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TurboTax FAQ
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What is the Refund Processing Service?

The Refund Processing Service (also called pay-with-your-refund) is an option for paying your TurboTax fee by deducting it from your federal tax refund. It's a convenient way to pay for TurboTax if you don't have (or don't want to use) your credit or debit card.

You do not need Refund Processing to e-file and process your refund and r efund processing won't slow down nor speed up your refund.

There may be a charge for this service, depending on your situation and which add-ons you choose. We'll display the fees, if any, when you get ready to file.


  • You'll need to e-file your federal return; it's not available if you paper-file the federal.
  • The Refund Processing option only appears if you have a federal tax refund, and you can only deduct your fees from your federal (not state) refund.
  • You'll need to direct-deposit your refund into a single account, and the name on the bank account needs to match the name on the tax return.
  • Refund Processing can only be used once to pay your fees.
  • Fees (if any) are charged once, when the IRS processes your return. If your return is rejected, you might have to enter your bank account info again, but we won't charge you a second time.