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E-file rejection error R0000-507-01: Someone has already filed using your dependent's SSN

How to fix an e-filed return that was rejected with error R0000-507-01: Someone has already filed a return with the IRS this year using your dependent's Social Security number (SSN).

Most commonly, this rejection occurs when your dependent has already been claimed on another tax return.

It can also occur if the wrong dependent's Social Security number was entered, or if the same number was entered for 2 different dependents.

Try This First (Recommended)

Get each dependent's Social Security card and then follow these steps to make sure their information was entered correctly:

  1. Open your return in TurboTax, and then click Personal Info.
  2. Continue until you reach the Your Personal Info Summary screen.
  3. Next to your dependent's name (you may need to scroll down), click Edit.
  4. Click Edit next to the first dependent listed on the Your Children and Others You Support screen.
  5. Proceed through the interview, making sure that the dependent's Name and Social Security Number exactly matches the information on their Social Security card.
    • If the information is wrong, correct it.
  6. Continue until you're back at the Your Children and Others You Support screen. Repeat Steps 4-6 for any additional dependents.

If you made any corrections, click Done and then e-file your return again.

Otherwise, if you verified that the info you entered is correct, proceed to Other Options, below.

Other Options

If you verified that you entered each dependent's information in TurboTax correctly, you can be certain that another taxpayer, such as an ex-spouse, has already claimed the dependent on their return.

Here's what to do next:

  1. First, make sure you can claim this dependent and that the other person (if known) cannot.
    • If you discover you cannot claim this dependent, delete the dependent from your return and then re-file your return.
  2. If you believe you can rightfully claim the dependent, print and mail your return, as you will not be able to e-file it.
    • The IRS will process your return as usual, and issue your tax refund if you are getting one.
    • In a few months, the IRS will contact you as well as the other taxpayer to determine which taxpayer is legally entitled to claim the dependent.
    • The taxpayer who falsely claimed the dependent will be required to repay any additional taxes, plus penalties and interest, that were attributed to the false claim. The false claimant will also need to file an amended return.