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TurboTax FAQ
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Error 1334: Error Installing C:\Program Files\Common Files\Intuit\TurboTax

Error 1334 occurs when attempting to uninstall or repair TurboTax. You'll see additional messaging similar to:

ApplicationController: MSI Install Exception occurred: MS installer error 1334

The exact wording in the message may vary, but "error 1334" is constant.


To resolve this issue, make sure you've logged in to Windows as administrator, then try to install TurboTax after each step is completed:

  1. Temporarily turn off your firewall and virus detection software.
  2. Check your CD and CD drive to make sure they are working properly.
  3. Follow the "flush command" steps in the article Forcefully Uninstall and Reinstall TurboTax. The flush command steps are located after Step 7 (for the TurboTax CD) and Step 15 (for the TurboTax Download).