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Where Do I Enter State Taxes from my Form W-2?

If you are entering your Form W-2 information manually, follow these steps to enter your state tax information:

  1. (If you're already on the Enter W-2 screen, skip to Step 5.) Select the Federal Taxes tab at the top of your screen (Personal in the Home & Business version), then select Wages & Income.
  2. Select I'll choose what I work on.
  3. Click the Start or Update button next to Wages and Salaries.
  4. In the Your W-2 Summary screen, select either Add W-2 or Edit to edit an existing W-2.
  5. Scroll down to State and Local Wage Information.
  6. Enter your state information and income in Boxes 15-17 and city/local information, if any, in Boxes 18-20.

The information you enter here will transfer to the state program.

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