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Login screen is blank

When I go to sign in as a returning customer, the screen is blank. I can't get in. Very frustrating...tried multiple browsers, no luck.

  • Screen is blank when I click the My Turbo Tax Link, Returning Customers button, or the orange Sign In link. I have a lap running on Windows 7.   I have IE 10. I have been trying for over a week. My last successful sign in was November 22, 2013. When I attempt to sign in using one of the above methods, the screen is blank. if I F5 or CTRL + F5 I get a message saying that Intuit.com is not responding; and IE attempts to recover the page but it is unsuccessful. Finally I do have two user IDs. At the time I am writing this message I somehow was able to login (after 2 failed attempts). I don't know why or what I did. I will add that I did not click the My Turbo Tax sign in link. Also, now that I am signed in, if I click the My Turbo Tax link it a small pop up window displays but it is blank. So we will see how far I get. Please fix this. Thanks.
  • Is there any way to merge tax data filed under one user ID to another so that I can keep all tax files under one accound?
  • Clarification to my first post. I was able to log in using the link Justin posted.
  • abjones66  Contact turbotax using the link to FAQ and follow the instructions  to contact Turbotax about your accounts
    How do I contact turbotax?

A suggestion:  Maybe while you are fixing the problems you could put a freaking message on the blank page explaining the situation so we don't waste 40 minutes of our time trying to figure out why we can't get anything to show up?!  That would have been very helpful & possibly diffuse some of the anger & frustration I saw on the question pages.  You DO realize you have lost many customers because they were frustrated, right?


    turbo tax login sucks!  i was in no problem doing some preliminary work on '13 returns prior to the new year and now I can't even get past the sign in page with firefox or explorer.  no issues with any other internet service/webpages whatsoever.  Do intuit servers suck this bad or something?


    JUSTIN- A BIG FAT THANK YOU! I don't know alot about computers or the lingo, but I managed to find this discussion when I was tormented by that white screen that let me see the past but not work on the here and now either. I have Windows7Home Premium, on Verison DSL, used my Yahoo to connect and had the "white screen terror" which I had cussed out for at least 10tries and 45minutes of my life now gone. HOWEVER, I did scroll back up and use the connection you posted and WOOHOO I've just finished and had to come back here and give kudos to you for saving me a new computer I wanted to slam into the wall. My husband would croak if I did that!LOL and you know that 1-10 score at the end if you would recommend Turbo tax and then they ask you WHY? Yeah I told 'em alright. The only reason I gave them a 10 was you and I listed this board talk and your specific name and url help or they otherwise would have been canned. SOoo Thanks again you saved this busy mom alot of grief!


      TurbotaxJustinH, the problem for me was the popular extension "AdBlock" which prevents certain things from loading. I clicked the "ABP" button in the upper right corner of my browser and elected to disable it for the turbotax domains. To all other people having issues logging in, disable your ad blockers for this site.

      • Specifically now that I dig into the problem further, it was the "EasyPrivacy" list added into AdBlock. Why this prevents your site from loading, I still don't know.
      • I found the issue to be EasyPrivacy a few minutes ago as well.
      • Right on... thanks to your help we found and fixed the issue. EasyPrivacy thinks that any file named 'Logger.js' is adware and blocks it. Our app had a file called Logger.js that sent error info to our servers so we can, ironicially, see and fix client errors. We renamed the file and are now compatible with the 'EasyPrivacy' list / feature of AdBlock. Thanks again!


      The link you provided worked for me. I have been on Firefox  all day.

      • The link worked. Thanks a lot.

      I'm not going to call my ISP to reconfigure my modem when turbotax.com login for returning customer is the only site ever that I've had this issue with. I've explored some of your other suggestions but to no avail.


      thanks Justin that helped me a lot i finished


        I only have log in issues when I enter the log in screen from a 3rd party site, such as TD Ameritrade or Vanguard. If I use the link provided above by Justin, my log in works just fine. The issue is that I won't likely get the $20 discount provided by TDameritrade and Vanguard if I do not enter via their site.

        • Same issue. I cannot log in via Vanguard to get my free access to Turbotax. I can log in outside of Vanguard.
        • I got it to work through Vanguard using a different computer. So, if you have a second computer you might give that a try.

        As a data point, this is occurring for me using Apple Safari on Mac OS X 10.9.1.

        Logging in with Google Chrome allows me to continue my return.

        • Your right, it only occurring if your using Apple Safari on Mac OS 10.9.1. I tried to login with Google Chrome which allow to continue my tax return. Thanks

        If you're using MS IE (I'm using ver. 11), access your "Tools + Manage add-ons" from the menu bar within IE. Select Tracking Protection. If you have "EasyTracking Privacy Protection List" enabled, disable it (select it and choose "disable" in the lower right-hand corner). Exit IE, cleanup your system with whatever tool you use (I use CCleaner), then have a go at it again. Worked for me! It could be that other tracking protection lists might be causing this problem but I'm using only the "Abine Tracking Protection List" now without any issues. Good-luck!


          Thank you for that link.  I was finally able to get taxes done and filed, and I did not run into that dreaded white blank screen again!!


            I experienced the same blank screen problem using IE10, but it worked on Chrome.  The difference was I had a tracking blocker add-on in Explorer.  I disable it and everything worked.  Specifically the tracking protection was EasyPrivacy.


              Along with trying different browsers, going to tools internet options then selecting security tab to Ensure that the settings for browsing is low not a medium.  Also to enable antivirus, firewalls, and any other security software such as watchmykids or nannywatchesmywebsites. It will free login circle churn.

                04/09/2014 - Using my Mac w/ Safari browser for the first time w/ TurboTax, all I get is a blank screen when I try to log in as an existing TurboTax customer.  FYI.


                  I am unable to sign on and past the secure login, I tried to use the other log in you suggested and this did not work, I need to do m taxes and will need to refer to another tax site.

                  • When you attempt to sign in, do you get a 'blank white screen' ? If so, try another web browser (so if you are using Internet Explorer, try Firefox or Chrome)

                    Or...were you able to enter in your username & password but couldn't get past that login form? If that's the case, try recovering your username/password at: https://myturbotax.intuit.com/#recovery
                  • borquezr52, could you try a different browser? For example, if you are using Internet Explorer, try downloading Chrome http://www.google.com/chrome?

                  Same problem last year. Why don't you solve the problem instead of giving stupid work arounds each year?

                    nothing is working on the login problem.  I don't have another computer to use either.  please help??!!
                      I am using internet explorer and I also got white screen on login your help worked 2nd try

                        It is apparent you need to fire your web developers. Your login page and button shows nothing but https://myturbotax.intuit.com/# which means NOTHING (#) from a code point of view. Total lack of quality control, this is HTML 101 stuff. You have beginners managing your website. Get somebody coding your website that actually knows what they are doing. This has nothing to do with plugins or other browsers, this has to do with being cheap and not hiring professionals who are experienced. Outsource it and get it moving along and put the emphasis on it working rather than it looking pretty. If it is outsourced, fire them!

                        • Heya Shawnndawson. I'm the dev manager responsible for login.
                          I see what looks like a successful login on your account on Feb 3. Are you still getting a blank screen?
                        • Hi, Justin. I take it you're the "goat" everyone's been picking on about this problem?

                          Just as stated in my comment, disabling "Easy Privacy..." fixed the problem for me. I have received comments for others stating the same thing (though, somehow, an app called "Adblock" has been triggering the problem with Easy Privacy...). My guess is that a lot of folks have Easy Privacy.../Adblock turned on/installed and that's why they are having this problem.

                          Maybe you folks can contact the Easy Privacy folks and get them to clean up their blocking list??? Other than that, how about a note just prior to the sign-in screen with instructions for turning Easy Privacy ... off (or on the sign-in screen stating that if the sign-in fields don't display, to turn Easy Privacy... off)?

                          At any rate, I've completed my returns for 2013 and will just wait for my refund.... Good-luck to you guys.

                        I haven't been able to login on Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer. This is getting very frustrating!

                        • I have tried them all as well. I was able to get into one but it made me start all over and  I have been a customer for four years but cannot access my information

                        If you are having trouble with all browser you may need to look a little closer at your configuration.

                        Ask your ISP to reconfigure your modem, just to ensure the problem is not there.

                        Disable any firewall (router, software, windows firewall) to pinpoint whether a firewall is the issue.

                        Disable any virus scanner (also spyware, ad-ware, defender) to pinpoint whether they are the issue.[especially internet type security ]

                        Make sure your computer is up-to-date (Windows, Drivers), ...:

                        Reset your network settings.

                        Have you tried connecting directly into your modem and removing your router as a possible source of problems?[or wireless; if you are using another computer in the area you may have an  IP address conflict] 

                        The problem may be router proxy/DNS settings Removed all enabled options for DNS and proxy,  

                        • Has this been resolved.  Having the same issue.  Win7, IE10.
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