine changes tonight too..
  • I'm hoping mine changes tonight too..
  • r they send checks out tonite?
  • Yea from what ive heard
  • Have anybody checked where my refund yet I dont want to be the first they updated at twelve
  • no change
  • Just checked still have not sent refund
  • I think net spend card holders will receive refunds tonite 2/5/14
  • I've got a DDD for 2/6 so I'm expecting it today or tomorrow.
  • bwhornbeck do u think it will b during the day or nit time? are u wit net spend?
  • I'm not with net spend but for instance when my paycheck is DD, my bank puts the money in my account the night before. Since I've got a DDD for the 6th, I think it should be in there tonight. That's just how my bank works but if the IRS actually sends it during the day today, the funds are usually there a few minutes after being sent. At least in my experience.
  • dats how mines do. am wit net spend soon as it tiuch the bank it touches my card. I guess we will just hath to wait n c how it goes . lol
  • Yea, I'm expecting it to be here today but at the latest tomorrow.
  • What state do y'all live in
  • I filed on 1/14/14, received a text on 1/26 that my federal was accepted by the IRS (received a text that my state (NC) was accepted on 2/2/14). On WMR, its on the second bar, and my estimated DD date says 2/6/14. Sure hoping it hits my bank tomorrow.
  • Yes mine says 2/6 so will it come today or post tonight?
  • Let me know if it post my bank is like that too it will post as soon as something comes in. Mine said 2/6.
  • I use net=spend as well I have DDD 2/6 but nothing yet. I normally get it early as well
  • I would like to know when I am going to get a DD date..
  • Got my wisconsin state refund today and was accepted on the 28th! Federal refund not back yet and was accepted on the 27th!
  • I'm in Georgia and both my state and federal were accepted the same day that I filed them which was on Feb 1st. Went to the IRS web page to find out when I'd get whats coming to me and they were not specific. Just showed a calendar marking from Feb 1 to Feb 21 and said I'd get it sometime before the 21st.
  • How did you get those dates. My aunt works for the IRS as well as friends of mine. They did not start until January 31st. Everyone who filed in January should have there returns by the 10 but no latter than the 15th. I filed mine on the 29th and was excepted on the 30th. Mine will be here by the 10th but no latter than the 15th. Everyone that has filed on the 28th that I Know got theirs on the 6th. SO anyone after that date should be getting there refund really soon maybe Monday if not today. Just because you did your's early don't mean that they worked it up right then. The IRS did not start working until the 31st and that's a known fact.
  • The 31st of January that is. Your refund was excepted because the cpu didn't find any errors with your refund once excepted it waits for them to work your file and either make you check or transfer your funds into an account that you chose.
  • I was approved and had a direct deposit date of fen 6 I still don't have my money and on the 7th my WMR changed to " there is a delay in processing your tax return. Your refund date may have changed." Called the IRS and they couldn't tell me why. What it going on?
  • My tax return was accepted on the 27th and I'm still only on the first bar. It is frustrating!
  • Crazy thing is I got my state taxes 3 days ago.
  • I sent both state and federal at the same time 01/23 both were accepted 01/28. Got my state refund on 01/30. So where the freak is my FEDERAL!???....i never got a DDD like everyone else. Its still on the first bar!!! i am sooo frustrated! my rent is due 2day! i have absolutely no cash!! I dont get paid until next week friday! freakin IRS sucks!!!
  • I'm still on the first bar too. Got accepted on the 29th, then nothing since. I already got my state too. No DDD, no approval. This sucks.
  • everyone i've spoken with who did their tax returns AFTER i did already got their refunds!!! that's crazy!!! Are they going in alphabetical order or what at random?? hahaha! i'm just soo frustrated!!! I don't know what else to think!!
  • I hear you Rita! I won't be filing early again. Turbo tax said this would happen. Just because you file early, doesn't mean you'll get processed early:(
  • I was accepted on the 27th of Jan. Finally got my DDD today (2-8) for Feb. 12th. I had Ed. Credits and work expense deductions so I'm thinking that slowed it up? Either way it's all good finally. Hope you guys hear something too :)
  • filed and accepted 1/30 still processing no approval or ddd any body else file on1/30 and got there taxes
  • I filed 1/30 accepted same day and dd of 1/12

The IRS begins processing returns on Jan 31, and issues most refunds within 21 days of acceptance.

  • And nick where did you get that info???? like seriously
  • Tax Act! And look I was right! A LOT of people were accepted today!
  • I was accept on the 24th of January
  • I was accepted the 24 too
  • he isn't lying I got accepted today
  • My return was  accept but how long will it take too get approved
  • Has anyone received a DD date yet?
  • Not yet, and I was accepted last week!
  • Well come back and let us know when you get a date!
  • I was accepted the 24 too.  :)
  • accepted on the 27th
  • hasnt heard anything about mine being accepted yet
  • how is everyone get accepted so early  even though there not processing it till the 31st
  • They usually accept some early to test out the system. I was accepted too, but don't expect anything to actually happen until the 31st (progress bar moving, DD date, ect..)
  • just got my accepted a few mins ago
  • Got my acceptance hoping for a fast refund really need the cash
  • I received the acceptance email on the 24th.
  • Did any of you that got accepted file on the 26th??
  • I filed on the 24th and was accepted today!  So exciting!  Now the brutal waiting period begins!
  • I got accepted on the 26th! Weird....on a Sunday? I dunno...must be working hard, eh?
  • my bad i got accepted on the 28th so ???? there goes the dream lol... says accpeted so hey never know ??
  • Accepted early morning on the 25th-one orange bar on WMR on the IRS site..expecting a change on the 31, and hopefully a ddd
  • I filed on the 26th and was accepted today!!!, just how there agree no delays like last year
  • Are*
  • so know i just found my expected refund date is the 20th hope to get it early
  • Did you find that on the chart? Or did the irs update the progress bar? They usually don't update int he middle of the day...usually 6am daily
  • Oh I'm assuming the chart, sorry just saw your first post ^^^ above
  • no but what i saw on the chart it was saying around the 5th  which i hope is correct
  • What chart?
  • 2014 tax refund  tax chart
  • Mine got accepted the 24 I don't see that date on the chart!
  • That is because they don't officially.."officially" start accepting returns until the 31...more then likely it will be on or before the first deposit date on the chart...mine was accepted the 25th...i expect to see a change in the progress bar by Friday
  • IRS accepts your return (by 11:00 am) between…* Projected Direct Deposit Sent* Projected Paper Check Mailed* January 24 and January 31 2014 2/5/2014 2/7/2014 February 01 and February 08 2014 2/12/2014 2/14/2014 February 09 and February 15 2014 2/19/2014 2/21/2014 February 16 and February 22 2014 2/26/2014 2/28/2014 February 23 and March 01 2014 3/5/2014 3/7/2014 March 02 and March 08 2014 3/12/2014 3/14/2014 March 09 and March 15 2014 3/19/2014 3/21/2014 March 16 and March 22 2014 3/26/2014 3/28/2014 March 23 and March 29 2014 4/2/2014 4/4/2014 March 30 and April 05 2014 4/9/2014 4/11/2014 April 06 and April 12 2014 4/16/2014 4/18/2014 April 13 and April 19 2014 4/23/2014 4/25/2014 April 20 and April 26 2014 4/30/2014 5/2/2014 April 27 and May 03 2014 5/7/2014 5/9/2014 May 04 and May 10 2014 5/14/2014 5/16/2014 May 11 and May 17 2014 5/21/2014 5/23/2014 May 18 and May 24 2014 5/28/2014 5/30/2014 May 25 and May 31 2014 6/4/2014 6/6/2014 June 01 and June 07 2014 6/11/2014 6/13/2014 June 08 and June 14 2014 6/18/2014 6/20/2014 June 15 and June 21 2014 6/25/2014 6/27/2014 June 22 and June 28 2014 7/2/2014 7/4/2014 June 29 and July 05 2014 7/9/2014 7/11/2014 July 06 and July 12 2014 7/16/2014 7/18/2014 July 13 and July 19 2014 7/23/2014 7/25/2014 July 20 and July 26 2014 7/30/2014 8/1/2014 July 27 and August 02 2014 8/6/2014 8/8/2014 August 03 and August 09 2014 8/13/2014 8/15/2014 August 10 and August 16 2014 8/20/2014 8/22/2014 August 17 and August 23 2014 8/27/2014 8/29/2014 August 24 and August 30 2014 9/3/2014 9/5/2014 August 31 and September 06 2014 9/10/2014 9/12/2014 September 07 and September 13 2014 9/17/2014 9/19/2014 September 14 and September 20 2014 9/24/2014 9/26/2014 September 21 and September 27 2014 10/1/2014 10/3/2014 September 28 and October 04 2014 10/8/2014 10/10/2014 October 05 and October 11 2014 10/15/2014 10/17/2014 October 12 and October 18 2014 10/22/2014 10/24/2014 October 19 and October 25 2014 10/29/2014 10/31/2014 October 26 and November 01 2014 11/5/2014 11/7/2014 November 02 and November 08 2014 11/12/2014 11/14/2014 November 09 and November 15 2014 11/19/2014 11/21/2014 November 16 and November 22 2014 11/26/2014 11/28/2014 November 23 and November 29 2014 12/3/2014 12/5/2014 November 30 and December 06 2014 12/10/2014 12/12/2014 December 07 and December 13 2014 12/17/2014 12/19/2014 December 14 and December 20 2014 12/24/2014 12/26/2014 December 21 and December 27 2014 12/31/2014 1/2/2015 - See more at: http://refundschedule.com/2014-irs-e-file-chart/#sthash.BbaP8wf5.dpuf
  • Alot of people are getting the acceptance emails but there just e file  acceptance stating  that the irs has the return and its correct  but that does not mean they have checked them yet.. When you get the second bar on ur wmr then it was officially been accepted.
  • if you've gotten the acceptance email from the IRS it means that they have your return, and it is being processed-more then likely it is in the early test batch-Looked into my bank account and when I filed early last year i had my refund in my account on 2/3 ...was accepted 1/26

    02/03/13 Credit: Direct Deposit from US TREASURY 312
  • So mine got accepted on the 24 so come Friday do you think it will be in the bank
  • I dont know we can only hope!! I hate waiting!!
  • We should see an
    Update on WMR soon !!
  • They said the same thing last year and many of my friends received their taxes early.,.
  • it would be like wining the lottery lol but remember the ACA software lol
  • I really hope we see something new tomorrow!!!
  • me too omahagirl2, did you get the recvd refund message from turbo tax or IRS?
  • I'm willing to be a lot of us early filers will see a change by tomorrow....but who knows...we'll have our refunds soon i'm sure- I don't believe our money will be in the bank tomorrow...but I think we will see a change in our status on the irs WMR site-I would say early to mid next week we should see our money...if you have DD...I opted to deposit my funds on my netspend car that I use solely for taxes bc you get your funds 2 days faster....I started doing that 2 years ago bc my friend did and always got her taxes super fast.
  • *bet
  • @cward no I only got a accepted email you?
  • yeah me too from Turbo Tax omahagirl2
  • Has anyone gotten past return received and been approved yet? Or are we all still on the first bar?
  • I got the accpted from turbo tax
  • Anyone check today and get approved yet?
  • I am still on first bar ans I got accepted the 21st.
  • I checked just now and still on first bar. I am going to just assume I should have my taxes by the 15th. That way if I get them before then then its an early gift for me is all.
  • Still first bar:(
  • Checked this am also on first bar and got accepted on 26st.
  • I was accepted on the 25th and am on the first bar also.
  • I just recieved a msg from TT saiyinh my refund date is before FEB 21
  • when did you file
  • checked this morning as well still on first bar accepted on 26th
  • Rita28 i  that nessage to today
  • I was accepted the 30th just got a due date of feb 10th monday so did my wife she was accepted the 31st ..anyone else get this and will it come monday or after monday ...possibly before?
  • What state are you from
  • Pa
  • thanks for the info iam from nj filed on 1/31 accepted on 2/1 and have a dd for 2/12 and iam loving it i think they was very quick with the refunds this year.
I googled "tax refund calendar for 2014", and found a website that lists "accepted dates vs. refund dd dates" and it stated that if your return was accepted by 11 a.m. on Jan. 31st, you should receive your dd on Feb. 5th (with a worse case scenerio being Feb. 19th).  Hope this helps!
  • Great!! I hope that means mine will be on Feb 6th or 7th. Because I was accepted on Feb 1st.

Hello everyone!

Happy Tax season

Here is an IRS refund calender :)


  • is this accurate
  • I am not sure to believe this either, since the irs said they are not issuing a refund schedule this year
  • everything bullshyt
  • But the date on this is the same date that the IRS is saying I should have mine, 2/6/13. I'm concerned that someone listed as a Turbo Tax employee would be posting this as the IRS did not issue this chart....
  • there is no chart this yr!
  • i called sbbt noone recieved anything yet!
    she said they irs only deposits once a week! dont know to believe it or not. just waiting!
  • This is not from the IRS, if you read at the bottom of the page you'll see that it is only an estimate. The IRS will not give out exact dates this year. The most accurate tool you can use is the Where's My Refund on the IRS website.
  • The only way to find out is check your bank tomorrow if your dd is Feb 6. If it's not there then it will be there but the 6th.
  • Everyone is different. I'll post tomorrow if I got mine. Good luck everyone
  • dats wats am hoping also
  • I agree everyone is different no matter what. All anyone can do is just keep checking your bank account and hope for the best !!!!!!!

I actually filed mine on January 17th with the CA State accepting my refund (confirmation) and I just got my refund direct deposited today, 01/29/14....yee yee...

  • That was only state right
  • Was that state and federal
  • Damn lucky u i filed on jan 20
  • This was only the California State Refund.   Federal doesn't start until Friday, 01/31/14.
  • If it says it was processed - how long after that did you see it in your account?
  • Checked this morning and I'm still on one bar.
  • Still one bar
I just checked WMR and it has been UPDATED!!!!!!!! I was accepted on 1/29 and WMR says I should get my refund by 2/6!!!!!
  • How long after that should you have your money? I just checked mine and its the same.
  • I just checked it and I got this message
    Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank by February 6, 2014.

    If your refund is not credited to your account by February 11, 2014, check with your bank to see if it has been received.

    Please Note:

    For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.
  • U should have on the 6th, last year my DD was on the 7th and that's the day I got my money
  • I got a Netspend Card so I know it will be on there by Tuesday
  • Mine to says the same thing!!!
  • Well I can surely rest well
  • WTH? I was accepted on 1/27 and mine is still not processed... whats the damn hold up?
  • Congrats everyone, this truly is a stressful time for everyone....now we know for sure:)
  • I read that if ur return is 10k n above, there will be a delay
  • mine wasnt over that amount but I called the offset line and they are saying I may have an offset
  • What is an offset?  I got accepted on 1/28 and mine still hasn't been updated from "processing"
  • mine was accepted on the 27th and is still on the first bar being processed. i hope i hear something by monday!
  • lynn316 an offset is a taxing authority or other third party that has notified the IRS that you owe them money.....we had a doctor bill 2 years ago for $215 and the IRS paid them first out of our refund then deposited the rest into our bank account......there is a number you can call to find out......its automated.....1-800-304-3107
    ....Hope this helps you
  • Approved today!!! Refund by February 6
  • Mine approved today as well. Refund via DD February 6. (Filed January 16 and accepted January 22)
  • So theres no way that it could be deposited before the dd right?
  • I m not sure if it would still say refund processed if you had an offset, because your refund is approved, its just sent to a different place.
  • Same. Filed on the 28th. Approved on the 29th. Just checked & it says it's processed & should be deposited to my bank by Feb 6th :-) more likely earlier than that like previous years. Excited!!
  • I filed 1/22, got accepted 1/28, still have no DD date.  Hopefully soon!
  • I  filed on 1/31 and got accepted the same day and no DD date.. The where is my refund thing is down.. So maybe they are updating.
  • I was accepted on the 23rd and still no DDD.. Hopefully soon
  • Accepted on the 24th got a ddd fir the 6th
  • For those of you who already have been approved. If you want. You can check your status via Santa Barbara Bank. That's where Turbo tax distributes it's money. It'll show when it's received & transferred to your bank. Mine didn't work via phone, had to log on a computer. https://cisc.sbtpg.com/
  • I read that irs sends the first batch of refunds today after midnight and most banks will receive them wed. but giving the dd feb.6 to help the bank with the load.
  • I hope so thanks for the info
  • tommikania wer did u read dat at?
  • incometax2014.com
  • http://refundschedule.com/2014-irs-e-file-chart/
    I.R.S. have finally updated their Where’s My Refund tool. They will be unloading millions of dollars over the next few days to taxpayers.

    We have received news that the I.R.S. updated their Where’s My Refund webpage last night at 12 A.M.. Thousands of people have their Direct Deposit date sets to “on or before February 6th, 2014?. This means that the February 5th payout date is still correct. They will send the funds to the bank on Monday and the funds will be set to be direct deposited on Wednesday February 5th 2014. This will give your bank time to handle the huge load of all of the transfer they receive of millions of dollars over a day period.
  • U click on the site and at the top of the page click where it say's IRS refund schedule 2014.
  • Should I be worried that I was accepted on the 28th and haven't moved from "being processed"?
  • same thing here no movement still in processing
  • I just got off the phone with the IRS and people who filed themselves it is taking  21 days to process
  • Thankx cowgirl - that doesnt suprise me....
  • 21 days from the 31st
  • Mine said receive the 6th but it's not there. Anyone know why
  • b/c today is the 5th
  • You are so right I felt dumb when speaking to the rep. Lol I got my days mixed up. Thank you
  • Accept the 24th and still Porcessing my sister in law accepted the 29th abd says she's getting hers Feb 6 wth???? ANyone else have this issue?
  • Mine says the accepted 25th, still processing.  
    Depends on how the land in their computer systems, and who/how they get picked...to process.  hmmmmmm  LOL
  • My parents got theirs accepted on the 27th and mine was on the 24th and theirs is saying tomorrow and mine is still processing tis really sucks
  • yes i agree filed on the 24th accepted on the 28th and still in processing wmr is down im in texas and the 800-892-1040 says in processing dammm i want MY MONEY ... lol just frustrated
  • Same as ^you^, still processing.
  • My dd date was for today the 6th and I haven't recieved my refund yet...
  • Same here^^
  • yeah me too how come its not there anyone know?
  • does anyone know if theres a specific day it gets deposit to your card
  • My dd just got release to my bank but i have to wait to 9
  • Mines is still on the second bar and my deposit was suppose to be today.
  • Mines is still on the second bar and my deposit was suppose to be today.
  • Mines is still on the second bar and my deposit was suppose to be today.
  • Why u have to wait till 9??
  • My dd date was for today, the 6th also. I haven't received anything and I have checked everything possible I could check! last year I received my refund 2 days before my dd
  • Mines is still on the second bar and my deposit was suppose to be today.
  • Mine is still on the second bar too and my deposit day was for today.. Ugh
  • What state u live in bc it's past 9 o'clock here I'm in Indiana
  • SAME HERE!!!!!
  • Got my dd at my bank around 9:20 im from michigan
  • Did anyone who got their refund have their fees taken out of refund? I have not gotten my refund and I had DDD of 2/6
  • Had my fee's taken out of refund and no dd yet.
  • I havent gotten mine either. Sbbt doesnt even show having my funds.
  • Sbbt has now received my funds.
  • Sbbt still has not gotten mine. Nothing
  • Sbbt has gotten mine 2! Bet we wont get our money til monday because of the weekend.
  • sbbt has mine but still hasnt loaded to my card
  • What does it mean if sbbt doesn't have any information on my refund and my ddd is today?
  • Not sure what that means I would just keep checking. It also says on the page it can take 24hrs for us to get it
  • Why does Dd take 2-3 days after the irs releases it
  • Sbbt has received mines and deducted its fees and sent it to my bank which is net spend . So does anyone know when my funds will be available on my card ?? Thankx much
  • Same here....they said that there is a delay and we should get it tomorrow 2/7/14
  • There is only their invented delay. If you paid upfront for your items it is or should be in your bank, all others who did not use their fee service already have their money
  • Oh okay mines was sent to my bank and they havnt released it yet
  • My dd was 2/6 and just checked my bank, and it is there. Just like everyone else, the money went to Santa Barbara late this morning, but it is already posted in my bank. No delay after all. Just impatience on my part. Time for the bill paying to commence.
  • i am having the same problemsbbt has taken there fees and sent over to net spend but my funds are not showing
  • I filed with turbotax and my refund was just deposited on my netspend card 5 minutes ago!!! I'm so happy!!! Today was my dd day also!!!
  • Filed on the 28th, accepted on the 29th. Approved on the 31st/1st. DDD of 2/6. Just received my funds at 3:00am eastern time. :-).
  • Wells Fargo is who I bank with. It was deposited via ssbtg.
  • Just got the email saying it has been sent and its on its way in both turbo and irs site/. so it shuld show in the wellsfargo accounts today sometime
  • anyone file on the 6th of February get approved yet? i still have the 1 bar 21 day status...
  • CAn anybody tell me how long does it take to get my state return refund i mailed it in
  • Hi, my taxes were held due to an offset but now its saying that my funds will be sent to your bank by the 19th and if its not credited by the 25th to check with the bank. When does that mean I'll get it. I have bank of America

Hi everyone

Happy Tax season

Here is a 2014 IRS refund schedule :) Bea


    Check WMR today and the bars are gone. It says " Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available" I do not know what this mean? Hopefully it is a good thing or not. I need my money asap

    • The same thing happened to me last year , they pulled my taxes for a closer look and it took over 2 months to get refund , so if that bar does not come back by Monday call the irs and be a pain till u get some answers . Wish u luck
    • That happened to me last year, and we owed money from 2010,so they put it in as an offset, took what we owed and deposited the rest, but it was two weeks after the anticipated DD date.
    • but if you do not owe them any money, dont panic, may be nothing
    • Just checked mine and said its been accepted.. said the earliest you can received it is on the February 1.....but didn't give exact date
    • Is that for federal
    • Republic now have mi funds

    I am in WI and my state return was accepted on 1-30. My federal was accepted on 1-28. I had filed on 1-25. I am glad to read that the IRS is sending refunds more often now. I am still just on the accepted bar for both federal and state, but that should change soon I am thinking.

    • I only filed Fed, with TT on 1/13/14 and accepted by IRS, then approved on 1/26/14. By 2/2 or 2/3/14, I got the 2 orange bars status upgrade, tax topic 152 message, as well as the "ddd BY 2/6/14" info. STTB site is still showing big fat ZEROS, EXCEPT for the area which just shows the anticipated fees scheduled to be withdrawn from my account but only AFTER the money (which is a no-show as of now) arrives. I am hoping that STTB does not hang my 2/6 ddd up enough, so that it in fact becomes 2/7 or (gasp!) heaven forbid, possibly even LATER-NOOOOO! ;) Fingers crossed. Oh, and also: transcripts ordered easy breezy beautiful , no prob, about 1pm PST on 2/4/14. So definitely anticipating Thursday the 6th action, who knows maybe even Wednesday? U think? Anyone? :)
    • Hopefully.
    • just got my state
    • When did you get accepted
    • 1/28 state
    • Sweet I'm getting mine in four days. NM state
    • irs websits down agian idk why but the bank is still show no deposits hopefully somthing will happen
    • the IRS website is down again right now..
    • there probably issue the checks!
    • irs site is up!
    • I dont know, I have a DDD of 2/6 and last yr I got it on 2/7 which was a thursday as well. So hopefully tomorrow!!
    • last year i had mine on 02/05/ with no problem hell today im still in processing
    • system down please call the automated system and its saying the same thing how often is it updated
    • Once a day
    • I just checked my state and federal, both are still processing. Filed both on 1-25, accepted on 1-28.
    • Has anyone with a 2/6 DD date got their refund today?
    • Nope. Nothing yet. Filed on the 28th. Accepted on the 29th. Approved with a DD date on the 1st I believe. Maybe it'll come in around noon?  Smh. This waiting game.
    • i did and no deposit yey, i think its a crock unless someone can show me a screenshot of their federal in their accouint, i think they the irs fuc4ED UP!
    • My DDD supposed to be today. We'll see.
    • I haven't receive mine either and have a DDD for feb 6
    • I saw that some ppl who have BOA received theirs. Maybe they used something other than TT? TT sends money thru that Santa Barbara bank. Maybe they have different hrs?
    • Woke up and I dont have anything either. Santa Barbara doesnt even show they received it! WTH???
    • Just got dd of then10th monday any possible way it come late or before accepted the 31st husbands 30th with same date
    • Had a dd date of 2/6...was direct deposited into my account as of 230am
    • I bank with First Citizens, live in NC, WMR gave me a DD of 2/6. No deposit is pending or has been made as of 7AM this morning. SBT site shows nothing either, other than fees that will be taken out, once they receive my refund.
    • theres a delay when using sbt...I had my fees taking out my refund last year and didnt see my money deposited into my account till around 9am on the direct deposit date...I payed my fees upfront this year and got it deposited today 2/6 around 230am. Chech your accounts again around 9am good luck
    • My funds are pending at republic bank to take my fees out
    • Dd of today and nothing yet! I'm not to happy
    • DD today and nothing.
    • Same here direct deposit for today and nothing in my bank,
    • I got my refund today! WMR still is only on the second bar but I checked my bank account anyway and it was there!! I didn't have any fees taken out it went straight to my bank. Good luck everyone!
    • was that 9 am santa barbara time
    • might be in your acoounts from 3 to 8 today or at 130 in the am
    • Well mine was supposed to be deposited today (Feb 6th) and as of 1 pm EST, NOTHING!  What is this SBT that everyone is talking about?
    • Never mind, I figured out how to find the answer .... if you were suppose to get your refund today (Feb 6), it will be in your bank tomorrow.  SSBT has my money and has deducted the fees and the money will be sent for credit to my account by tomorrow (Feb 7) ... All I can say is IT BETTER BE THERE!  LOL
    • Lol mines have already been sent to my credit union but they noy seeing it yet so i will get it in da morning
    • If you don't have a tracking tracer number it has not been sent!
    • Santa Barbara bank and trust https://cisc.sbbtral.com/taxpayers/disb_detail.aspx
    • The people that received the refund today 2/6 what bank do you have and did you pay the TT fees with the refund. Checked with SSBT says that is delayed will have by tomorrow 2/7, but I'm not to hopeful, have wells fargo bank account.
    • I have Wells Fargo and paid fees out of my return. IRS said by today, but it's not here yet.

      My boyfriend banks at ssfcu and didn't have fees to pay and his was here before 8:00am
    • I have wellsfargo and paid the fees out of the refund. my return still has not come and i am supposed to have it 2/6
    • I paid the TT fee with the refund. It posted at my Woodforest National at 4:30pm, est.
      And, mine did not and still does not have a tracking number listed.
    • I am with ASI Credit Union and my deposit haven't came and I was to receive it today  2/6 and still haven't receive my refund
    • I am with ASI Credit Union and my deposit haven't came and I was to receive it today  2/6 and still haven't receive my refund
    • i have the netspend card and the bank has my money but is telling me to allow 1-2 buisness day wonder when ill have it :(
    • I'm sure they don't send out funds till the end of their day.
    • so you said only accepted?? Sorry, what is it suppose to say after that?? sent out or something?
    • Do you know how long it takes to get my state return if i mailed it in
    I also bank with wellsfargo and paid the fees out of the refund, and have dd of 2/6. No joy yet. SBB site now for some reason is NOT displaying the message which popped up at previous logins today, and which stated basically that "due to THE IRS experiencing slight delays, if you had an IRS ddd of 2/6 then you would instead receive on 2/7; AS SOON as SBB receives funds disbursed from IRS, then deposits will be released immediately into taxpayers accounts. Which will be on the 7th, now though, we PROMISE. Sucka....MWAAAAHAAAHAHAA IGNORANT FOOLS!!" ** But I am paraphrasing here tho ;) FML
    • ***Also, I don't know if this is relevant, and I haven't seen any other mentions of this here, BUT I also chose the amazon gift card deal as well. Still no email from amazon as of yet either, and I think that Amazon will be sending notice of the gift card to your email right around or before the funds are released.
    • What is the Sbb site
    • My money is in the bank but won't be available until 2/7.......WMR still only says accepted.
    • I won't be using SBBT anymore !!!

      Taxpayers please be aware that there has been a slight delay in IRS funding, impacting clients of Tax Products Group and banks industry-wide!


      If the IRS website indicates that your refund will be available February 6th, funds will not be available until February 7th due to the IRS releasing funds one day later than expected. Taxpayers expecting their refund on the 6th by direct deposit will now likely receive their refund on the 7th. Please be assured that Tax Products Group will disburse funds immediately as they are received from the IRS.
    • no money for me yet this is insanity
    • I agree... Next year i will pay for fees using my own card
    • Did any of u guys get an email about 6 months ago to join in the lawsuit against TT?
    • I did pay the fees from my own account and still just on the first bar. No DDD. I was accepted on the 29th. Still waiting to be processed:(
    • I still have no dd date!! Trying to wait patiently, but getting very discouraged!
    • What lawsuit?
    • Here is the link and results
    • Got my money a day late.....TT just sent me an email saying I should get my refund within the next few days... Lol, way to keep me up to date TT! NOT!!!! Good luck everyone.
    • did you have payment to TT taken out or not?
      I didn't and don't have my money yet had a DD of 2/6...Can't get ahold of the IRS or my bank...can't get past the damn automated system!
    • No ddd either...
    • Finally received refund exactly at 2am 2/7 with wells fargo, hope everyone else received it too :D
    • @molivar when did you file and get excepted?
    • @molivar congrats on getting your refund.
    • when did you file and get excepted?
    • @molivar when did you file and get excepted? Congrats on getting your refund.

    thanks for the information


      What is the phone number to SBBT bank?


      My return was sent on April 1st. I still have not gotten a refund. No reason why - just says processing return. Its been over 2 months. Anyone else  having this issue? What is going on? Tried to call and cant get a person to talk to. Just their retarded computer system.


        My return was sent on April 1st. I still have not gotten a refund. No reason why - just says processing return. Its been over 2 months. Anyone else  having this issue? What is going on? Tried to call and cant get a person to talk to. Just their retarded computer system.


          My return was sent on April 1st. I still have not gotten a refund. No reason why - just says processing return. Its been over 2 months. Anyone else  having this issue? What is going on? Tried to call and cant get a person to talk to. Just their retarded computer system.

          • My son return was e-file on 1/23/14 and IRS accept it on 1/24/14 and its been processing every since then with no letter sent from IRS saying anything was wrong with his tax return. I Finally call the Tax Advocate office on May 05, 2014 to see if they received my faxed application for help. They called me back on May 12, 2014 and asked me to resend paper work and gave me until May 20, 2014 to get every thing back to them, but I forgot and send it on May 27, 2014. I think around June 17, 2014 she called me back and said she would send over a referral and that it cloud take up to 45 days or less and that she will call me back around July 16, 2014. How about I check where is my refund today June 28, 2014 and it has a depoist date of July 02, 2014. Just think it has been Five month waiting and If I had not contact the Tax Advocate office his return would still be processing. I would Like to give a big Thanks to Georgia Tax Advocate office for all their help. I know the IRS was short staff and very busy but Thanks to them as well.
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