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TurboTax FAQ
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How do I check my e-file status?

Go to our e-file status lookup tool to get your current status.

You’ll see one of three possibilities:

Pending—This means your return is still in transit or the IRS hasn’t processed it yet.

  • After January, it usually takes the IRS at least 24-48 hours to process your return, so you may see “Pending” for a couple of days or more. (During January, it often takes longer.)

Accepted—This is the status you want. It means your returned was received and the basics (such as the correct social security number) seem to be in order. If you see “Pending,” keep checking back to make sure your return has been accepted.

Rejected—If the IRS spots something missing or contradictory (for example, if two ex-spouses both list the same children as dependents), the IRS will “reject” the return.

  • If you see “rejected,” you need to do a little more with your return. Read our Rejection FAQ for details.

Keep in mind:

E-filing status is just what stage of the process your return is in.

Refund status is about when you can expect you refund. If that’s what you’re interested in, go to Where's My Refund? at IRS.gov.