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Error 604 when opening a return in TurboTax

Error 604 may occur when opening:

  • A corrupted tax return file
  • A return that contains state tax return data for which the corresponding state program has not yet been installed
  • A return in the¬†wrong year version of TurboTax


Start by following the solutions for Error 539 and Error 510.

If the problem persists, do this:

  1. Make sure TurboTax is up to date.
  2. Create a test return:
    1. From the TurboTax File menu, choose New Tax Return.
    2. Start a new return and proceed through the next 4-5 screens.
    3. After filling out (or verifying) the information on these screens, choose Exit from the File menu.
    4. Click Yes to save the test return, and then save it with a name that distinguishes it from your original tax return file (for example, by adding "TEST" to the file name).
  3. Reopen TurboTax and open (continue) the test return you just created.

If the test file opens without incident, your original return file is corrupted. You'll need to either re-create a new version of your tax return, re-download your TurboTax Online tax file, or acquire a new copy from your backup, depending on which method you used to obtain your original tax file.

However, if the test file continues to display Error 604, try reinstalling TurboTax. And if that doesn't work, run a virus scan on your hard drive or try a different computer.

Tip: For persistent problems with tax files downloaded through TurboTax Online, try using a different browser (for example, if you use Internet Explorer, try opening your Online return in Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, and then download your tax return).