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E-file rejection errors F1040A-512 or F1040-512: Dependent exemption has already been claimed

How to fix an e-filed return that was rejected with one of these errors:

  • F1040A-512: Your dependent's Social Security number (SSN) cannot be used to claim an exemption on two separate tax returns. You claimed a dependent as an exemption on your tax return, but this dependent has also filed their own tax return claiming a personal exemption.
  • F1040-512: A dependent has claimed a personal exemption on another return (according to returns the IRS has already received).

Most of the time, this rejection occurs when a dependent has already claimed him/herself and filed their own return, for example a college-age student who was in a hurry to get their tax refund.

Less commonly, you can get this rejection if your dependent's Social Security number is incorrect.


Get your dependent's Social Security card and then:

  1. Open (continue) your return in TurboTax and click Personal Info.
  2. Continue to the Personal Info Summary screen and verify that their Social Security number exactly matches the number on their card.
    • If it's wrong, click Edit next to their name and keep going until you reach the screen where you can correct their Social Security number.
    • Once you've made the correction, go past that screen and then e-file your return again.
  3. If their Social Security number is correct, you'll need to remove them from your return if you want to e-file. Once they've been removed, e-file your return again.

The other option is to do nothing. You'll have to paper-file your return, as your return will continue to be rejected because they've already claimed the exemption for themselves. Unless they later amend their return to remove their exemption, the IRS will eventually contact you and your dependent to resolve the duplicate usage.

After the dust settles, one of you will be required to repay any additional taxes, plus penalties and interest, that were attributed to the duplicate claim.