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Error: (SSN, Name, Address etc.) Should Not be Entered Directly on Worksheet

When going through the State Wrap-Up, the following message appears as an error:

Information Worksheet: Address should not be entered directly on the (State Name) Information Worksheet for electronic filing. You must complete the Federal Information worksheet.

This may occur when information was not entered on your Federal return and when running the state error check, TurboTax requested you to enter address information. If entered in the state error check it will then generate this error message. This may also occur with other fields including but not limited to: SSN, Name, Phone number, City, Last Name etc.


To resolve, follow these steps: 

  1. Go to the Check This Entry screen that is generating the error
  2. Remove the information that is entered in this field
  3. Click on Continue and remove any other information in other fields that generate the same error
  4. Continue through until you start to get the following errors Address must be entered, do not enter any information at this point
  5. Click on the Personal Info tab and review the information, Enter the missing information by selecting Edit. If there is no missing information simply continue through the Personal information section.
  6. Close or sign out of TurboTax. If you are using TurboTax Desktop choose to save return when prompted to.
  7. Open TurboTax or Sign into your TurboTax Online account
  8. Click on the Wrap-Up tab and you should no longer get the error