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TurboTax FAQ
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What is Schedule A?

The IRS lets you claim either the standard deduction or the itemized deduction.

Taxpayers with deductible expenses that exceed the standard deduction are usually better off itemizing.

If you itemize, Schedule A, Itemized Deductions needs to be included on your return. This schedule lists (itemizes) certain deductible expenses, including:

  • Medical and dental costs
  • State, local, real estate, and personal property taxes
  • Home mortgage interest and PMI
  • Charitable donations and gifts
  • Casualty or theft losses
  • Unreimbursed employee expenses

After you finish going through the Deductions & Credits section, we'll figure out which deduction (standard or itemized) gives you the biggest tax break. You can also manually override our recommendation if you wish.

When itemizing, TurboTax automatically fills out your Schedule A and chooses the 1040 long form. You cannot itemize if you're filing Form 1040-A or 1040-EZ.

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