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TurboTax FAQ
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Form 2555-EZ, Foreign Earned Income Exclusion

If you qualify, you can use Form 2555-EZ instead of Form 2555, Foreign Earned Income, to figure your foreign earned income exclusion. You cannot exclude more than your foreign earned income for the year.

Qualifying conditions for using Form 2555-EZ

You may use Form 2555-EZ if  you meet these seven conditions. You:

  • Are a U.S. citizen or a resident alien,
  • Earned wages or a salary in a foreign country,
  • Total foreign earned income is $99,200 or less,
  • Are filing a 12 month calander year return,
  • Have no self-employment income,
  • Have no business moving expenses, and
  • Do not claim the foreign housing exclusion or deduction.

And your total foreign earned income is:

  • Reported on Form 1040 line 7,
  • You do not have a housing deduction carryover,
  • You met the bona fide residence test or the physical presence test, and
  • You meet the tax home test.

For additional information, see the IRS Instructions for Form 2555-EZ.

Entering Form 2555-EZ into TurboTax

In TurboTax, jump directly to the entry screen for foreign earned income:

  1. Enter foreign earnings in the TurboTax search box and press the Enter key.
  2. You'll jump to the Did You Make Any Money Outside the United States? screen, click Yes and Continue.
  3. Answer the interviews in the following screens.

TurboTax will sort out if you can use the long or EZ form.