W-2 Management (formerly W-2 Express) Import Codes

For 2013 W-2s, there is a new method importing W-2s from W2 Management (formerly W-2 Express).   You will need to enter the import code found ON YOUR W-2 in addition to some other information.   Please see the attached picture for the exact location of the import code on your W-2.

  • When I added my information plus the import code it told me my credentials were incorrect and I can't proceed. How do I fix this?
  • What is the EIN number you entered.?  Box B on your w-2, this is the employer id number.

Thanks for providing me a graphic showing where the Import Code should be on the W-2.    But, what if my W2Express.com supplied W-2 doesn't have an import code?     I suspect that it's a W2Express issue, but don't know that for sure.   All these great security measures don't mean a thing if the W-2 "suppliers" aren't going to adhere to your rules.    It's now February 16.   Looks like I'll have to manually enter my W-2.   Nice try, TurboTax and W2Express, you've failed on this test.   


    Thanks TurboTaxPaulJ,  That is very useful information! 

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    • yes it's very good idea
    • Landnancya:
      This is a public Internet forum.  For your own privacy, please don't personal info.


    You should not be preparing a tax return without the W-2.  That is too risky.  The IRS, in fact, requires that a W-2 be used, unless they are notified first  in mid-February that one cannot be obtained.    One should not file on the basis of check stubs.  A W-2 can often have different or additional info not shown on the stubs.  People who try to file without a W-2 risk having to amend a return later, which is a big hassle.  An amended return Form 1040X has to be mailed and takes several weeks to process.

    The IRS will not start processing returns until January 31.  Any returns filed before then will be stored by TurboTax until the IRS starts retrieving them on January 31.

    • My husband's company imports the w2 to Turbotax directly ------ but we still have to wait because of a new "import" code that is required this year ---- this is ridiculous!
    • Landnancya:
      If your company does not use the firm W-2 Management, then the method of credentialing for importing may be different.


      This thread is specifically for employees of companies who contract with W-2 Management company, which used to be called W2 Express.

      W2 Management did away with their old management PIN and switched to an 8 digit alpha-numeric code this year.  It should be printed on the W-2 when it arrives.
    • i dont have import code on w-2?
    • tj531:
      Does your company use the firm W2 Management for its W-2's, and have you received your W-2 or viewed it online?  This thread is just talking about people who use W2 Management for their payroll info.

      If you don't use W2 Management and  want to see if TT can import from your employer, see my info in this other thread at the link below.  (You will still have to have some kind of log-in credentials to import your W-2 if your employer does participate.)
    • My employer has indicated that the W-2 form is available now on W-2 express ----- but I cannot log into my account and have contacted them to get it reset ----- no one has been able to help me ----- I won't be using them again next year that's for sure.
    • Landnancya:
      Once you can log into W2 Management and view or print your W-2 there, hopefully that will get you the new 8-digit alphanumeric import code.

    this is ridiculous for those trying to do their taxes WITHOUT a W2

    • People should NOT file without a W-2.  See my answer I just added to this thread for more explanation.
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