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How does Schedule C-EZ differ from Schedule C?

Schedule C-EZ, Net Profit from Business is a simplified version of Schedule C that can be used if the taxpayer had only one business (sole proprietorship, qualified joint venture, or statutory employee) and the business:

  • Uses the cash method;
  • Has expenses of $5,000 or less;
  • Doesn't have a net loss;
  • Doesn't carry inventory;
  • Doesn't have employees;
  • Isn't required to file Form 4562 for amortization and depreciation;
  • Doesn't have home office expenses; and
  • Doesn't have prior-year unallowed passive activity losses.

    (All of the above conditions must be met.)

TurboTax will file the correct schedule based on your business information, but sometimes it generates Schedule C even though your business meets all the conditions for a Schedule C-EZ. This is nothing to worry about – your calculations end up the same regardless.

Also, on returns with a Schedule C-EZ, TurboTax also creates a Schedule C for the background calculations, but only the C-EZ gets filed with the return.