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Form 8332, Release/Revocation of Release of Claim to Exemption for Child by Custodial Parent

If you are the custodial parent, you can use Form 8332 to do the following.

  • Release a claim to exemption for your child so that the noncustodial parent can claim an exemption for the child.
    (In some situation, the parties may benefit from a larger total refund with the other parent taking the deduction.)
  • Revoke a previous release of claim to exemption for your child.

Entering Form 8332 into TurboTax

If you've already gone through the step-by-step interview and want to jump directly to the entry screen for this topic, follow these steps.

  1. Select Federal Taxes (Personal in the Home & Business edition).
    In Online TurboTax, click the bars at the upper left corner to show Federal Taxes on the selection list; enlarge the screen if needed to show all entries in the left side selection list.
  2. Select Other Tax Situations.
  3. Scroll down the Other Tax Situations screen until you see the Other Tax Forms group.
  4. Click on the Start/Update button next to the Miscellaneous Tax Forms category.
  5. Click on the Start/Update button next to the Release or revocation of release of claim of exemption for a child category.
  6. Follow the prompts.

What if I have two or more dependents that are in this situation?

TurboTax can help you with Form 8332 for any dependent. After you have entered in your first dependent and printed the form, simply click on the Add Another Child button, and we'll walk you through step-by-step.

Additional Questions

If you need to correct or change any information you have entered on your Form 8332, the steps you take depends on if you have already filed your tax return.

  • If you have yet to file your return, simply follow the navigation instructions above, and correct or change your information.
  • If you have already filed your return and it was accepted by the IRS, you will need to amend your return. Please click How to Amend a Return You Already Filed for instructions.