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TurboTax FAQ
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What is TurboTax Advantage?

What is TurboTax Advantage?

With TurboTax Advantage, you can pre-order your TurboTax software, either as a CD or as a download.

When you enroll in TurboTax Advantage, you'll automatically get your TurboTax software every year at the direct-from-Intuit price, and you can cancel your enrollment at any time.

What benefits do I get as a TurboTax Advantage member?

TurboTax Advantage members get the following benefits:

  • Free instant download and/or shipping as soon as TurboTax 2015 is available
  • Dedicated, live phone support through an exclusive member-only line
  • A free copy of Quicken Starter Edition or 50% off any other Quicken product (download only)

How do I become a TurboTax Advantage member?

Enrolling in TurboTax Advantage is easy.  Just sign in here with your TurboTax account login.  

Don't have a TurboTax login?  You can use the same login you use at other Intuit sites (such as Quicken.com) or create a new one here.

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