how long does it take to get my refund?

  • I e-filed on  27th ( with turbo tax) accepted by the IRS on the 30th and my refund was approved today Feb 8 with a direct deposit date of Feb 12th
  • @icantwin... I also filed on the 17th and was accepted on the 26 got approved on the 8th and have a date on the 12. If you will please does wmr also states for you as it does for me "by" the 12 or does your states on the 12? However would it make a different if it's states "by" or "on" the date? The reason I am asking because I am thinking by the date could be a day earlier or on the date... Thank you;-)
  • SirGeroge my says by the date as well and if not received by the 17 to call your bank to see  it was received
  • Thank you nikki1976. Actually if you will I signed into my bank Monday morning 02.10.14 and I could see it there pending / the total amount. However it stated the post date after 02.11.14.
  • I have a dd for 2/12 my money was just deposited into my account
  • My ddd was 2/12 didn't get it looked on sbbt website there's no money in the bank nothing pending what's wrong ??:( this kinda sucks
  • I am using a net spend card anyone else have the same problem

Hi -

It depends on how you file and choose to get your refund paid to you.  E-filing with direct deposit is usually the quickest way. 

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Last year, 9 out of 10 taxpayers received their refunds within 21 days of acceptance by the IRS and the same is expected this year.  The IRS will begin processing returns on January 31st this year.

Hope that helps,



  • i was accepted on the 28th of jan, and still no word yet? what is going on?
  • Hi Karen.  When that IRS Refund schedule that was posted on another question, when it states "if your return was approved between" does it mean accepted? TurboTax shows my return was accepted on the 27th. Does this mean i can expect DD by the 6th?
  • Mine was accepted on the 30th but the tool bar still shows processing and I can't get no answers from IRS.but I was able to order a transcrip last night should I be worried
  • When the bar says approved, you will have a message at the bottom stating your expected DD.
  • no its when its approved, the refund chart
  • I liv in ia. Ws acceptd on 1/26 w/ dd of 2/6. No change in IRS bars.. Jst 1st 2 "lit" up. TT did nt send me email nor did IRS. Sbbt website said the IRS have sent my money. 2 hrs ago sbbt sent to my bank.
  • Same here expel my bank said I don't have anything pending yet!!!
  • What is sbbt
  • Santa Barbara Tax Group,  it Turbo Tax Bank where they take there fee and deposit your money from that bank
  • I was accepted on 1/31 still on refund receive been like dat for 7 days now, I called 2 get a copy of my transcript said my info isn't available ck on da sbbtg it showing wat dey r going 2 take out gettingrestless
  • @kariimscott92 ...
  • I was able to order the transcript but the irs wmr still says processing
  • me to what does that mean
  • I ordered my transcripts around midnight, I just now went back to the IRS site and now mine says refund approved and.. "My refund" is scheduled to be sent to your bank by February 12, 2014. If your refund is not credited to your account by February 17, 2014, check with your bank to find out if it has been received.
    Please wait until February 17, 2014 before you contact us again as we are unable to take any further action until then. Judging by some of the post Ive read i'm beginning to think that looking at your transcripts are triggering some type of system response. Try it...what do you have to lose??? (My transcript refund date was 2/24)
  • I ordered my transcripts at midnight on friday and I just checked and mine also says approved and that my dd is the 12th! Maybe it will come earlier! Anyone have a dd and get theirs sooner?
  • I ordered mine on Friday evening and this morning WMR says DD Feb 12!
  • I filed 1/31 accepted the 31 approved 2/2 with refund date of 2/10 to be deposited on netspend card sbbt says was recieved and disbursed 2/7 but have not.gotten the netspend card yet what do i do now with over $9000 floating around
  • You should get your card in the next day or two. You have the activate the card so I think nyour money will be safe until you receive your card.
  • i filed with tt it states it was received on the 24 still no dd check refund status and its still processing whats going on
  • I have a dd for 2/12 my money was just deposited into my account
  • my return was accepted on 01/29 and I still do not have a DD date I am getting worried has anyone had this issue?
  • Last year (2012) IRS accepted mine in 1st early group and I still didn't get my deposit until the 21st day!! This year (2013), TT says IRS accepted return on January 9th. This year on January 31 was the date IRS started processing and by the looks of things its going to be the 21st day AGAIN! I  always have a Simple Return, 3 kids, no extras... .....BUT...I did notice couple days ago the 3 bar graphics aren't on "my" WMR anymore.. Just plain note .. Processing :(
  • I aplogize, It says my return was accepted on the 24th
  • I filed on the 3rd of February and it was accepted same day.  But then it sat "in process" for 17 days!  (It had NEVER taken longer than 7 or 8 days before).  But on the 19th, my state refund got deposited out of nowhere!  Now today (the 20th), it says I will get my refund by the 24th.  So they are finally going out.

  • ok so you got accepted on 2/3 and you got your state refund and it says by the 24th you will get your federal? now can you order your transcripts? and if so what is the cycle date on it? cause i filed 2/2 and i still haven't gotten my state or my federal and my cycle date says mine is suppose to come in next week and that  is well over my 21 days. so the irs has been screwing around and dont update the WMR website like they say and i know that cause the guy i talked to from the irs told me they dont update as much as they say. the irs is just a big scam. it really is. Fair Tax all the way!
I filed with tt on the 28th of jan and it has already been approved by the irs. Set to get direct dep. This week.
  • That was VERY quick!  Glad that happened for you!
  • Yes that was
  • I got accepted on 1/26/14 got ddd for2/6/14
  • Accepted 28 no dd
  • I got accepted on 1/26/14 it updated Sunday with my dd.
  • Accepted 1/21  DDD 2/6
  • did any of you have the netspend card mailed to you? if so have you received it yet? im kind of nervous about it, this is my first year using tt and netspend.
  • hi did you get approved yet...
  • I got accepted on 1/26/14 and still have not got a direct deposit date... Has anyone else not received date yet?
  • no, I just filed yesterday :). Im just worried my card wont come before my taxes do, ive read quite a few stories about that.
  • Have anybody able to order transcript
  • I recieved my netspend card over the weekend and i applied on the 23rd
  • I got accepted on 1/26/14 and got a ddd of Feb 6th I had dependents. Refund was approved and updated on sunday 2/2/14
  • I don't understand... I filed my taxes on January 3.  They were accepted by the IRS on January 24 and when I go to Where's my Refund it says that it is still being processed.  Anyone else having this?  It doesn't even give me the orange line with the three steps anymore... just that it is still being processed.
  • See if you can order your transcripts for 2013 taxes @ queenbheather
  • ssagenes.... How do I go about ordering my transcripts?  I am not sure what that is.
  • I went through TT Filed on Friday 1/31/14 and went to where is my refund on the IRS page, and had been received on 2/1/14 that is my Federal for my STATE I have checked refund status today 2/3/14 and it has been approved pretty fast I would say. Now just waiting on my Federal
  • go to the irs website look under tools and click on Get Transcript for My Tax Records then just see if you can order them. Every time I've done this I knew my taxes had been processed
  • ssagenes... I have gone to that website about five times now and it takes me to the steps to set up an account and I'm getting so frustrated because they're telling me they cannot verify my data....and I know what I've entered is correct.
  • when ordering transcripts you only need birthdate address and zipcode
  • link for ordering transcripts
  • That's where I went and entered that information and now I'm locked out of my account because the information I entered does not match the data on my most recent tax return (which makes no sense to me).  I did call the number to order my 2013 transcript and it told me it is not available... ugh.
  • well It did the same thing to me just said it wasn't available and i got locked out I just waited a bit and the next day I was able to order but it only asked for my birthday, address, and zip code then I chose the year I wanted to order
  • ssagenes.... Were you doing the ordering of the transcript by receiving immediately online or in the mail?
  • ohhh mail not online sorry if you do online they do ask you for a lot of information
  • I tried to order my transcripts but it said not available yet, sigh.... I was accepted by the IRS 1/30/2014 , last thing that was on my efile history was successfully acknowledged by agency
  • It's not working if nothing comes up its probably just not ready I haven't heard anything new since 2/2
  • Accepted is the first step then approved you should get a dd then I have been processing for a week now
  • The IRS wasn't scheduled to begin processing tax refund until January 31.
  • I was accepted on 1/25, however refund is not approved and no DD date?  Could this mean I was voluntarily put into the new system and will wait longer for my refund?
  • I think a lot are waiting nothing new for 2 days my accepted date is the 28th but my efile details says succeeded agency 30th so I am going by that
  • I efiled on the 28th, accepted on the 29th according to TT. But ever since then I've never been able to get any information from the IRS site. Always get the we cannot provide information error....not really sure what is going on.
  • I been using netspend for almost 2yrs and I get my money early! Everything I receive I deposit it into my netspend account. I really like it!
  • I've used netspend for years too and I have always received my return two days before the DDD
  • Yeah that'll be correct
  • :)
  • ssageness..... have you gotten ur DDD yet?  I filed on the 17th, accepted on the 26th but no DDD yet. I haven't checked today.
  • Yes @rewallace25 I was accepted on the 26th as well and on 2/2 I received a DDD for 2/6. But years prior I didnt get any bars and received my refund around the same time others that were accepted on the same day. When WMR updated and I got an email my refund was going to be deposited soon, I had the refund almost five day prior to them sending me the message.
  • You think we could still get it today?
  • With Netspend?
  • i am with netspend got a ddd of 2/6 no deposit yet!
  • I was told by an accountant that the irs releases funds on Wednesdays. Not sure how true this is but would make sense since I have a DDD of 2/6, used to get it before that date on WMR. Here's to hoping.
  • that's what the ssbt rep said!
  • Wednesday?
  • Yeah prolly tomorrow. Last couple years its been around 3-4 pm i got it.
  • what state r u in?
  • Eastern time zone. It almost seems weird putting this info on
  • Lost Shepard...Lol its helping us get a better look on how fast the IRS is working and approving refunds
  • I was approved the 28th for Federal and I was approved today from state but still no DD date
  • I was accepted on 1/27 and still no DDD. I'm still on the first bar.
  • My taxes was accepted on Jan 30th but still still shows being processed.. getting a little nervous..anybody else accepted at that time and still being processed
  • Yea me @ pamif1972
  • Same with me I filed on the 3rd accepted on the 24th still on first bar no ddd
  • I call irs no offset or anything
  • I was accepted on the 24th and still one bar here.
  • Does anyone have a DD DATE of 2/6 , if so have you received your refund or does it still say on WMR waiting to be sent ????
  • Mine was accepted on the 30 and still says processing too
  • I've had a DDD of 2/6 since Sunday. But still no deposit or pending deposit. Still stuck on second bar. Don't know what's going on. Prior years it gave a deposit date but always got it early.
  • If it dont come today. Im going to be worried. Usually got it 2 days in advance.
  • Same here
  • I just checked on mine and no bar showed up again and it still says processing
  • just checked nothing
  • I'm in the same boat, still on second bar with a Ddd of February 6. Anyone know the website to see if the bank tt uses took out there fees yet...
  • no they did not no funds to ssbt

    To see if they took your fees out yet...DD of 2/6/14...stuck on second bar on WMR and no fees have been taken out yet smh...hopefully It does actually come tomorrow?!? Anyone with a dd to bank acct not net spend get theirs yet?!?!
  • yes, state with netspend accpeted the 1st and recieved this morning
  • has anyone gotten their refund yet either threw their own bank or netspend or sbbt?
  • If you can order your account transcripts then that means your return is complete. Last year I filed education credit so it took mines longer so after learning last year that once you can order your transcript your refund comes next. Sometimes WMR doesn't update and it gets overloaded. Hope this helps
  • Does that mean the refund is approved too if u can order your transcripts?
  • audieo.. what state do you live in?
  • I usually got my Fed between 3-4pm est.
  • Yes last year my refund came 2 days after. I'm going with Friday WMR still said processing when I had already received my refund
  • I'm still on the first bar. My refund wasn't approved yet. It's just accepted.
  • I filed on 1/20 and got accepted on 1/27
  • Can you order your transcripts?
  • I was just able to order my transcripts..and WMR is still showing being processed and I dont even have the orange bars either. So hopefully my refund is on its way.
  • wondering if anyone with a ddd of the 6th has seen anything yet?
  • I'm in the same spot but I haven't tryed ordering my transcripts yet, my orange bar is gone now and it says processing also.. Tell me if you get your dd
  • No deposit. DDD 2/6. Weird
  • I guess they not finish yet! My transcript not ready.
  • No update for me either I'm getting very frustrated now!!!DD 2/6
  • same here seems no ones gettin anything early
  • Mine hasn't been approved just accepted
  • Mine were accepted on 1/29 and still processing
  • nothing on net spend yet either
  • No have not seen anything yet and I have a ddd of 2/6/14 as well.
  • I wonder when will the IRS send the money to that back so they can take the fees out . And how long does it take to receive it in your own bank account ? Anyone wit past experiences wit this ? this my first time having fees taken out .
  • I was able to order transcripts...but anybody know for u to be able to order them does it have to be approved first or declined.does it matter..for u to get our transcripts
  • I use netspend with DDD of 2/6 and have my fees taken  out through SBBT they havent received my refund as of 12:15pm eastern time
  • If you can order yer transcripts then they have processed your return.
  • Do u have to do state when u do federal. Bc this the first yr I didn't do them together and my federal was accepted on 1/27. I'm still on the first bar. So I would luv to knw if that could be my hold up
  • No, feds dont give a damn about state. The hold up is the lazy pricks at the IRS
  • I have never filed state at the same time and never had a problem
  • Ok thanks y'all
  • i was accepted 1/31 still no change in the bar still on first orange, I filed my federal with TT and the State with State Dept (FREE) I got my state back on 1/21 (I was able to file that early) and still waiting for federal. I was able to order my transcripts this morning and still no change on WMF. or no DD date yet, but hoping to see it soon. This happened last year to me i was able to order transcripts  no update and then refund was in my account and it still wasn't updated. Had refund and it still send was on first bar.
  • I was the same way last year. I had my refund but wmr said I was being processed. Hopefully I shall see a redund Friday
  • yeah me to I have heard some DD dates for peple that filed 1/31 is 2/6
  • I just checked WMR and it is down
  • Lol WMR is always down smh. Hopefully tomorrow I should be able to see the deposit pending
  • I have the DDD of 2/6 but SBBT as of the past 5 minutes hasn't received my refund yet
  • am2kds....hope so if i get any updates I will let you know
  • I will do the same
  • :-)
  • The IRS suck this yr!!!
  • I have a DDD of 2/6 but sbbt still hasn't received my refund. does anyone else have this problem?
  • Me too haven't received my refund I check wmr and it says its down so maybe they are updating. I am on eastern time and sbbt is behind us 3 hrs so maybe thats It
  • ddd 6th still nothin here either
  • ugh.. efiled Jan 12th got accepted the 24th and it still only shows refund accepted, waiting for it to be approved is taking forever.
  • @ babygirl I just checked WMR and it still says that I should receive on the 6th.  Im going to check now to see if I get the same error message you just got
  • this is what I have from WMR

    Return Received

    Refund Approved
    Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank by February 6, 2014.
    If your refund is not credited to your account by February 11, 2014, check with your bank to see if it has been received.

    Please Note:

    For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.
  • I had a DD on the 6th also , && SSBT has not received my funds yet either . mus not gon send them funds until the 6th. how long will it take after SSBT receives the funds ?
  • im just not understanding why netspend is saying theres no pending deposit if its due tomorrow
  • last year my dd was not until 8 I got it on the 4
  • seems to me they r nt sendin anythin early i hope we will see somthin 2morro the wmr does say due to be "sent" by the 6th thinkin it will be 'on' 6th
  • @ Michael.dedrick I have also check sbbt and they are still saying that they haven't received my refund from the irs.  Im thinking it is going to be late :-(
  • the irs refund cycle said deposits would be made today
  • or maybe they have the funds jus haven't updated the system yet . I don't kno , jus hope they be in my account tomorrow or I know something tomorrow .
  • Akacat same here accepted 31 and no updates
  • @ churst where did you see that?
  • go on internet punch in irs refund cycle chart it will pop up
  • I just did that and it only gives me the dates after the 6th
  • Today is only the 5th.  When it says the 6th, it means the 6th.
  • Has anyone that has a DDD of 2/6 received any information that their refund has been received at SBBT?
  • What is sbbt?
  • I hear if you have a DDD of 2/6 you should see it from SBBT around 10am pt
  • I have a ddd of 2/6 an SBBT still says it has not rec'd it yet
  • @ shyanne sbbt is the bank TT uses to deduct ur fees if thats what u chose to do
  • @ kevmex so r we gonna see it @ sbbt bank or our own bank by 10am?
  • SBBT. They run off pacific time even though they are based out of MN. Whoever had paid out of pocket should see they're deposit around 10am est.
  • Well finally saw my state refund has a ddd 2/7 but when I use the turbo app it still shows accepted. So confusing
  • whoever finds out please let us know
  • It is really confusing, you see lots of people filing early and have a ddd 2morow .. Some with no ddd... We are all inpatient creatures lol (:
    I have to pay state so that's a bummer
  • i saw a bunch of TT updates in my email and was hopin to see someone was sayin they gt it lol as soon as i see anythin i will b sure to pass it on gd luck all
  • I suppose to get my refund tmm , but when I go on WMR site.. it says the site in temp unavailable... ?? Anyone else having this problem ??
  • The site is down for me as well
  • I just checked WMR and it still says that I should have my refund "by" 2/6
  • I was told by the irs they won't make any deposits until after midnight. Makes since since most of us have a DDD of 2/6. I usually get it before the DDD, but since know one else got there's I half believe it.
  • Me too wth
  • i can't get on too many tries while it was down now they say i exceeded amount allowed!! grrrrr nvr evn got to view it that many times that sux
  • I think we'll see our money tomorrow or Friday the latest.
  • someone in a different thread said they tlkd to an sbbt agent n was told it takes1-2 days to see it on their end aftr irs sends it wth hope thats nt true
  • @ fordfam42000 if that is the case then that means that the irs should have already sent our refunds to sbbt so that they can be deposited "by" tomorrow for those that have the ddd of 2/6
  • Ion kno what to believe cause some ppl say once SSBT receives it they take their funds and send it to your account rite away .
  • if u read the wmr site it says to 'your' bank bt that only means where it is going straight frm irs which for some is sbbt and others their own bank
  • Irs sent funds out on Monday, have my funds in the bank but it's not available to me. I'm in Colorado. Agent says it will b available tomorrow....from my experience SBBT releases your funds once they receive and take their fees out.
  • I checked ssbt as of 11:18pm e.s.t they have not received my refund. WMR says I will get DD on the 6th... so worried, not cause I want to go spending but, I am behind on gas bill, its cold here!
  • Don't worry I HAVE a friend that just called me and he got his funds so I'm sure it will be there sweetie
  • Where does he live.. and does he have sbbt funds taken out
  • Were in Colorado and did direct deposit to our regular bank accounts
  • Just recieved mines..did anyone else!
  • I'm confused!! I got a dd date of 2/6 but the website says they still haven't sent funds and I have nothing? Why is that?
  • Where do u live @ alexandra
  • same here dd date 2/6. i live in nc
  • wondering when its going to get to my bank
  • So who got there money since everyones dd is 2/6 and its 2:20am now here in al
  • i was able to order my transcripts, but didnt get a dd yet. was accepted on 1/26. im in mich. so far nothing yet....but a big knot in my stomach
  • What does it mean to order your transcripts? I was also accepted on 1/26 but still only have one orange bar and no dd
  • 5am and still nothing. i read up in comments a phone number to call and order tax transcripts. last week i tried but couldn't because irs said it was unavailable. this morning i called and was able to, which means im done being processed. but still nothing...
  • My experiences I've never had it take this long for a ddd. Even if it is next week
  • I have my DD for 2/10
  • When did yours get accepted am2kds
  • What is the number to order transcripts
  • I live in pa..I never had an aactual dd..I just checked and it wad deposit this morning. .Im sure it wont be long for everyone else..good luck guys
  • 18009089946 for transcripts
  • When did u file alexandravega? When was it accepted? And did u get a dd? Or was it just deposited?
  • For those that received their refund did you receive an email from Sbtpg? I still don't have any updates. Please advise. I had a ddd of today.
  • I filed 1/30 and accepted 1/31, I checked this morning and got my DD
  • Am2kds, did you get a date or just looked and had it?
  • I filed the same 1/30 accepted 1/31 .. no change anywhere wmr, tt, sbbt ... I thought tt was better than h&r but seems it is not
  • File 1/28 was accepted 2/1 got dd date today for 2/10 im in maryland
  • My DD is today and it has not posted to my account. Nor has the IRS website shows that it has been sent.
  • I'm in Massachusetts and my dd is 2/6 and I haven't received any funds :/
  • So frustrating. no movement anywhere, not on WMR or the SBBT thing. I was accepted on the 25t of Jan, on the 31st was approved, dd date says the 6th, I actually have a migraine from all this.
  • I was accepted on the 26th and had the ddd for today but still nothing. I have checked WMR and it still says that it hasn't been sent, I check sbbt and I keep getting an error.
  • Is there an actual tax professional or customer service rep from the IRS that we can call?? I think that's crazy that they said it would be in MY acct (not SBBT's) by today!!! It says the it's hasn't even sent it!!
  • @MsFrustrated do you have the SBBT website address? I am wondering if maybe I am on the wrong site.
  • @ Kitana the samething is happening to me.  I am hoping that because cali is 2 hours behind me that maybe when they open they will have checks to post.  I guess we shall see
  • @msFrustrated , Ohh that syntax error thing? I was getting that when I checked on my Iphone, but off my laptop it works (hope that helps you)
  • @ kitana here it is
  • @msFrustrated yup that is the one I have. thanks for confirming! the error seems to only happen on mobile devices even Ipad lol
  • @ kitana I checked from the computer and it was working but hell they still don't have anything.  Im starting to be worried
  • @MsFrustrated same here :( Im with you praying that its due to the time difference. Last year and year before, I woke up around 9am and it was in my bank. but, then again I paid TT with my own credit card. NOT GOING TO DEDUCT FROM REFUND NEXT YEAR!  That's for sure. Now to go down a few cups of coffee and pray!
  • @ kitana I know what you mean. im at work and my nerves are on edge.  I have so many things I need to catch up on... its driving me nuts to just wait!
  • The IRS Said that they sent the refund to TurboTax already now we r just waiting on them to release the funds. I went on Sbgt website and they claim they haven't received anything from the IRS....just don't know...its getting on my nerves.
  • and this is exactly why i do not depend on my tax return to take care of certain things....i made that mistake for past couple years and its the dumbest thing to do trust me.....i need this $$ badddd but i sure as hell aint depending on it this time.....all u are gonna do is drive yourself nuts.....dont bother calling the IRS they will be no help and they are ignorant (which i kind of understand because im sure millions are calling a week after they file asking where their money is)....i would only worry if u have not received your money past the 21 day thing....if its only been a week or so then just try and be patient even though its hard to do but we really have no choice....dont go by how quick you got your return last year either....i was accepted 1/29 and still have gotten no updates....but last year i did receive my DD refund while WMR was still saying it was being processed.....just try and be patient....we are only some of the hundreds of millions of ppl waiting for their $$.....and i have the easiest simplest return too....i have one W-2 form and thats it...i dont have 10 kids to claim (wish i did lol) or anything like that so i dont know wtf is going on!!.....hope we all get it by end of this week though thats for sure!!!!
  • @ ant1219 you are certainly right!  it really pisses me off that the government is QUICK to take it from our paycheck but yet they take their precious time giving our money back!
  • ye its crazy!! did u ever read the criteria on the IRS website about what to do if u owe taxes?? they say that they advise you to get a loan or borrow the money to pay your taxes in full as soon as possible!!!! like seriously??? Id like to call them and tell them to go borrow a few billion from whatever country of their choice and pay us our damn money ASAP.....its crazy!! they will take your money in a second but they will take their good old time giving us ours!!....i should of claimed the presidnet and his wife and family as dependants this year and i should of gave myself a stimulous.....
  • I have been reading all of your post, and was in the same boat as most of you.  I had a DD date of 2-6-14, and had my fees taken out of my refund.  I just checked the SBBT site 10 seconds ago, and they have updated, and received my refund.  It should be the same for you guys in the same situation.  Good luck!
  • everything is down as of right now....
  • @ ant1219 LMAO that is very true.
  • @ kester8608 I just checked and it is down for me as well.  hopefully they are updating and our money is on the way!
  • yep its down for me too guys
  • it let me right in, but no money. Ugh
  • I tried, still says haven't received from irs
  • Mine is with Santa Barbara and it states it will be deposited next business day why not today?
  • Im going to go and check sbbt to see if mine is there yet.  hold for a update in just a minute
  • Just a heads up but SSBTRAL is showing my money in as of 30 sec ago
  • I just checked sbbt and mine is there as well. next business day for my refund!
  • Hopefully MsFrustrated! Seems we all need ur screen name, in past years it at least gave you a ddd even if it was next week!
    @amberdawson88 I would check your with your bank
    @thegoodmama your taxes werent received?
  • Sbbt has updated and they have my funds also! Not sure when it will be deposited in my account.
  • @ kester8608 im hoping so too! I don't understand why they cant just wire transfer it and I have it today
  • UPDATE: Finally hit SSBT! (fingers crossed for dd to MY bank within the next few hours)
  • @ kitana I don't think we are going to get it today! mine is with SBBT as well and it said the next business day. :-(
  • Not yet :( pray for me...please
  • @MsFrustrated aww poop :( just realized mines says that as well.
  • Sbbt has my money and it is supposed to be released tomorrow.
  • I think that everyone's money that hit SBBT today will receive their money tomorrow.
  • I want them to have mine too!
  • passes around some double mocha cocoa latte with shots of adult beverages cuz mine hasnt updated either
  • BTW people on the east coast SBBT is located in Cali which is behind us 3 hrs
  • Sorry kester, but its comforting to know i'm not alone in my pity party. Those who've had it show up at sbbt, were you given an actual dd date from wmr or tt? I was accepted, never got a date, but fall on the chart for today. Then when i called to see if i could order my transcripts, it did.
  • @ kester and the goodmama I pray with the both of you that sbbt will have yours today as well.  they are just opening so im sure they will have something in the next few hours.

    @ thegoodmama was your supposed to be dd today?
  • I'm feeling a little desperate, nervous, anxious all in one huge knot
  • I know exactly how you feel.  I had to step away from my computer for awhile then come back
  • This is from SBTB:

    "Bank has received all or part of your income tax refund.

    RT Disbursement Information

    Bank has forwarded all or part of your income tax refund from the IRS to your financial institution on 02/06/2014, per the IRS refund delivery date.

    As with all direct deposits, please allow at least 1-2 business days for your financial institution to post your refund in your account."
  • @slmored that is the same thing I got. I guess one more day wont hurt to wait
  • @MsFrustrated, yes thats true....I just want it now LOL, very impatient!!
  • UPDATE:  This is what I just got from SBBT



    Taxpayers please be aware that there has been a slight delay in IRS funding!


    If the IRS website indicates that your refund will be available February 6th, funds will not be available until February 7th due to the IRS releasing funds one day later than expected. Taxpayers expecting their refund on the 6th by direct deposit will now likely receive their refund on the 7th. Please be assured that Tax Products Group will disburse funds immediately as they are received from the IRS.
  • I just tried sbbt and still nothing, but did get a notice box stating because. Irs delayed a day, our funds won't be made available until tomorrow 2/7. Still, i'd feel SO much better if i saw mine in there
  • @ Slmored I am the same way. very impatient!  I figure don't tell me im going to have my money on a specific day then don't do it ya know what I mean?
  • goodmama ur not alone, I have yet to be updated on anything no ddd and bar didnt move, nothing
    Im not relying on it would be just good to hear a heads up on whats goin on
    Its more frustrating to read others say there ddd and they got it or if you read some say if you got a topic 152 then it has been processed but yet still no updates
    praying for all
  • Msfrustrated, i wasn't given a date. Just accepted 1/26. Been stuck on 1st bar since, but i fall within date on chart. I was able to order my transcript. Still, can hold my breath only so long.
  • Also wondering why IRS systems are still down?......
  • thegoodmama I know it is very frustrating! did you file before or after 11 am?
  • I was accepted 1/30 .... seems same boat as thegoodmama
  • I already recieved mine but elected to have the fees paid with refund. Bad idea they took them and sent to my bank and now it may take 1 to 5 days for bank to past... frustrating first year I didnt get my funds at midnight.... im so mad!
  • @phantomskye i don't understand why your bank would take that long to post if it is a direct deposit
  • @phantomskye if your ddd was today and sbbt received your refund today then your bank should post your money tonight when they update and it be available tomorrow
  • we have broke the system... I cant believe it is still down smh
  • @kester i think they could be updating the system and that could take quite a long time.  just wait awhile then go back and check because if you keep trying after so long it will lock you out and you wont be able to check til after 24 hours
  • I filed 1/13 accepted 1/26 and yes both dates before 11am
  • ty MsFrustrated.....
  • @ thegoodmama i think you should here something today. just make sure you don't check the systems to much because they will lock you out until next business day
  • its bull every year i received since efile i get it on the day irs says. i will never use a third party bank again.  but at least its coming but i could have used that money this morning since we are always paycheck to paycheck
  • @ phantomskye i am the same way.  every pay period check to check it would have certainly been nice to use it today to get some things caught up.  the government is QUICK to take the money but slow to return it to LEGIT taxpayers
  • Just called my bank, they are not showing anything in process. SBBT says payment was disburse today.. I guess that means they sent it to my bank.  So... even if bank does get it tomorrow funds still will not be ready for a couple more days.
  • @ Kitana im starting to be a bit nervous because im thinking that is what my bank might do too.  let me check my bank and see if they see anything.  i'll let you know in just a few minutes
  • I just called my bank and they say that they dont see a pending deposit for the amount of my refund. Ugh! so frustrating!!!
  • No I filed mine together on 01/27 it was accepted on 01/29 still on the first bar no DDD
  • I got accepted 1/24 and still no dd date yet. but my daughters got accepted same day and she got her refund today. my sister in law got approved by IRS 1/29 and she got her's today as well.. Don't know what's up with that. can anyone explain why I haven't gotten mine yet. me too very frustrated
  • Mine was accepted on 1/29  & sti on first bar no ddd. I am getting nervous and frustrated
  • No not yet
  • I am the same on 1/28 @shyanne getting frustrated
  • Accepted on the 29th and got a DDD of 2-10 this morning.
  • I got accepted 1/26 and no D/D as of 02.06.14 still on the first orange bar.

    ( Up date 02.08.2014 )
    Between 4:00 AM and 6:20 AM.
    On wmr moved to the second bar stating my refund is scheduled to be in my account BY Feb.12 and if not contact IRS on the 17th

    So for people who has the code 152 on the page Where's my refund it's not a problem it's only stating the three (3) ways you can receive your refund.
  • I got accepted on 2/1/2014 and it's still processing any help???
  • @ sir George I was supposed to get my refund today but I wont get it until tomorrow or Saturday.  I just hit SBBT this morning and they say that it will be 1-2 business days before it is deposited to my bank.  I am also assuming that because the irs has so many returns that they are delayed from sending refunds on time.
  • What's the sbbt website
  • Thanks
  • I was accepted 1/29 was able too order my trandscript last night then this morning WMR was updated said DD of 2/10
  • Very strange. My brother was accepted and approved the same day as I and his has not hit Santa barbra yet.

    Those that DID get DD today, they most likely paid TT Fees via debit or credit card. Smart!
  • Look on ssbt website they stated irs made error and if you have a ddd of 2/6 it will really cum 2/7
  • @MsFrustrated... you are so right they are so quick to take from tax payers and slow slow to pay our money which has been put aside for us at the end of each year. Remember... Our monies. However we are never gonna get it all anyway, but what we receive is a great help at the end of the year.. At least you are at the stage where your money has been or will be deposit in hours... Good;-)

    I filed on Jan. 17 and was accepted on Jan. 26 at this date and time like others who filed back when I did still stuck on accepted the orange bar. The IRS started early this year with a stock pile. However it seem to me that the stock pile is still at the bottom and people who filed later are getting their D/D. Anyway, I'm hanging in and waiting until I receive it...Good luck and enjoy;-)
  • @ Sir George you may want to just call the 800 number to see because as of right now WMR still doesn't say that my refund has been sent but I got it this morning at 2:30 am cst
  • Finally got the ssbt website to work. But it gave me nothing...not even a ddd. Can you receive your funds at any time of the day?
  • I had an original DDD of 02/06.  I had a reference number to call the IRS hotline this morning stating my refund was delayed.  I spoke to a rep and was told there is a delay and people that were expecting 02/06 deposit are pushed out one or two weeks. Due to high volume of returns.  So now my DDD is 02/28.  Nice government.
  • Omg mine too I was just about to post a question if anyone else had a delayed payment. Hope to get it soon. The rep I spoke with just said it would be deposited in 21 days.didn't give me a actual date.
  • Have you tried calling ssbt? Same happened with me yesterday since my DD was the 6th. However I received my federal 3 AM this morning
  • I keep cking da ssbt & da site is not working watz up wit dat???
  • What's the ssbt? I never had a problem before,
  • the ssbt does that work if you are getting direct deposit and have already paid your filing fee?
  • I did select direct deposit and I fund the free federal.
  • Up date on Saturday morning 02.08.2014 between the hours of 4:00 AM and 6:20 AM:

    Return Received - >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Refund Approved - >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Refund Sent

    Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank by February 12, 2014.

    If your refund is not credited to your account by February 17, 2014, check with your bank to see if it has been received.

    Please Note:

    For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.
  • hopefully we will all have them in a few days
  • i FINALLY got my dd date on wmr for 2/13.
  • @thegoodmama... Is that your confirmed deposit date or does it states by Feb 13? I ask this question because early Saturday morning between 4 and 6:30 AM wmr stated my refund is scheduled to be deposit into my bank account by Feb. 12, 2014.
    Also I am thinking my refund is going straight to my bank and not through santa barbara bank and trust because I signed into my State Farm bank account and my taxes was Presented by State Farm meaning I was not charged for Federal or State this year. Now when I first started my taxes for this year there was a fee until I was inside my State Farm account and signed into turbo from there the fees were dismissed.
  • i got accepted on 2/3 and got a dd yesterday of 2/12 and I got my netspend card yesterday and that was sent out on 2/4. just waiting now.
  • Both my Ex husband and I filed on 1/27, and got accepted on 1/29. He just got updated on Saturday for a dd by 2/12 and he had an offset with his taxes...they just reduced it and approved him for the rest. Mine on the other hand updated this morning from just being "we have received your taxes and it's being processed"  mine never had orange bars or anything. But today I have a dd by 2/13 and I have the net spend card and he is his bank account.
  • Did anyone get a dd of 2/12 and get your refund already??
  • Not me:(
  • Not me either. hey...just a couple of days....Hopefully
  • I have dd of 2/12 but no moey hoping for tmrw
  • Please post if you have a dd of 2/12 and get your money tomorrow! Fingers crossed :)
  • I have a dd of 02/12 but still no crossing my fingers with you that something happens today.
  • My DD is set for 02/12/2014 so far nothing, bank has no record of pending deposit..Bank with American Airlines Credit Union
  • My ex husband has a dd for 2/12 and his is at the sbtg  bank for disbursement in his bank tomorrow. So irs has released the funds just waiting for it to hit his bank. Go and check there.
  • i have a dd for 2/12 but still nothing showing up on the sbtg I m hoping it will update later anyone else have the same problem
  • Finally i see my money on sbtg....and I have a dd for 02/12 so waiting for my bank to receive it...
  • still nothing for me im starting to get a lil worried
  • nenna2 It could update later, don't worry, I'd say give it some time and check again. I am not sure how they do their updates.
  • thank shayshay377 im sure your right just hate the waiting game plus I was reading on here that there was other people with ddd had refunds delayed makes me nerves lol
  • lol never mind it just showed up I made myself trip for no reason I guess since I just got this new job at a bank im thinking nothing else will go right which usually how things end up for me but hey that's LIFE!
  • yes i am having that same problem. yast year it only took me 12days to receive my refund. i used taxactonine last year, i go to whereismyrefund and check and itsn saying its still processing. dont understand
  • i have read that if you are able to receive a transscript then your refund is approved, but i tried it online lastnight and it said my info did not i called this # and it said that my transcript will arrive in 5 to 10 days. But i also read where someone else ordered theirs and got a non filing letter in the mail. I hope this means I will be getting my refund soon :-/ idk though

Filed on the 26th, accepted the 28th, only thing i have gotten from the IRS is a middle finger. Seen several people that got accepted after the 31st and already have a DD date.

  • Have you received anything .. A approval , a DD date or anything ??
  • I re read it sorry... working off no sleep .. When is your DD date ?
  • I have no DD date, Only thing i have gotten is accepted. No approval or nothing.7 days and waiting.
  • I did early filling , but hell mine has already got accepted approved and finally got my DD date... but it's taken longer to get that sent out than going threw my actual paper work... 2 days for that... Over a week just to be sent.... ridiculous !
  • i got approved for the 6th and still have money. last year  I used the netspend card and received my money 2 days early..still haven't received nothing
  • Same. Getting alittle worried with this debt limit the government has.Usually had my money by now.
  • i got my state already
  • The government wasn't to start approving taxes until the 31st. I submitted on that day but haven't been approved.
  • Mine was accepted on the 29th but it still is processing getting a little nervous it has never taken this long to process before
  • I filed 1/29 and was accepted 1/30 now it's in the processing stage but I was able to order my transcripts so that means it's complete. Last year my status never changed on WMR I just checked my account. Hope this helps
  • How do I order my transcript?
  • Call 8008291040 and listen for prompts to order account transcript
  • Thanks.
  • So as long as  can order a transcript it means they have processed it?
  • yes if u can order your transcripts that means it's finished processing @shyanne
  • Dang mine hasn't finished then
  • I guess it's not Bc it say N/A
  • My refund was accepted on Jan 27th I have one bar but what i don’t get is when I look at my transcript it says No Return Filed why is this?
  • think that they haven't started your return yet sry.
  • Do anybody have the IRS number? I need to speak to a human being!!!!!!
  • Mine says the same thing just means they haven't processed it yet as long as it has been accepted means they have it.
  • If you talk to irs and find different please share
  • I have a ddd of 2/6 but no deposit yet but i do know. that netspend i hours away from us it will be 8am there when its 1pm here
  • I tried to call IRS and u can't get no answers they just say it takes 21 days
  • @shayanne I just got off the phone with the irs. All they said was u still in the 21 day window. But she did say if it was a problem with anything they will let me knw when I check WMR it will say they sending out a letter. So I'm good on that part. Bc it don't say anything like that. So hopefully I hear or see something soon.
  • this is the number to order  transcripts 1-800-908-9946
  • Maybe tonight or tmm we will see something , just curious because I normally get mine before the estimated date... but haven't this year... so let's keep our fingers crossed... my DD date is 2/6... so I guess tmm we will know if the irs is sticking to there word ... on the DD deposits....
  • I hope so , cause SSBT says they haven't received any funds yet . how long it usually takes after they receive them ??
  • if dd is tomorrow how come nothing is pending
  • I know with my bank pending deposits for the next day show up after 5 pm , hopefully we all see something tomorrow
  • refund cycle said deposits would be made today
  • Where do you view the refund cycle?
  • When I just checked it shows if it accepted on jan 28- feb 3 the date for a dd would be feb 13
  • You can get your transcript from the irs site online
  • I did mine on the 28th, was accepted on the 30th and dd date is tomorrow.
  • For the past years people have been receiving early with direct deposit , as the irs says... so as far as that people do receive early. Thanks !
  • My refund was accepted for processing on the 24th. The refund amount still has not been accepted and no DD date yet?
  • If u can order transcripts does it mean u was approved or can it be rejected
  • Next deposit Date is the 12th for those that didn't get a DD for 2/06
  • @mymy85 how do u kno that did wmr update for you ?
  • It's up for me now... earlier the site was down... maybe that's a good sign... is your DD date for today 2/6 ??? If so do you know the time zones they start depositing them.. I've been looking and can't seem to find any info on it.. I'm kind of worried... for the past 3 years I've always received it at least 2 to 3 days before expected date..
  • @mymy85 where you get that info
  • My refund is in my account however look at the tax calendar deposits are every Thursday
  • Where do u live
  • Im in de. Mine were accepted1/28 just like my bff. She got a due date for feb sixth. We both did direct deposit
  • Just got another middle finger from the IRS. No reason to bother checking WMF tell next week sometime. Next batch wont go out tell next Thursday. FUCK THE IRS.
  • Colorado
  • So ur refund is in ur bank account?
  • @bowhunter3125 ... I feel you. I filed on Jan. 17 and was accepted on the 26 by IRS and still sitting on the first bar. I see some people who filed after got a D/D. Hey like Martin says: What the hell is going on???
  • Mines the same way ... Accepted on the 30th and no change on any site! I'm with bowhunter! What the hell is going on?
  • If I could jump thru that phone!!! The customer service suck at the IRS.
  • Well the IRS was true to their word.  Said i would have a DD into bank account on 2/6 and got text notification from my bank it was deposited at 4:43 am this morning.  Yay me.
  • I had a DDD of 2/6 as well and still nothing!!! WMR still says thy haven't even sent it, and SBBT has no refund??
  • I have nothing pending. No money in acct. This sucks! im eastern time so i wonder if that matters.
  • I thought i had my money but it was just the fees on sbbt.
  • @mkrosnicki ... From my years of records which I keep every year each step. I have received my refund a couple of times and it was still stuck on approved. Also two weeks later as I still checked just to try to know the system it was still stuck on approved. However, I finally stop checking cause I had my refund. Also some times it can go straight to your bank instead of going through SBBT just from my years of records...
  • I just checked my account and my money is not there. i had a dd date of today.just so confused. irs still shows approved  and i have my refund by today. do they post refunds all day?
  • when i checked this morning it said it has been approved and i should have my money by 2/10, which is kind of weird since most of the time it is deposited on thursdays.  maybe it will hit tomorrow and be an early bday present for me!!!!
  • Was hoping to see a change this morning, after 11 business days and still on the first bar......
  • I was accepted on Jan 30 got dd for Feb that message this morning
  • if you have a dd for 2/6 will depend on your bank.. once the IRS sends to bank its up to them to deposit funds. check in the morning some banks process at midnight
  • I got a date of 2/10
  • when did you get approved???
  • what date was your return accepted???
  • Mine got approved on the 28th and approved the 2nd and ddd of 2/6 but there is a one day delay so hopefully tomorrow
  • mines got accepted on the 24 of jan stil on the first bar but I was able to order my transcript today feb.7th what do that mean?
  • @tasha.newman, I was accepted on 1/25 and I was able to order my transcript, but i am still on the 1st bar..did you have and rental properties child care expenses or anything..
  • I was wondering that to
  • i was accepted 1/29 was able too order my transcript on 2/5 the evening and the next morning 2/6 had a DDD of 2/10 on WMR
  • Im not the only one thank goodness. I was accepted on the 28th and NOTHING else has happened. Mine was very simple. We dont own anything, no child care expenses, NOTHING!!!
  • I still just have one bar and I was accepted in 27 th..ugh th wait is ddd date our anything.
  • I'm with you my sis didn't get accepted till 3rd dd of tenth got money tonight
  • Accepted 28th got no movement nut was able order my 2013 return transcript today but no DDD. Happened last year no movement but I was accepted 29 th had in my account by 6th last year!
  • @ mcclennyd ... Same here filed on the 17 got accepted on Sunday the 26 as of 02.08.14 at 3:30 AM still on the first orange bar...
  • I got an update! it now says that my refund has been approved and my funds are scheduled to be sent to my bank on feb 12th. I was accepted on the 29th.
  • Finally have a dd of 2/12
  • i finally got movement, accepted on the 28th and this morning got a ddd of the 13th, yesterday was able to order my transcripts i think this is the key.
  • Will we be able to recieve refunds on a monday? Has anyone who has had a dd of 2/12 already gotten their refund?
  • I have a ddd of the 12th... nothing yet.
  • I have a DD on by 12. However I woke up Monday morning around  02.10.14 4:00 AM and it's in my account total amount pending for release date to be posted after 02.11.14  which it will on the 12th
  • it going into your bank acct or on a netspend card?
Yes I have been approved. I'm just waiting for them to send my refund out to my bank via dd.
  • when did you file your taxes
  • always go with TT and no one else,its always been the best free tax site I ever used and like I said got my money I 7 days last year. I will always use TT
it's my money and I NEED IT NOW
A little insight for you all. I was accepted on the 30th of jan and I just got an dd on Thursday for 2/10 and when I woke up this morning on 2/8 my refund was already in my account.. I hope this help someone that's wondering, and where is my refund is still on the second bar.
  • Yes I woke up this morning 02.08.14 between 4:00 AM and 6:20 AM on IRS site finally stated:

    Return Received - >>>>>>>>>>
    Refund Approved - >>>>>>>>>>
    Refund Sent

    Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank by February 12, 2014.

    If your refund is not credited to your account by February 17, 2014, check with your bank to see if it has been received.

    Please Note:

    For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.
    If you notice "by" Feb 12 is the key word so hoping mine will be in my account this weekend.
  • Once your refund is approved and you have a dd can it be deposited over the weekend


  • netspend or bank
  • Wish i was you
  • I also just got my money...dd
  • What day did they accept your return?
  • Bank. i have wells fargo. i was accepted on the 24th i think it was and had DD of the 6th and got it about 2 hours ago
  • Got mine at my credit union a couple hours ago!! Til next year folks.
  • i did mines aroud 9 lastnight n got accepted in like an hour or so..

IRS turn around is insane fast this year. I just turned my return forms in on the 2nd, and am told that I will be receiving my funds on the 10th.


    Just checked the SBBT money has been deposited to them from the IRS but the money won't be sent to me until tomorrow. This is the message I recieved:

    Paid To    Method                                                                        Trace Number   Date Disbursed   Amount

    Taxpayer  ACH direct deposit to go out the next business day                             02/06/2014           $XXXX.XX


    • Gives us hope. Were you given a dd date prior to going?
    • damn u @netria!!!!! lol na just kidding good for u!! when was your return accepted by the irs?
    • LOL!!!! It was accepted on 1/25
    • @thegoodmama yes, I found out last week that I would have it by 2/6 on the website.
    • I want my life back staring at this bank account for 3 days makes me feel loca i guess i will facebook awhile lol.
    • see last year i had dd and i got it the same day that it went through sbtpg, however with wells fargo being my new DD this year, maybe it is different with them? hmmm because it showing it has been given to them

    only took me 7 days last year to get my refund, so why is it going to take 21 days this year ?

    • Actually last year it was the same rules but it didn't take 21 days for most ppl
    • Accepted on 26 Ddd 2/6 but in my account already
    • You have ur money in ur account
    • Chancellor317 you have your money already?
    • Anyone get their refund
    • I filed on the 31st and it was accepted that day, but waiting on approved. Yesterday the Topic 152 did appear as something for me to read, which is progress. I will mention though last year it was stuck on approved and I never did get a DDD, but checked with my bank and it was already deposited. Remember everyone that the IRS is slammed this week. Everyone want's their refund yesterday. It's a hurry up and wait game....
    • Im hoping to see somethingvat midnight
    • After midnight here in Jersey. Still nothing. WMR says approved. Not sent still
    • After midnight here also... 1:08 and nothing yet .
    • @kitana it will only say sent when it has been received to your bank... I called the irs respre. Today and she cleared that up for me... confused me also.
    • Nothing here not even coming up on irs2go hmmm I want $
    • Dang it I wanna go to wally world to get stuff we never have christmas until now
    • Lol
    • They say the systems are down from 12am to 6am but deposits start after midnight....I know two ppl that received there refunds besides myself
    • I just checked my account and I have no DD. My DD was scheduled for today. WMR site shows refund approved but does not reflect sent. The SBTP automatic thing doesn't offer any help. Just tells me that my return was accepted and my schedule DD. Still haven't received anything saying my money is on its way or have been deposited like I did in the past. Any suggestions on who I should try to contact. My bank told me to try back after 9:30am because that's when everything that came direct deposit last night will be processed by....ugh...getting irritated.
    • whats the site for the SBBT thing??
    • my refund was accepted on the 28th, no DD date yet and the systems are down. I also can't order a transcript. hmmmm, guess I just wait! anyone else has the same issue?
    • fees took out now just waiting for dang bank to post...  they suck
    • Me. I think I will switch who I file with next year seems like TT can't do anything. I hate that people who filed after me are already getting their money.  It's stupid.
    • Ok guys, im in TEXAS and dont go through SBBT as my filing was a free service, therefore no fees will be deducted. I do have a netspend account however. I have no information on when i will be rec'ing my deposit.  I filed on the 1/20 and accepted on 1/27. Last yr i did not see a change on the status bar on WMR until after i got my deposit. this is my first year filing with TT and im immediately feeling the panic and regret... if anyone has netspend, and does not go through SBBT (bc we are in TX) please, please let me know.
    • has anyone in texas gotten a refund... or know where i can see if i will be deposited today or not.  im thinking no, bc here it is the 6th and nothing.  so disappointed in TT
    • SBBT bank is saying that if you were expecting a deposit today into ur bank it will not be in there until tomorrow
      I am in PA and have read many people are panicking
      @madre12 from what I read seems as though netspend is through SBBT, dont quote me cause I dont know
      Hang in there
    • yes we are through metabank...  im trying!  i think the majority of my frustration or, disappointment is with the TT staff directly.  How can you have a service but have NO answers for ppl in texas. i mean every link they give me to check that states schedule, has every state listed BUT tx, lol. definitely getting the karma of not using jackson hewitt as i always have in the passed.  lesson learned.
    • I E-filed with TT on the 28th and got accepted on the 29th. The Intuit tax refund app is junk, doesn't update at all. So I got the IRS2GO app which is 10 times better and it said that my refund was approved and my refund was scheduled to be DD today the 6th. But my bank account shows it being deposited tomorrow the 7th. But still not updates from TT other than my refund being accepted. So I suggest getting the IRS app or going to their website and get a more accurate answer. Hope this helps!
    • im in Cleveland did anybody get there refund yet
    • My daughter n law got hers on netspend tonight.....others that had 2/6 date should be at bank in the morning
    • I check mines again still n da 1st orange section,check on da state its telling me 2 call aagent for wat?? Could there b something wrong,ijs I hope its just updating o checked da sbbtg site nothing there neither,help me understand y I need 2 call an agent about my state taxes.My mom got her ddd & we got accepted on da same day 1/31/14 help i need answers..
      #feeling broke & like duh!!!
    • What is your mom's ddd? It may be yours hasn't updated yet
    • If you were able to order your transcripts does that mean that your refund is done being processed? I was able to order my transcripts just now but the irs2go app says that my refund is still being processed?
    • I filed my fed and state on the 22nd, got the fed acceptance text on the 28th, and still in the processing status on the wmr irs website. Today is the 7th and still nothing. No movement, no update, nothing. Last year I filed with another site, but prior years I filed with TT. Anyone else in the same boat?  I see a couple topics and people filed after me at got funded on the 6th and 7th (sbbt). Even seen some people say they got a ddd of the 10th for federal.  Please let me know if the irs is direct depositing 2 days a week?
    • I read on here that the irs is funding people every day of the week this year. I know someone who got theirs on thursday and friday
    • I read that on TT website too. Unlike past years where they've had set days. Gives us hope i guess.
    • I also filed on the 22nd it was accepted on the 28th, I ordered my transcripts on the 7th and checked this morning the 8th and WMR says approved and DD by the 12th
    • Filed on 30th, accepted on 31st, got approved on 2/6, had a ddd of by 2/10 and got my money this morning!!
    • yay
    • THIS IS A REPLY TO  kariimscott92  If you filed your taxes  and misspelled and worded everything like you do when you type , I can see why you have not received a refund yet, please learn to speak and spell proper English. You will get a lot farther in life if you do, I can not stand ignorant ghetto people.
    • While some of us may use, talk and or type with fewer grammatical errors than others, Was it really necessary to be insulting?? You seem to be the ignorant one to assume that she has to be "ghetto" because of her grammatical errors. You could have kept your negativity to yourself!!!
    • Deluha32, I'm pretty sure I'm not ignorant "da" is not THE ,spell it right it's only one letter more to type, "mines" is not mine, "wat" is not WHAT  so no that's not grammatical errors that's ignorance and ghetto and I'm sorry have u ever heard someone you would consider country talking like that no, let's me honest is ghetto. it's lazy to not want to add one letter more to make it proper English  and change the whole wording , so please look up ignorance and see if you find lacking knowledge under it, I'm sure you can relate . As well when someone puts it out there , it's asking to be called out on.

    omg learn to be a little more patient. it looks like the majority of you have only been waiting about a week or less. if you would just read, then you would have noticed that it states every one taxes is different. some may take longer than others, due to different things that some people qualify to get tax credits for . such as student credits, disability, clearly stated it could take up to 21 days. lord you will get your money calm down


      i just filed my taxes waiting to get approved by the irs hopefully i get the money dd soon


        one thing i learned over the past few years.....NEVERRRR depend on ur income tax to pay for something u have planned a week after u file!!! I have screwed myself so many times doing that that now i make sure my stuff is in order so i dont have to depend on this income tax...dont get me wrong i sooo need the money but depending on it to pay for something is not wise trust me!....the IRS is ridiculous....if you call 5 times in one week you will get 5 different answers.....i was accepted the 29th and its still being processed but im not stressin it anymore its pointless....calling the irs is pointless because they wont help you at all unless its past the 21 days thing which is understandable....i just know this year i def am not making the same mistakes i have made in the past 2 years and depending on this money to come 7 days after i filed....i know it sucks sooo bad but its nothing we can do about it....i would love to call them and ask them wtf is up wheres my money but its pointless!!....i hope we all get our money today or by end of week!!

        • Filed w/TT -1/19/14. Accepted by IRS 1/26/14 ( before opening of IRS 1/31/14) - Education credits H/O- HOH. No EIC.
          DDD of 2/12/14- Yippie Kay YAY!!!

        I was able to do my data retrieval today. I contacted to FAFSA to see if the return had to be processed before this could happen. this is what she told me. 

        Amanda : 12:14:01
        no that was for the 2013. it has been filed. But I have no update on if it is processed. Since the data retrieval did go through. I was wondering if it has to be processed before it transfers the information from the IRS
        Gale Brown: 12:14:44
        Yes it does have to be processed and in order to use the tool for the 2013 taxes you had to have filed more than 3 weeks ago.

        This is what she told me. Obviously i did not file more than three weeks ago. But it still was transferred to FAFSA


          my refund was accepted on the 26th and i have yet to rec a chk.

          • I E-filed with TT on the 28th and got accepted on the 29th. The Intuit tax refund app is junk, doesn't update at all. So I got the IRS2GO app which is 10 times better and it said that my refund was approved and my refund was scheduled to be DD today the 6th. But my bank account shows it being deposited tomorrow the 7th. But still not updates from TT other than my refund being accepted. So I suggest getting the IRS app or going to their website and get a more accurate answer. Hope this helps!
          • Filed w/TT -1/19/14. Accepted by IRS 1/26/14 ( before opening of IRS 1/31/14) - Education credits H/O- HOH. No EIC.
            DDD of 2/12/14- Yippie Kay YAY!!!

          I filed on January 31st, IRS accepted 2/1/14, Refund was "approved" today and I am scheduled for my direct deposit on 2/10/14.

          • I filed 1/30/14 accepted 1/31/14 at 8am... expected refund date is 12/12/14. hmm?
          • Most of us in the last day or two have the refund date of 12/12. I hope we get them sooner or at least by that date. I know a lot of people have plans for it.

          Last year mine was still showing processing , and then I checked my netspend card and the money was already on there. I checked two days later and then it said approved after I had already gotten the money.

            My return was accepted on Jan 31st and I got a ddd of 2/12. I actually just received my deposit.

              I heard that it will take at least 2 weeks longer this year because of the government shut down.  ABC news stated that around December of 2013. However, who knows if that is accurate.

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