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1099-MISC Forms

Does the IRS offer laser printable 1099-MISC forms that TurboTax can complete?

    Printing Form 1099-MISC in QuickBooks for Windows

    This article describes printing Form 1099s/1096-MISC in QuickBooks for Windows.

    Solution Description
    Run the 1099 and 1096 Wizard to verify QuickBooks is setup correctly for 1099:
    From the QuickBooks Vendor menu, select Print 1099s/1096...
    Step 1:  Review your 1099 Vendors.
    Click on Run Report, use this report to ensure you Vendors are setup for 1099s.
    Step 2:  Set up your 1099 Account mapping.
    Click on Map Accounts to use the Preferences window to associate accounts with each 1099 box.
    Steps 3:  Run a summary report to review your 1099 data
    Click on Run report to review and correct what will print on the 1099s.
    Step 4:  Print 1099s and 1096 Summary
    Click Print 1099s to print the 1099s and 1096s on preprinted 1099 Stock.

    NOTE:   The IRS does not accept laser generated Copy A's for information returns (with the exception of the W-2G).  There is a clear warning in Pulication 1179 Section 1.2.2 that attempting to submit laser generated forms could generate a penalty of $50 per form.  To view a copy of publication 1179, visit http://www.irs.gov/ and search for publiscation 1179. 
    Make sure that you have preprinted 1099-MISC forms designed for printers. These forms are available at office supply stores and from the IntuitMarket Web site (http://www.intuitmarket.com/).
    • Print a test form before printing final forms:
      1. Make sure your printer is turned on and is online.
      2. Load several preprinted 1099-MISC forms in your printer as you would load letterhead paper.
      3. From the QuickBooks File menu, choose Print Setup, and then select 1099/1096.
      4. In the 1099/1096 Print Setup window, click Align, and then click Print Sample.
      5. In the Print window, click Preview.
      6. The print preview includes an alignment grid in the upper left corner of the page. Each square on the grid represents 10/100 (ten-hundredths) of an inch. Use the alignment grid to estimate the amount of adjustment needed.
        • To move text, enter a number in units of tenths of a square in the appropriate field.
          • To move the text down, enter a negative number in theVertical Offset field.
          • To move the text up, enter a positive number in the Vertical Offset field.
          • To move the text to the left, enter a negative number in the Horizontal Offset field.
          • To move the text the right, enter a positive number in the Horizontal Offset field.
          • For example, to move text down by half a square, type-5 in the Vertical Offset field. To move text to the right by a third of a square, type 3 in the Horizontal Offset field.
        • If the vertical alignment is off by more than 2.5 squares (0.25 inch) on continuous, non-IntuitMarket forms, manually adjust using the printer's platen knob.
      7. Click Print Sample in the Alignment window, and then click Preview in the Print window to view the adjusted alignment.
      8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 until the alignment looks correct, then click OK twice to save the alignment.

    To print 1099 MISC forms:

    1. Load enough blank 1099-MISC forms in your printer as you would load letterhead paper.
      • If you have a continuous-feed printer, you may need to adjust for the additional thickness due to the copies.
      • If you have a page-oriented printer, it is simpler to print copies separately rather than all at once.

      Note: Do not collate your forms before putting them into the printer. Instead, start by loading all of the Copy 1 forms. After you have printed all of the Copy 1 forms for each vendor, then load and print the Copy 2 forms.

    2. From the File menu, choose Print Forms, and then select 1099s/1096.....
    3. In the Printing 1099s/1096 to print window, select the date range (either in the drop-down list or in the From and To fields) covering the 1099-related payments you want displayed on the forms.
    4. Make sure that each vendor for whom you want to print a form is selected. (If you do not want to print a form for a particular vendor, remove the checkmark).  Select Print 1099.

      Note: You can print up to 249 forms. As of this release of QuickBooks, if you have more than 249 vendors for whom you must file 1099-MISC forms, IRS regulations require that you submit the forms electronically. For details, contact your local IRS office.
    5. Click Print, and then click Preview to open the Preview of "Form".pdf window.
    6. Click Zoom In to view the details of the address.
    7. If you have more than one page of forms to preview, click the double arrow in the upper right corner of the page, and then select either Page Number to specify the actual page number, or Forward to advance one page.
    8. If there are no problems with the accuracy or appearance of the names and addresses, choose Print from the File menu.
    To Print 1096:
    Make sure that you have blank 1096 form is inserted in the Printer.
    1. From the File menu, choose Print Forms, and then select 1099s/1096.....
    2. In the Printing 1099s/1096 to print window, select the date range (either in the drop-down list or in the From and To fields) covering the 1099-related payments.
    3. Make sure that each vendor is selected, that 1099-MISC forms were printed for
    4. Select Print 1096.

    If this solution does not resolve the issue, please review other available QuickBooks support options for additional guidance. You can also read and post messages relating to your issue on the QuickBooks Community forums.


      Reprinting the manual is particularly unhelpful. I can read and I can read manuals.  The point of asking a question is to get a pointed answer.

      • I apologize, based on your question "how do I print my completed 1099-MISC forms with either TurboTax or QuickBooks?"  I thought you needed the step by step directions for printing the forms.  I am sorry you found this information unhelpful.  Can you specifically let me know where you are having issues?
      • If you had read the entire question, you would have seen, "I don't know if I need pre-printed stock or if I can simply produce the required forms in their completeness satisfactory to the IRS" which is the crux of the matter.  There seems to be some issue printing on pre-printed forms, specifically the 1099-MISC that is downloadable from the IRS, ironically.
      • This should specifically answer your question regarding pre-printed forms.

        In terms of preparing and filing them yourself, you can use the pre-printed Forms 1099-MISC available for free from the IRS or use IRS approved Forms 1099-MISC you can purchase from a local office supply retailer. While the IRS would prefer that filers machine generate their entries on the Forms 1099-MISC they provide recipients and file with the IRS, the forms can be prepared manually by hand. Another option is to purchase a Form 1099 printing software program and prepare the recipient and IRS copies using your PC and a laser printer. These programs typically have the ability to generate plain paper copies of both the recipient and IRS copies of Forms 1099-MISC, so you do not need to use the pre-printed forms. With this option you would need to file the paper copies of Form 1099-MISC with the IRS, or file them electronically if the software includes that feature.
      • Either Turbo Tax or Quicken can be used as the 1099 printing software, so plain paper is fine.
      • That seems to be a gray area.  The IRS says you have to use their special preprinted forms with the red ink and not just the copies you download form the IRS.  But I've heard of people mailing in the ones Turbo Tax can print.  But you're not suppose to.  You can give out the ones you print to your contract labor but you are suppose to efile the ones to the IRS.

        Turbo Tax doesn't print out on the preprinted ones.  TT prints the whole page.
      • Actually, now that I consider this question more completely in light of your prompt...  I'm filing electronically, so the IRS really doesn't care what form I use, n'est–ce pas?  I'm not actually sending anything to the IRS, am I?  Or do I still have to send 1099-MISC forms?
      • If you are actually efiling the 1099Misc and 1096 transmittal summary then you do not mail it into the IRS.  You still give or mail the 1099Misc forms to the people.  But those can just be the ones you can print out of Turbo Tax.
      • Thank you VolvoGirl :) --- Happy New Year to you both.

      The question was regarding Turbo Tax and form 1099 misc, and Intuit chose to provide an answer for Quick Books. Come on! If this form is not part of Home & Business, then what's the "business" part of the software?


        Hi Folks,

        Since I am also using QuickBooks, I have an answer I can tolerate.  The answer is that I can file my 1099-MISC electronically, which eliminates the printing problem, since the IRS portion never materializes and I am given the opportunity to print my contractor copy forms during this process.  It was not free, but it was less expensive for me to do this then to either 1) buy forms or 2) spend the time and effort to request forms from the IRS.

        So, this is a QuickBooks solution, and I think there should be an identical TurboTax solution, but I can't find it.

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