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Cost Basis and Acquisition Dates Aren't Importing

After importing stock information from a financial institution, you notice that the cost basis and acquisition date information failed to import into TurboTax.

This usually occurs because cost basis and/or acquisition date information is not available from your financial institution. Here are some possible reasons why this data doesn't exist:

  • The stock was transferred to your current brokerage from your former brokerage, and the cost basis/acquisition data never got transferred over;
  • The stock is for a company that no longer exists;
  • The stock's trade company cutoff date has been reached; or
  • It's a gift stock that was originally purchased using a different account.

What You Can Do

In these situations, you'll need to determine the cost basis and acquisition dates. Here are some resources that may help you reconstruct this information:

  • You may be able to find your cost basis and acquisition dates on the confirmation slips or brokerage statements you received when you originally purchased the stock or bond. Contact your broker if you cannot find this information.
  • For ISO sales and ESPP purchases, you may receive Form 3921 and Form 3922, respectively, which report purchase cost information. Contact your employer if you cannot find this information.