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Error: "The selected file is NOT a previous year tax file or it is corrupted"

When attempting to transfer last year's tax file in TurboTax Online, you receive this message:

The selected file is NOT a previous year tax file or it is corrupted. Choose a different file and try again.

Possible Causes

In almost every case, this error is caused by attempting to transfer from the PDF file instead of the TurboTax data file, which has a .tax20XX filename extension. TurboTax Online does not support PDF transfer, resulting in this error message. More info

You'll get the same message if you try to transfer anything other than a .tax2014 data file created in a personal version of TurboTax 2014. This means you cannot transfer from a TurboTax Business data file, a TurboTax data file for any tax year other than 2014, spreadsheet, Word document, etc.

Less commonly, this error can occur if the 2014 data file you're trying to import is corrupted or damaged.


If you used TurboTax Online to file your 2014 taxes, the easiest way to transfer last year's data is to simply sign in to 2015 TurboTax Online using your 2014 user name and password. This automatically transfers your data over. Or, click here for alternate instructions (you'll still need your 2014 login).

Don't remember your 2014 login? We can help you retrieve it. More info

On the other hand, if you used the CD or download software version to prepare your 2014 tax return, you should find and upload the .tax2014 data file which the TurboTax program uses to store your tax return data. Refer to the Windows instructions or Mac instructions for how to find your .tax2014 data file.

Finally, if you suspect your .tax2014 data file may be corrupted, you can try looking for a backup copy that you may have saved and transfer from the backup instead. Use these Windows instructions or Mac instructions to search for other TurboTax data files that may be stored on your system. Unfortunately, damaged or corrupted tax files cannot be repaired.

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