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Retrieve a Tax File from a Portable Device

This article describes how to retrieve your tax return data file from a flash drive or other portable device.

If you're looking to access a TurboTax Online return from our server, click here instead.


If your return is stored on a flash drive, always copy it to your hard drive first, and then open the copy. This helps prevent data corruption.

Close TurboTax and then:

  1. Connect the portable device to your computer.
  2. Browse to the portable device, right-click the tax file you want and choose Copy.
  3. Navigate to the location of your choice, preferably someplace easy to find like the Desktop or your Documents, right-click the destination and select Paste.
  4. After your computer finishes copying the file, disconnect or eject the portable device from your computer.
  5. Open TurboTax, and then open your tax return file copy.