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Can I take the home office deduction?

The home office deduction lets you deduct things like mortgage interest, insurance, utilities, repairs, and depreciation for the portion of your home used for business. It's available to homeowners and renters alike.

You may be able to claim the home office deduction if your office is used regularly and exclusively for your business and is your principal place of business.

In addition, if you're an employee, your home office must be for the convenience of your employer (not just you) and you're not allowed to rent any part of your home to your employer and then use the rented portion to work for your employer.

This means if your employer lets you telecommute as an option, you can't take the deduction. However, if your employer doesn't have their own office or workplace, forcing you to work from home, you may be able to claim the deduction.

When you enter your home office information in TurboTax, we'll determine if you can claim the deduction and how much the deduction is worth.

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