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Stuck in a Loop While Trying to Use ItsDeductible

Some customers have reported that they are getting stuck in a loop while trying to use ItsDeductible.

How to know if you are affected

This issue affects you if:

  • You attempt to sign in to your ItsDeductible account with your username and password and you are returned to the sign-in screen
  • You sign in to your account successfully but are returned to the sign-in screen when you try to visit a different area of the site, add a donation or make other updates


Here are some ways to resolve this issue:

  1. Clear your browser cache and cookies, then launch ItsDeductible again.
  2. If you’ve disabled cookies, re-enabling them can also help you resolve this issue. If you’re not familiar with cookies and how to enable or disable them in your browser, please refer to your browser’s Help function.
  3. If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer and having this issue please click here. If the login attempt is still unsuccessful you may want to consider attempting to login by using a different browser.