TurboTax FAQ
TurboTax FAQ
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E-filing Problems

E-filing issues in TurboTax boil down to 2 types:

  1. Problems while attempting to e-file your return, during the pre-check or transmission phase
  2. E-filing rejections from the IRS or state tax agency, after they've received your e-filed return

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Problems WHILE attempting to e-file

As you work on your return, we alert you to obvious errors, such as missing Social Security numbers and incompletely filled-out forms.

When you go down the path to e-file your return, TurboTax runs a second, more rigorous error check. It looks for subtle things that might cause the IRS or state e-filing systems to reject your return.

(If you're wondering why TurboTax didn't alert you earlier, it's because TurboTax hadn't asked you yet if you were planning to e-file.)

Before you can successfully transmit your return, you will need to correct your return and/or update your program by following the on-screen instructions.

If your tax return cannot be e-filed for some reason, TurboTax will let you know. More info

See also Resolve E-filing Transmission Issues.

Problems AFTER e-filing

Rejections occur after your tax return has been received by the IRS or state tax agency. See Resolve an E-filing Rejection for more information.