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my turboTax 2013 will not install using WinXP

TurboTax 2013 will not install using WinXp.  Turned off Norton Anti-Virus and still will not install.
  • I also cannot install after many tries. I have service pack 3 and have downloaded many updates. I continue to get error 1603 (windows installer error).
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  • Got the answer from tech support.  They do not have an installation package for WinXP users only Win 7 and higher.  So no TuboTax for WinXp users unless you want to do it online or pay the cost of upgrading your operating system.
  • That makes sense, the support for XP is ending soon so upgrading is inevitable. I  just wish they had made this fact known sooner. The Mac users had this same upgrade requirement last year.
  • Of course if this is true, then TT had better update the system requirements for the 2013 downloaded program on the web site.
Have you tried navigating to the CD disk and installing by activating the .exe file directly instead of waiting for autorun?

That usually works...if not contact Customer support Weekdays, 8-5PM PACIFIC time:

  • Tried this but it did not help.
  • I did the download version - was in Google - but it didn't work.  Switched to internet explorer and it worked.
  • I switched to H&R block software and it worked perfectly with WinXp.  I would suggest for all users having the same problem to switch this year until they uprade their windows versions.
    Problem solved.. Thanks for all your suggestions.

Try selecting Start then run and type in D:\   then hit run. (D is my DVD drive yours may have a different letter designator)

This was the only way I could get my XP SP3 machine to even recognize there was a disk in the drive. It did not auto start nor did Windows Explorer even see the disk so I couldn't run the exe file from there. After doing the above procedure it ran and installed normally including allowing updates etc.


    What I did was switch to the H&R Block software and it all loads and runs smoothly. After upgrading I may go back to TurboTax next year.  It was really unfortunate that TurboTax did not keep XP support for this years software.

      I installed the CD on my XP sp3.  It went smooth.  What I did was first disable my internet connection and then disable my Anti Virus.  Put the CD in and it came right up and installed.  After it finished and automatically launched I turned the A/V back on and turned on the internet.  Did a check for updates and got 4.
      • Good to hear that if you jump thru the correct hoops the program will install. However those with XP had better start planning to upgrade before all support is gone.

      If you are being prevented from installing TurboTax 2013 Especially with XP SP3, please  sign up so  TurboTax can help you.[click here in FAQ below]


        • You may consider updating to windows 7 or better since the support for XP is being completely discontinued shortly and the antivirus companies will also be dropping coverage.
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