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Why does DO NOT FILE, FORM NOT FINAL appear on my printouts?

The message DO NOT FILE or DO NOT FILE, FORM NOT FINAL will appear on your printout if:

  • The paper-filed (print) version of the tax form has not yet been finalized in TurboTax; or
  • Your federal return was printed before e-filing; or
  • Your state return was printed before your federal return was accepted by the IRS; or
  • The form is available but you haven't downloaded the latest update (CD/download versions only).

In some cases, clicking the Download all forms and worksheets link (instead of Download/print return) in your Tax Timeline will give you clean printouts without the watermark:

If that didn't do the trick, proceed to Try This First, below.

Try This First

Start by checking if the print version of that form is available by referring to the appropriate article in the Related Articles section, below.

If you see a future date next to Date for Print or Print Only, it means the paper-filed version of that form isn't available yet, hence the DO NOT FILE message.

It's not unusual for a form to be "e-fileable" but not yet ready for paper-filing, especially state forms. Oftentimes, bar codes and other special formatting on the paper version takes longer to be approved by the state agency.

Don't worry about the DO NOT FILE message if you already e-filed and you're just printing copies for your records; we don't let you e-file a return with non-final forms. If the DO NOT FILE watermark on your copy bothers you, you can re-print once the paper version of the form has been finalized.

Next Steps

Assuming the print version of the form is ready, your next step is to make sure your program is up-to-date if you're using the CD/download software (this doesn't apply to TurboTax Online). If you downloaded an update, try printing again.

Finally, if the message appears on an IRS form, make sure you e-file your return before you print it out. If the problem lies with a state form, make sure your federal return has been accepted before attempting to print your state return.