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What is IRS Form 1040-V (Payment Voucher)?

Form 1040-V: Payment Voucher (not to be confused with 1040-ES: Estimated Tax Voucher) is an optional IRS form that you include with your check or money order when you mail your tax payment.

Although the IRS will gladly accept your payment without the 1040-V, including it enables the IRS to process your payment more efficiently.

  • If you choose I will mail a check as your payment option, and you owe taxes, we'll automatically include Form 1040-V when you print the filing copy of your return.
  • If you're e-filing and you owe, we give you the option to print 1040-V after your return has been accepted. After acceptance, simply open your return and follow the on-screen instructions to print it out.

Either way, we'll also provide mailing instructions for where to send your payment.

You can also get Form 1040-V and/or the mailing instructions directly from the IRS website.