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TurboTax Deluxe 2013 Still not responding

TurboTax Deluxe 2013 Not Responding

  • 01/08/2014: Installed TurboTax Deluxe 2013 from CD on Windows 8.
  • Attempted to open previous year tax return (Begin; Transfer Return) – hangs up “ReadingYour Return” – when cancelled, will not restart without reboot.
  • Attempted to check for software updates – hangs up “Checking for software updates”.

  • This answer does not address my problem. I do not have an issue with downloading TurboTax. I have already installed TurboTax from the CD. My problem is that TurboTax consistently hangs up whenever I attempt to check for software update or to transfer my last year tax return.
  • I have this very same problem.  I uninstalled the software, reinstalled it and still have the same problem.
  • I also have the same problem.  It never actually opens in Windows 8 it just sits in not responding until I "end Process" then start again.  Looks like a common problem.
  • After several days with no response from this forum, I contacted TurboTax Support by phone. We tried uninstalling and reinstalling TurboTax but that did not resolve my problem. I was then advised to uninstall Windows .NET Framework and reinstall the older version 4.0 (version 4.5 comes with Windows 8). Turbo Tax is now working OK - I have now checked for updates and transferred last year's tax return successfully.
  • I'm not interested in having to install older software for TurboTax to work.  Intuit just needs to fix their bug so it runs on Windows 8.  I find it hard to believe that their pre-release testing didn't turn this up.
  • Yup, me too. I download my CD and then it tells me it not updated. Re install and it tells me form is not available. Where's the update. Turbo Tax sucks this year. All kinds of problem. Should I ban Turbo Tax next year????

There is obviously something wrong with 2013 since multiple people have the same problem registering, transferring the 2012 information (even if the program says it found it).  This version is not ready for prime time so hope they fix it soon


    Downloaded on 2/4/14. It tries to update itself on first run. Just hangs. Clicked cancel and entered SSN's and it locked up after entering first EID for a W-2. CRAP!!!!



    At least post this as a known issue so your customers don't think you are just ignoring them.  The software is crap this year.

    • I've gone through 3 support techs so far and they are not able to help solve this.  This has to be a programmer error.  Why the hell does running TurboTax Home and Business lock up my entire Windows machine???
    • I would usually have my taxes filed and a refund in hand by now.  Not with TT2013.  Crap
    • I've used TurboTax for a number of years now with no prior issues.  This year, however, is positively degrading from a customer perspective.  If they don't fix this then they will lose me as a customer for sure.

    I had this same problem on my Windows 8 PC about a month ago but had to get my taxes completed; I could not wait for a Turbo Tax solution.  I had used turbo tax for 10 years in a row.  I ended up purchasing H&R Block Premium tax software off the shelf at a local store.  The software was cheaper, it installed fine, and worked error-free on my Windows 8 PC.  It imported my 2012 Turbo Tax return data just fine.  Another BIG PLUS: the on-line help was great.  I received instant on-line chat replies from H&R tax experts, even on the weekend!

    • I will give Intuit another week to release a patch, then go buy H&R block.  This is crap..
    • Thank you for the advice.  Likewise, this software is just garbage this year.  Hopefully the folks at Inuit are reading these comments and understand they are losing market share to their competitors because their product is junk.

    I had the same problem with Windows XP.  TurboTax.exe hung and couldn't be killed with task manager (very strange).  I rebooted and when I tried again I let the tax file search finish on its own before hitting the Transfer button beside the one it found like I had done before.  That got me past it and it seems to be ok now. 

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