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How do I install 2013?

I have administrator rights, my computer, yet disc and online down load for 2013 Tax says I need admin rights. Turn off controls and anti-virus and tried everything I know. Seems there is a glitch in the software. I have used Turbo Tax for about 5 or 6 years and never had trouble installing a disc. Just loaded it in drive and it ran. Now it says I don't meet system requirements by not having administrator rights. However it is a PC and I am logged on as Administrator. I even tried adding a different account, turned off antivirus and firewalls and did everything suggested. When the CD wouldn't load I tried download from online and it said the same: 'doesn't meet system requirements: administrator rights." Like to get this resolved so I can start my taxes.

Thank you

Jeff Moore


    Hey lonelyhunter55 sorry your having trouble with the install. I found this information for you https://ttlc.intuit.com/questions/1911601-sorry-but-your-system-doesn-t-meet-the-minimum-requirement... please follow those steps and see if that was the issue. Let me know if that helped or not. -Alex

    • Thanks everyone. I did a little research and I hope that Turbo Tax and other communities will let folks with Avast Antivirus that this is possibly why the error message. Not sure how I found it but it is a glitch with the software that has been fixed by Avast. I went to the website, got updates and then updated and rebooted. It loaded perfectly. Again, if you are using Avast Antivirus might want to make sure you get software updates from Avast. Thanks again everyone.

    • Thank you Jeff for using Turbo Tax! Hope you have a bless day! :)
    • You are very welcome. Been using Turbo Tax since I was in the military. After I retired from the Army kept using it. When someone else would do it, I would get less then they said. When I did it the amount was right. So I guess Turbo Tax is better than using a professional service in some situations.
    • Thank you for your service sir, and I'm happy you where able to get the issue resolved! :)
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