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Error 0079: "On Form 1040, rent/royalty..." When E-filing

Here's the full text of the error message:

"On Form 1040, rent/royalty/partnerships/estates/trusts income (Line 17) must equal Schedule E page 1, total income or loss (Line 26) or Schedule E page 2, total supplemental income (Loss)(Line 41)."

How to resolve this error

Check your tax return for any overrides which could cause this error to occur. Make sure that you remove any overrides in your return and then and re-transmit your tax return. To remove an override in TurboTax Desktop, right-click in the field with the overridden value, then click Cancel Override

If the return does not have any overrides, try e-filing your tax return again. The IRS or state tax authority may have issued the rejection in error.

If you continue to receive this error, you must print your income tax return and then file it by U.S. Mail.