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How do I Enter a Foreign Partner (Form 1065)?

How to enter a foreign partner in a form 1065 return.

In the TurboTax Business edition, you can enter a Form 1065 partner that has a foreign address in the Step-By-Step interviews. To enter a foreign address on a Form 1065, follow these steps:

  1. In your TurboTax Business 1065 Return, select the Business Info tab, and then the Partner/Member Information listing beneath the tabs.
  2. Select the Edit button to the right of the foreign partner
  3. Put the address information in the Address-2nd Line.
  4. Enter the City, Province or State and Postal Code in the City line.
    Be sure to follow the foreign country's practice when entering a postal code.
  5. Select the Country, by choosing from the drop down list found in the "Foreign Country" field.
  6. Leave the State and Zip Code fields blank.
Note: Foreign addresses on Form 1065 are supported for Electronic Filing. However, following IRS regulations, a form 1120-S return cannot have a foreign shareholder.