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What are Forms CSA and CSF 1099-R, Civil Service and Federal Employees Retirement System?

Form CSA 1099-R and CSF 1099-R are variations of the more commonly seen Form 1099-R. Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) and Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) benefits, and come in two versions:

  • CSA-1099-R Statement of Annuity Paid (for Civil Service retirees)
  • CSF-1099-R Statement of Survivor Annuity Paid (for survivors of Civil Service employees)


Entering Forms CSA-1099-R or CSF-1099-R into TurboTax

If you have a form CSA-1099-R or CSF-1099R, you can jump to the TurboTax entry area.

  1. In the TurboTax search box, enter csa-1099-r or csf-1099-r (with the dashes) and press the Enter key,
    Then click on the jump to csa-1099-r (or csf-1099-r) link.
  2. On the Your 1099-R screen, check the Yes button by Did you have any of these types of income in 2014?, then click Continue.
  3. Follow the prompts to either import or enter your CSA-1099-R or CSF-1099-R form and finish the interviews.

The interview asks about periodic payments. These are funds you receive on a regular interval over a predetermined period of time, such as 15 years, or maybe for life. Check your plan for how to answer these questions.

Depending on the dates and rules of your pension, a portion of your payments may be excluded from your income using one of two methods, either the General Rule or the Simplified Method. TurboTax helps you enter your information.