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How can I access my 2012 tax return?

I need a copy of my 2012 return. When I click on the link to download, it does not give me the option to view or print them, but tells me instead that the 2012 tax season is over and come back in 2013. It gives me options to amend or change them, but I just need to print a copy for my student loans. I need them asap.
  • TT is aware of this issue, and is looking into it.
  • Is there a timetable on this fix?
  • No timeframe as yet.  We will reply back when we are notified of a fix.
  • I am in the same boat, need them ASAP!!!
  • Thank you for the update! I hope it is soon!
  • we need it asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • i need a copy of my 2012 tax for student financial aid asap
  • I need a copy of my 2012 return, when will it be available?
  • I have the same problem put me on our list to be notified
  • Hello, I also need my tax returns for my loan holders.
  • You can get a free tax transcript, or a (paid) copy of your tax return at your local IRS office.
  • Can I find my tax return with my social security number?
  • I have a login id and password but it only has my wifes return.  I acnt find mine.  How can I find it in your system?
  • murray464:  Did you prepare and file two separate returns using one login id?  If so, only the last return filed is saved because the original file has been "overwritten" by the new information (apparently your wife's return).  Is your filing status Married Filing Separately? For future reference, each return should have its own separate login information.
  • what the Hell!!!! we are getting screwed enough by the damn government!!! I need my DAMN TAXES PRINTED NOW!!!!!!!!!!!
  • What is happening when you try to print your return?
  • When can I print my 2012 tax return
  • Hi kirk.rodgers:  Have you tried today?  I read in another post that some have been able to print today..  TT has indicated that they hope to have everything "fixed" to print your PDF copy next week.  Would a transcript do, or do you need an exact copy?  You can get a transcript for free from the IRS by visiting this link:
  • When will the 2012 taxes be available? I need them for my bank ASAP.
  • I also need to be able to print out my taxes from 2013. This delay could stop me from buying my dream house. When do they expect the problem to be corrected?
  • You can get a free tax transcript from your local IRS office.
  • TurboTax programmers are releasing PDF files in "batches" as they go through them.  So keep checking back (maybe daily) to see if yours has been released.  They are working feverishly to get these available to users ASAP.
  • I can't view my 2012 taxes at all, Its not even showing as being filed last year. I don't have any other usernames or accounts and the file I downloaded to my hard drive are unreadable.
  • hmcolby:  I suggest that you call TurboTax Support this morning to figure out what's going on.  Navigate the link below to find how to contact them.  You'll need to answer a few questions first (necessary to connect you to the right department), then select  either "Call" or "Chat".  During business hours, you'll be able to speak to a representative.  Wait times, if any, will also show on that screen.  Please note that current business hours are 8-5 weekdays, M-F PACIFIC time..
  • 2012
  • need to print, closing on home!
  • Here's info on how to access your prior year returns
  • I need a copy of my 2012 tax data file
  • jon_ross:  TurboTax is currently transitioning from 2012 to 2013 tax seasons.  During this time, 2012 tax data files are unavailable.  TT tells us that they should be available near the end of November to December.  Please check back.  Thanks!
  • it is telling me on my timeline that I have not filed an online return with TT since 2006.  This is not true.
  • what about 2011, or 2010?
  • Do you have more than one TT User ID?
  • good question, but the answer is no.  I went through all of that to make sure I did not have another ID.
      In my timeline, it only shows a PDF for 2006.
  • I filled out all of my 2012 and have not filledit how can I file it on here or print it to mail it
  • TaxTime:
    There's not much else a user-to-user forum can do.  You can  talk to TT Customer Support during their business hours by phone or online chat.  

    When at that support page, in the search line enter some keywords or question without quotes. On the next page, skip the suggested topic links and scroll down until you see two interfaces ONLINE CHAT or CALL US.  It should show the wait times for each.

    Support hours this time of year are 8 AM - 5 PM Pacific, Mon-Fri.

    How the phone and chat support system works:
  • jenarchey:
    DId you pay for your return prior to the end-of-season shutdown?   If you didn't pay, then unfortunately your tax file would have been purged.    If you DID pay for the return already, then you can download the PDF or tax data file (at some point), and then finish the return in a desktop software product.    If you paid, you can talk to TT Customer Support about acquiring the download product.   You will not be able to efile a 2012 return with TurboTax; it will have to be printed and mailed.

This is an issue when trying to download the 2012 PDF file, our team is working on it and we'll let you know the fix soon.

We're sorry for the inconvenience this might have caused you.
  • Do you have an ETA on the fix or how can I obtain a copy of my 2012 return immediately?
  • No ETA yet. You can get a free transcript, or a copy of your return (for a fee) at the nearest IRS office.
  • Happy to know I'm not the only one experiencing this issue, it was driving me crazy.
  • It looks like you can download the 2012 PDF file again.
  • This is NOT satisfactory !!! i must file my return by mail ASAP to avoid fines, etc. !!!
  • It's there.  Here's info on how to access your prior year returns
  • When I go to this link my 2012 return is there but if I clink on the Amend button it asks that I download the software, which I did two days ago. Once I got into the software I still wasn't able to access my 2012 return.  Any suggestions?  I'm confused that when I log out and log back in that turbo tax doesn't seem to recognize the fact that I've already downloaded the software...? Help!
  • Clawrence:  You must first download the software, then INSTALL it to your computer.  Have you done that yet?  Here are instructions for Windows:

    Once you have done that, here are instructions on how to transfer your online 2012 return into the desktop version.
  • Hello, thanks for your response.  Yes, I have already installed the software.  Do you know what site to go to next?  The link above says go to turbo tax online. Log in and then it says to click on Home...  When I log in, my only option is View my tax return... when I click here I'm back to the same options which are Change (Amend) or download software..? I can't figure out how to even view it to save the file.  Thank you!
  • And also, do you happen to know what gets entered into section 2E other, for the CA 540x form?  I started my amendment prior to OCT 15 and was able to access it then, I had gotten all the way to the end, through federal and almost all of state, but it then asked me to enter comments into 2E other.  I have no idea where the figure came from?  I've seen some answers with these crazy instructions on getting back into the CA 540 return and adding and subtracting all these different lines.
  • Good morning, Clawrence:  You haven't filed your return, correct?  It's interesting that you are only offered the option to amend.  I have no knowledge of the CA return, either.  But I can try to enlist help from others.  Once I get your answer from my question, I'll see how I can help.
  • Hello, No, I have not been able to access my return. There is nothing to save.
  • Clawrence:  So you don't see a "HOME" option when you login to your TurboTax account that contains your 2012 return?
  • this is where I'm going to log in:

    Once I log in, it says on left hand side, How Can we help you?
    View, print, copy or amend return
    Look up your orders
    Change your user id
    View Tax Returns (in a big blue box)
    Nowhere does it say Home...
    When I click view, it brings up all the returns I've filed with TT.  For 2012, it says Returns perpared with TT Premier Online.  My choices to the right of this are: Change (amed), Download PDF, Get order detials, View E file details.
    If I select Change or Download, it prompts me to download the software...
    Are you aware of a number to call?
  • I will do everything I can to help.  I don't use the online version myself, but I'll post your question where other SuperUsers visit and someone there will likely chime in.  TurboTax Support can be contacted using the link below.  There isn't ONE telephone number, so I don't have one to give you.  Navigate this link (you'll need to answer a few questions first, necessary to connect you to the right assistant), then select "Call" or "Chat".  During business hours, a telephone number will show on that screen.  Wait times, if any, will also show there.  Current business hours are 8-5 weekdays, Pacific time.

    Here's a link with more information on how contacting TurboTax works:
  • I've read I should follow the following steps:

    TurboTax Online

    Because TurboTax Online has shut down for the season, you'll need to do a little fancy footwork to retrieve your tax file in a form that can be amended.
    First, you'll need to download your TurboTax Online 2012 tax data file:
    Click here and sign in with your 2012 credentials if you aren't already signed in.
    In the 2012 folder, click Get copy of return.
    Download the tax data file to your desktop or other easily-accessible folder on your computer.
    Next, you'll need a copy of the 2012 TurboTax software so you can open and amend your 2012 tax data file.
    Click here to purchase the 2012 TurboTax CD/Download software, if you don't already have it.
    Install the software. Windows instructions | Mac instructions
    After the installation is complete, launch TurboTax, and then open your return.
    You're done with the fancy footwork part! Now proceed to the next section (TurboTax CD/Download Software) for the amend instructions.

    When I log in, per above, there is no option to "Get copy of return"
  • Thanks kat528
  • Clawrence:  I received word from one of the TT Moderators that he is having members of the TT team look over your issue.  Hopefully soon, one of them will answer you here or I'll post back what their solution is.  Hang tight!  :)
  • Thank you..will i be able to print it out when i view it?
  • havlick1992:  IF the program will let you view your return, you should also be allowed to print it.  But some are still having difficulty viewing.....TT is hoping all will have access next week.  Stay tuned....  Hope it works!
  • I cannot view at all.  This is unacceptable.  H&R Block all the way next year.
  • I need to get a copy of my 2012 tax return today!!!! This is an urgent matter!!!!
  • nora.chan:  I don't know if this will work, but I'm offering another link here (that's also already listed on this thread), that MAY help.  One user sort of "tricked" the program by saying she needed to amend her return, but then was able to view and print her PDF file.  If this doesn't work, I don't have any other solutions to offer.  TurboTax is in transition now from 2012 to 2013 seasons, and some files are unavailable using the normal routes.  Hereafter, ALWAYS save both a PDF file and a tax data file to another source as soon as your return(s) are accepted.  TurboTax always suggests/reminds/urges users to do this after filing.  Hope this works for you!
  • i need it now this is horrible!
  • Well this response was 9 days ago and it's still not working.
  • It is for many people, but not everyone yet.
  • Fix it faster. I need my returns!!!!!!!!!!
  • Keep trying every day.  People are saying they can get the pdf now.  You might need to use a different browser.

    Here's info on how to access your prior year returns

    If that doesn't work try these steps  

    The only other way to get the PDF copy is currently down because they are transitioning from the 2012 to the 2013 software.
  • still is not fixed.  This is an issue you guys need to get on ASAP.
  • Most of the .pdf files (but not all) are now available.
when will my 2012 tax return be available? I need to print a hard copy ASAP! 
    when will 2012 be available?  This is ridiculous!!!
    • TT has indicated that they hope to have everything "fixed" to print your PDF copy next week.
    • nurseamgb:  SOME users have reported that they can access their PDF files, so you may try again.  I'm also attaching a link that some have used to access's sort of "tricking" the program that you want to amend your return, but then you don't.  You may try this:
    • nurse:  Your other message talked about filing an amended return for your son. You can always pull the 1040X form from the IRS website and do it manually.  In any case, it must be filed by mail.
    • I am 1040X form stupid and need help filling it out
    • Suggest you call TT Support when they reopen tomorrow for assistance..
    • thank you
    this is truly terrible customer service.  I can't access 2012 or 2011.  An update would be nice here.  
    • TT Support is closed today. Suggest you call them tomorrow.
    Tax Kenzie,
    The request to fix the printing and download problem was over 9 days ago. What is he current status?
    • I changed browsers (Firefox would not work) and was able to find and download my 2012 taxes. Save to your computer and print from your saved document. Works better than trying to print from download.
    • what browser did you use?  Chrome is not working for me.  It states that I did not file with TT in 2012 or 2011, or any year back to 2006, when I've filed w/ TT every year since then.
    • If you continue to have problems, you can  talk to TT Customer Support during their business hours by phone or online chat.  

      When at that support page, in the search line enter some keywords or question without quotes. On the next page, skip the suggested topic links and scroll down until you see two interfaces ONLINE CHAT or CALL US.  It should show the wait times for each.

      Support hours this time of year are 8 AM - 5 PM Pacific, Mon-Fri.

      How the phone and chat support system works:   Reply
    They are stupid or they are not being truthfull so don't hold your breath.
      I need a copy of my tax return for a child support hearing!  This is important!
      I need to complete my state returns. I cannot access my 2012 taxes. Will Turbotax pay the penalties incurred for each day I cannot access my account so I can file state taxes?

        I also really need to access my 2012 return.  It is hard to believe we can't access our returns.  The IRS says I owe money but TurboTax said I had a refund.  Who do you even talk to? 
        Any update on this issue?  I'm trying to print my 2012 too........

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