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Utah Employer or Payer Identification Numbers Expanded

In 2011, the state of Utah expanded the format of  the employer’s state ID number, or EIN, from seven to 14 characters. If you received certain forms with the old, seven-digit number, you will need to the new, 14-digit state ID.

This new ID needs to be entered on your tax return for the following forms you might receive or download:

  • W-2 - Wage and Tax Statement
  • W-2G - Gambling Winnings
  • 1099-R - Distribution from pensions, retirement plans, IRAs
  • 1099-MISC - Miscellaneous Income
  • 1099-G - Unemployment and certain government payments
Note: The format for the new ID "number" is 11 digits followed by the three letters "WTH" (for withholding).

If you transferred your prior year return info to a new return with the old seven-character format for the employer state ID, then just enter the new 14-character state ID number in place of the seven-character ID number.