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What is Form M1PR and Form CRP, Minnesota Property Tax Refund?

Under certain circumstances, Minnesota will issue a refund of property taxes to renters in the state. For 2015, the maximum refund is $2,050 if your household income is less than $58,490 or less (the income eligibility goes up with each dependent). For more information, see the MN Renter’s Property Tax Refund page.

To obtain the refund, the taxpayer must have a CRP, Certificate of Rent Paid (CRP), for each rental unit lived in during the year. The taxpayer's landlord is required to deliver a completed CRP to the taxpayer no later than January 31st of each year.

You will need the CRP to determine your refund, if any, and you must include what is called a Form M1PR with the CRP when it is filed.

TurboTax will prepare the Form M1PR for you to print. Towards the end of the step-by-step interview for Minnesota you will reach the Other Forms You May Need screen. To have the M1PR prepared and made available for printing, make sure you check the Property Tax Refund (Form M1PR) checkbox on the Other Forms You May Need screen, then follow the prompts through the end of the interview.