TurboTax FAQ
TurboTax FAQ

Unable to Start My TurboTax State Program After Installation

Some users have experienced issues when attempting to prepare the state tax return. The following message or situation occurs when attempting to start or edit the state return:

Your Software is up to date


Does not appear to be installed after a successful install


Resolution - New York Business

New York Business Users:

If you are attempting to prepare a New York City Business returns, please ensure that the New York State program is installed. New York City is dependent on the New York State information; therefore it is required to have the State installed prior to starting the New York City.

It is also possible that the New York City program was downloaded in error. Please revisit your order summary or your "My Downloads" account at turbotax.com and confirm that you have not downloaded the NYC program.

It may be necessary to uninstall TurboTax and Reinstall. Please visit the Uninstall TurboTax support article for more information on uninstalling TurboTax.