why doesn't deluxe edition include a schedule c anymore

every year I use turbo tax deluxe to do my home business....this year it does not include a schedule c...why do I have to pay so much more and use a different version this time?

    The online versions of TurboTax have been adjusted with the number of forms that they have for smoother operating and easier use. While they used to have all the forms they didn't ask the necessary questions to make use of all forms so it has since been adjusted. We know this isn't ideal for everyone, however, our download products do still include all the forms so you might consider purchasing a download of turbotax deluxe this year. I've provided the link to this below. Sorry for the inconvenience and I hope this answer helps.


    • I'm going back to doing my taxes by hand because, to me, the additional cost of Home and Business or the Deluxe download is not justified for a single form, especially when I don't deduct business expenses.
    • I agree, TurboTax was already more expensive, now I need to an additional $40 to enter four numbers (I have a small consulting business).  Check out (deleted)..  They are cheaper and easy to use..
    • I am also upset at the leaving out of this ONE form.  I refuse to pay an additional $40 for that.  How silly of them to change this.  ARGH.
    • As stated above our download products do still contain all the forms so you could use the Deluxe download and not have the extra cost.
    • BUT, unless I misread something, the "off-line" versions don't include the free E-File for state -- so there is an extra cost there -- as if state isn't expensive enough already..  (deleted) for me..
    • The e-file is not free for state on the online version either and desktop includes 1 free state and 5 federal returns. It also includes 1 free federal e-filing so really your getting a slightly cheaper price for the desktop version. I hope this clarifies things for you a bit. Have a great day!
    • I downloaded the deluxe (thank you) - but now I'm having a problem where when I open it, it immediately closes itself (MAC).
    • Ok just a moment I'm looking into this now.
    • Have you restarted your MAC book since you downloaded the program? You may need to delete the program and download it again. I'm still doing research on this so I would just try restarting first and I'll be back soon with more solutions.
    • What kind of operating system are you running on your MAC? Does your MAC meet the system requirements?
    • $49.99 extra for Schedule E?  sorry, I'm outta here.
    • I too am disappointed that the Schedule C is no longer available with the deluxe version.  I believe that I will switch products as well.  Shame on you Turbo Tax- $40 for a form
    • I too am disappointed with this online version this year.  I am going to look at my options for this year and future years.  My business is a simple side business that makes less than $3000 a year.  My "inventory" is less than $100.  I will have to see what I find as far as my taxes go this year.  I loved turbo tax before this but will consider switching if I find something better.  I would understand if I had a large business but the deluxe version was great for the small one that I have.
    • I am disappointed as well with the online version.  We receive a very slight discount through my husband's employer, but, will have to get the desktop version then.  I have a VERY tiny business - really not worth the additional cost.  I have no expenses with it - just a small amount of income - barely enough to have to even disclose, but I do.  I have used TT for 9 years now - and have LOVED IT.  We just discovered the online version last year and I loved that, too.  But, will be stopping at a store today to purchase the desktop version.  Not sure why it's so hard to make them similar.  I didn't realize the additional costs with efiling using the online version either.  Thanks for that clarification.
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