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TurboTax FAQ
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Error 5: "An error was encountered while printing (or saving) your return ..."

This error occurs when attempting to save or print a tax return. Here's a sample message:

An error was encountered while printing your return. This situation hasn't affected the data on your tax return.

Error 5 is a generic error message with a multitude of different causes.

Possible Solutions

Because there is no one single cause for this error, try the following until the issue is resolved.

  • In some cases, disabling virus-detection software resolves the problem.
  • You can also try using the Save As (instead of Save) command on the TurboTax File menu to make a copy of the file, and then use the copy as your working tax file.
  • Something else that might work is running through the CompleteCheckTM (located under the Wrap-Up tab) and making any corrections in your tax return.
  • Uninstall TurboTax, restart your computer, reinstall TurboTax, and then update.
  • These errors may also be caused by incomplete or unneeded forms in your tax return. Try removing them.

If the error persists despite following the instructions above, please contact us.