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When will a fix be available so TurboTax 2013 will install (running XP) without returning Windows Installer Error 1603? Installs to 27%, backs up to 26% then quits because of Error 1603.

I have been using Turbo Tax for 15 years, & becomming more disgusted with it every time I have to Install the product, it is something I would rather not do, just like paying taxes, but I don't have a choice, except use another tax product. Which seems to be a very good idea lately. Every year I have to upgrade to something new or have a problem with the MS Net Framework. I don't have these problems with other Programs & Im getting very tired of it, happening every year. Make a Program that Installs Well, or you will lose customers. My problem this year, I see is a most common one, with a lot of other users having the same problem, I checked the posts. So I know that It is not just my computer, the problem is:When will a fix be available so TurboTax 2013 will install (running XP) without returning Windows Installer Error 1603? Installs to 27%, backs up to 26% then quits because of Error 1603.

  • Go to the link below and read TurboTaxShawnK Moderator 's  post [scroll down past all the other post till you get to his post]
    Turbotax  has special instruction in that post just for Xp users that is having problems.
    [edit link]
  • Cannot get to TurboTaxShawnK post can the post be redone or a way to access it?
  • Boogie96
    My error failed to pick up link .
  • Had no luck... have decided to go with a different software program... send back my cd for full credit.  Spport is not helping at all.
  • Funny thing…TT would not install on my HP PC running XP Home Service Pack 3, however it installed fine on my wife’s Compaq PC running XP Pro Service Pack 3.  The HP PC lists 17 .Net4 patches installed while the Compaq lists ZERO .Net4 patches installed.  Windows Update considers both PCs as up to date.  I had notified Intuit earlier that the install is using a command line security executable that Microsoft says is not compatible with XP Home.  I am probably the last man on earth still using XP Home so this probably does not help anyone else.
  • To kpick4.  I believe there are probably "thousands" of XP users still out there.. I have TWO Compac PC's, XP Home SP3 on one and XP PRO SP3 on the other one... This 2013 TT failed to install on BOTH of them..
  • I wonder if the TTax 2014 package will install on a XP/SP3 system - still with a Pentium III ???
    Yeah, this will be the last year for TTax on a XP system - but the CPU is a different matter.

    The current "min TTax 2014 reqs" specify a minimum of a Pentium 4....
    So they can officially get around the old issue
    by just making the statement of "it's not in our defined specs".
    Really dumb - to use a compiler library that does not reflect your legacy users with still working CPU's.
  • Some software actually does use instructions that are only in a later model of a particular CPU chip.
    You do know that XP is obsolete and has no virus support any more, right?.
  • @ps56k...Pentium III allowed SSE-enabled applications.
    Pentium IV allowed SSE2-enabled applications.{some Adobe programs require SSE2}
    Many application requires SSE2.
    I installed on an AMD PC 2700+ with SSE ,ensure you run third party security software that supports XP-SP3.
    All dependent on your computer minimum requirements hardware.
  • Just wanted to share - about this same topic for TurboTax 2014 -
    I just bought TTax 2014 Premier and installed it on my trusty old laptop... XP/SP3 with a Pentium III.
    Was afraid of the CPU reqs, since the website/box indicate a min req of a Pentium 4.
    BUT - it installed today 2/9/2015 - and ran the Updates, and opened and imported the old 2013 TTax file, and it looks good.
    SO - THANKS - for not updating TTax to use the new SSE2 hardware instruction set, which allows our older processors to work for this tax season.
  • @ps56k.. Glad your working O.K. might look to upgrade that "trusty old laptop" next year.
  • Have several others here at home...  Dell E6400, Dell M1210 (2), Win7, etc -
    just happen to like the smaller 15" square screen of my Dell C610 (SP/SP3).
    Will have to migrate in April for my Quicken 2012 EOL and get Quicken 2015 which reqs Win7++
  • Great well prepared. LOL
  • turbotax is very difficult to contact if one has a problem because of on error in theTurbox program111111111111111111
  • [removed] to tutbo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • @gcasler3 ....You should contact TurboTax,  

    How do I contact TurboTax?


Same problem 1603 error on 3 different machines under XP and VISTA with new install and NO FIREWALL and NO ANTIVIRUS and installed as ADMINISTRATOR with FULL ACCESS confirmed.  This is not a windows problem it's a turbotax install problem.  Same machines installed 2011 and 2012 versions IMMEDIATELY before failing 2013 install.  Hummmmmmmmmmmmmm  How about some answers so we can stop wasting our time trying to install this poor programming. Tell us what gives so we stop wasting our time - folks are just getting steamed without answers.  Bill B.

  • Here's how to reach TT Customer Support by phone or online chat during their business hours:


    When at that support page, in the search line enter some keywords or question without quotes. On the next page, skip the suggested topic links and scroll down until you see two interfaces ONLINE CHAT or CALL US.  It should show the wait times for each.

    Support hours this time of year are 8 AM - 5 PM Pacific, Mon-Fri. (In late January 2014, changes to 5 AM - 9 PM Pacific.)

    How the support system works:
  • I was on the phone with a tech for close to three hours and it fixed nothing, changed nothing.  Waste of time!
  • hjd85  [start your return online]
    Go to the link below and read TurboTaxShawnK Moderator 's  post [scroll down past all the other post till you get to his post]
    Turbotax  has special instruction in that post just for Xp users that is having problems.
  • its the 24th where is the fix!!
  • shurley6
    Sign up, and they will notify you when the fix is ready and how to download it.
    Use the link above.
  • I have returned my software and had no luck going thru H & R Block webiste.. fast accurate and $50.00 cheaper.  Even was able to import my last years taxes with no problems.   Was tired of no quick response from Turbo Tax ... I am comparing them to the OBAMACARE website fiasco.... thank you but no thank you... Taxes are ready to file ... Yeah!
  • I meant to say I had NO problems with H & R Block website... it worked great.  From everything I have seen on this issue TurboTax is not for me anymore!

For a Company that has the best tax programs their install programs this year was a disaster.  Not sure what happened and their responses were the worst and most arrogant i ever encountered.

  • I would LOVE to be able to actually make a comment to someone and get a response.  Have been trying to install for hours with no success, and am unable to get anywhere with finding a phone number!!!
  • pamela.graydon:
    This is an old thread from a year ago that is in the already-answered queue, so it is unlikely to be seen.

    When you fill in the information in the form at the link below, it will provide you an incident number and a phone number for TT Customer Support.  The phone number you are assigned will not display when they are closed.  I'll also tell you another phone number you can use at the end of this comment.

    1) Go to https://support.turbotax.intuit.com/contact/
    2) Choose the product platform you are using.
    3)  Ask a question or keywords without quotes, and Submit.
    4)  On next page, skip the suggested articles if they don't help.
    5) Scroll down, and you should be able to enter the Support module to get a phone number. (That will be grayed out when they are closed).
    6) Support hours: 8AM-5PM Pacific (11AM-8PM Eastern), Mon-Fri.

    Or you can phone 1-800-4 INTUIT, and a robot will triage your call like the form above does.  It will ask you some questions and finally allow you to speak your issue into the phone.  Say something like "speak to tech support about installation problem".   The hours for this phone number are the same as above.
  • This answer sounds as if this person is a "Intuit Rep" same BS answer=same NO FIX !!
  • See the comment higher up in the thread on how you can talk to someone at TT.
  • A Senior Desktop Analyst, Jack Fei writes,

    Vijay has makes some excellent points about how to troubleshoot these types of issues. From my experience, the fix is usually trivial once you understand “how to correlate verbose logging results” with msi internals.

    First, know that “installation” means msiexec.exe sequentially processing rows of the InstallExecute-Sequence table inside the msi database.

    Second, know that msiexec.exe processes the commands sequenced between Install-Initialize and Install-Finalizes in two passes. A way to think about it is the first pass “conditionally installs the change” to the machine while checking the syntax of the command and the second pass “commits the change to the machine”. A 1603 essentially means “an error occurred” trying to commit the change, causing msiexec.exe to “backout the change”.

    This type of error is either caused by msi misengineering (most vendor msi are misengineered) or by an “machine specfic issue”. So Patrick Pepin makes an excellent suggetion to check the msi vendor.
  • That is the best idea yet proposed and has been discussed previously by Paul Opper in his December 2012 blog that can be found here:


    "You see, the issue is that you can rename the .MSI, install it successfully, re-run it successfully, and uninstall it successfully; provided you do all of these actions using the renamed .MSI.  If, however, the actual vendor install runs on that same machine, whether from the bootstrap .exe or from the extracted .MSI, it will exit with a Windows Installer general error code “1603?.
    Packaging applications can sometimes be a frustrating task; because no matter how much forethought and care you put into your package, it can always be thwarted.  To be fair, I guess the same could be said for just about any other job.  

  • 20+ million Turbotax  customers and a handful of errors would sort of eliminate packaging errors.
  • When 20+ million are sold this year I'll bet there will be more than "a handfull of errors".
  • LOL, "big Hands" oh ! that commercial is "good hands" LOL
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