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Minnesota Property Tax Refund Form M1PR is not Generating for Rent Paid

When going through the Property Tax Refund section for Minnesota some users may not get a results screen showing the amount the user qualifies for, and Form M1PR does not appear as part of the return for filing.


This situation will occur when the user qualifies for a refund however the amount of rentĀ  paid is too low to generate a refund amount. When the refund amount is zero, TurboTax does not let the user know that Form M1PR does not need to be filed with their return.

TurboTax will inform the user through the interview if the tax return has a refund amount or if the user does not qualify for the Property Tax Refund. To determine if you qualify for the Property Tax Refund see pageĀ 2 of Form M1PR Instructions.


Q: Do I need to file Form M1PR with my return?

A: Yes, if you qualify for a refund form M1PR will need to be filed with your return. TurboTax will determine if form M1PR is needed and will print out with your Minnesota tax return.

Q: Form M1PR did not print out with my return?

A: Form M1PR is automatically generated and prints with your return when a refund amount is more than zero. If Form M1PR did not print with your return you either do not qualify for a refund or the refund amount is zero.

Q: How do I know if the refund amount that I qualify is zero?

A: TurboTax uses the Property Tax Refund Table to generate the refund amount. The refund table uses Household income and the amount of rent paid. The refund table starts on page 13 of Form M1PR Instructions.