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Where can I find last year's state or local tax refund?

Most states and many localities send Form 1099-G to taxpayers who received a state/locality refund last year. If your state sent one, you should have it by mid-February at the latest.

However, a handful of states are going paperless and no longer send forms, while others won't send one if you didn’t itemize deductions on last year's federal return. 

Here are some other places you might find last year's state or local tax refund:

  • Last year's state tax return;
  • A notice from your state or locality (other than a 1099-G);
  • Your bank statement showing a direct deposit from your state/locality, assuming the entire refund was a single deposit;
  • By contacting your state tax agency (for state tax refunds);
  • By contacting your locality (for local tax refunds).

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