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TurboTax FAQ
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Where do I mail my tax return?

There are different addresses for each IRS region of the country, the tax form you're filing, and whether or not you are sending in a payment. The only way to get your correct address is to use one of these sources:

  • After printing your TurboTax return for filing; look for the File by Mail Instructions page on top of your Federal Tax Return (see sample below). Your correct address is on that page.
  • Or you can lookup the address for your state on this IRS return filing addresses by state and out-of-country locations. You'll need to know your state, which tax form you're filing and whether you're including a payment.
  • If you use an APO or FPO address, see this IRS International addresses page.
  • If you cannot use the U.S. Post Office and are using a private delivery service, use one of these IRS street addresses for private delivery services.

We recommend using TurboTax's File by Mail instruction page (see below), as choosing the wrong address will delay processing of your return. After printing your TurboTax return for filing, look for this page.


If you're also paper-filing your state return, look for the instruction page on top of each state's tax forms to be filed, or go to your state's web site to get your states' correct mailing address.

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